Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stats and Money

I lost 19.75 inches in 12 months!!!  Oh my god!  That’s just amazing!  The 33 pounds is great, but the inches lost is just mind-blowingly awesome to me.  I added them up the other night because I was telling my grandma that the fitness challenge had wrapped up and wanted to tell her what I had achieved over the last year.  I attached my before/after picture
and then proceeded to make a list of the inches I had lost.  I found the paper I had written my original measurements on and then the one I had written my measurements from the first of this month on and then tallied up all the inches lost and was simply amazed at the number on the calculator.  Simply amazed.  I mean, I was home alone and my jaw literally dropped with amazement when I totaled up how many inches I had lost.  I was particularly amazed at my waist measurements…41 inches down to 33!  WOW!  That’s 8 inches right there. 

That’s the $100 I won for meeting my goals better than any of the other 4 people who paid into the fitness challenge a year ago.  I’m taking that money and buying the little red desk from Target that I want.  Last time I went to Target, the catalina coupon that printed out was 20% off any furniture item…so, the desk I want is $149, 20% off makes it about $119, then I have that $100 so that’s less than $30 out of pocket for the desk…can’t beat that!

Oh, but yea, it was official today, Keith gave me the money when we got to work, sealing the deal that I had won the competition.  WOOHOO!  He also told me again that he does plan to start another year-long competition starting October 1st.  I told him that I have every intention of participating in it.  I told him that even though with this competition I didn’t want to set a weight loss goal (instead I went with the body fat % goal), I want to set a weight loss goal for this one.  I want to lose the last 12 pounds to hit my goal weight.  And, while I personally want to reach that number by February 1st, I’m not going to make that an official goal.  Why?  Because I had setbacks over the last year.  In all reality, I was hoping to hit 160 by the end of this fitness challenge, but because of those setbacks where I stalled out for up to 2 months at a time at the same weight, that didn’t happen.  So, I’m not putting anything down except that I want to lose 12 pounds.  It will take however long it takes.

Yesterday morning, I skipped my run.  I debated it for a while as I hit the snooze button again and again.  I was scheduled to work a double shift, so I knew the extra sleep would do me good.  I debated it because it was only a 5 mile run and would take me less than an hour to do.  In the end, I decided I could easily do the 5 miles this evening…or, barring that (the only acceptable answer to this would be that I was full of food still from going out with the ladies for a late lunch this afternoon…but that’s not much of an excuse), I will just do the 5 miles on Thursday between Wednesday’s 8.5 miles and Friday’s 6.5 miles.  True, I’d rather not do back-to-back runs like that, but I’ve run 3 days in a row before and I’ve run more miles that that 3 days in a row, so I can do it no problem.

This afternoon, after the late lunch with the ladies, I’m going to stop at Target on my way home and buy that desk, then I’ll get the glass knobs and new hinges for the nightstands.  When I get home, I’ll paint the nightstands and put together the desk.  While I’m waiting for the paint to dry on the nightstands, I will go for my run…hopefully.  If not, then I’ll just ride my bicycle on the trak stand while I wait for the paint to dry between coats.  The paint has a primer in it, so I should only have to do 2 coats, at the most.  Then, if I have enough time after running (or cycling) and painting and assembling the desk, I’m going to scrub my faux wood floors.

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  1. So we may not be friends anymore, and I may have fucked up and said some things I cant take back, but one things for sure. I miss you.

    On a different note. You look happy and healthy. I am really proud of you.



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