Saturday, August 31, 2013

Run Tally

Today was the last day of August and that means I get to tally up my miles for the month.  When the month started, I had scheduled myself for 107.5 miles.  As of today, I had run a total of 111 miles in the month of August.  That’s a monthly mileage PR.  WOOHOO!!!  I had 4.5 scheduled for today, but I ran that extra .4 mile to bring my monthly total to a whole number.  

In other great news, I registered for 2 races yesterday.  The first one was the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon that is happening in San Antonio, TX on November 17th.  My supervisor already told me he’d give me the day before off work so I can get drive down there and go to the expo to pick up my packet and get a hotel room the night before.  The other race I registered for is a 5K called Run With the Heroes and it’s on September 15th.  If I’m looking at the website for this race properly, I will get some race bling!  That’s exciting!  It’ll be my first race bling.  But, whether or not I get bling, it’s a race for a good cause.  It benefits the Special Olympics here in Texas.  Plus, it supports veterans…and I’m all about things that support veterans because I am a veteran.  Next year, I want to do the Wounded Warrior run here in Texas.  I would’ve done it this year, but I wasn’t expecting it to be $80…so I didn’t have the spare cash to register for it.  But, I’ll be prepared next year.

I got the email from the Capital 10K coordinator yesterday to let me know that registration for the 2014 race will be opening up soon.  I am soooo doing the Capital 10K again.  That was so much fun this year that I can’t wait to do it again.  I drive down one of the streets that we ran on every day on my way to work and I think about when I got to run that street back in May.

So, upcoming races are the Run With the Heroes 5k in September, the Rock’n’Roll Half in November, maybe a half in December (haven’t decided yet and it depends on if I have the money for it), the Austin Marathon Half in February and the Capital 10K in May.  Oh, and I also plan to run the Schlotzsky’s Bun Run 10K again…also in May.


  1. way to go on the record! good for you! I only hope someday I will be fit and athletic enough to complete runs like this. way to go!


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