Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fitness Challenge Wrap Up

So, the guy who started the fitness challenge at work that I’ve been participating in for the last year told me the other day that he’s thinking of doing another fitness challenge.  I told him I’d put my $20 in for it again.  I already have a list of fitness goals for myself over the next year.  Some of those include:
-Complete an organized half marathon event
·       -Train for a marathon
·      -Complete a duathlon
·      -Lose that last 12-ish pounds

Sure, it’s not a long list, but it’s a good, solid list.  And it’s one I would be doing whether or not there was money on the table to complete those goals.  That money is just a little extra incentive for me.  I’m excited to tackle these goals. 

Once I’ve lost that final 12-ish pounds, I will have lost a grand total of 90 pounds!  Oh. My. God.  90 pounds?!?!?!  I can’t believe it.  It’s just ridiculous to think that I was ever THAT overweight.  Ridiculous.  But it’s a great feeling to know that I have the will power and determination to take on the challenge of losing 90 pounds.  Sure, it wasn’t fast.  So far it’s taken me over 2½ years to lose 77 pounds, but you know what?  My skin has retained its elasticity and I don’t have a bunch of loose skin that I need surgery to remove.  And that’s a huge plus for me because…frankly…do you know how much a tummy tuck costs?  It costs almost as much as my used VW Beetle cost me.  That’s just crazy.  I mean, sure, if I actually needed a tummy tuck, I’d do what I could to make sure I could afford it, but thankfully, I don’t think I’m going to need one.

So, those 4 goals are going to be my focus over the next 12 months.  I will continue to work with my disordered eating issues.  I will continue to make sure I get 2 gym sessions a week where I strength train.  I will continue to run 3 times a week.  And, hopefully, I will continue to do 2 days of cycling a week.  I would like to see more tone in my muscles by this time next year…maybe I’ll make that an “official” goal as far as the fitness challenge, part 2 is concerned.

I’ve been in a little bit of a lull as far as fitness goes.  I’ve leveled out with my running, scheduling a steady 107-ish miles per month for me to run.  I’ve found a pace that I’m comfortable with and I’ve decided that I’m okay with the fact that I’m not a fast runner and I probably never will be.  I mean, I could be a faster runner, but I’ve have to put in some serious effort with speed drills and speed work to make it happen.  And, frankly, I truly enjoy running and I think doing that stuff would ruin it for me.  It would turn it into work and take away the pleasure I get from it.  So, I’m cool  with being a middle-of-the-pack runner.  These things, among a few others, are why I think I’ve dropped off from writing on here as much as I was before.  I need to find that spark again and write more often.  I think once I complete the apartment make over I’ve been throwing myself into is complete and I’ve settled into a daily routine of vacuuming, cleaning the cat boxes and wiping down all flat surfaces, I’ll be able to focus more on my blog.

My final weigh in and measurements were this morning.  I'm the same as I've weighed in for the last month or so: 172.2.  That's cool with me.  I didn't gain anything back.  Also, I lost some inches over the last couple months.  2.25 inches to be exact (between neck, chest, upper arm, forearm, waist, hips, thigh, and calf).  I'm down to 21.3% body I met my ultimate goal of getting my body fat at or below 22%.  I feel really good about myself and what I've accomplished over the last year.


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