Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Little Motivation

I recently reconnected with a lifelong friend.  In the past we would share notes about our weight loss journeys and struggles.  We would cheer each other on when we were feeling low or frustrated.  We would remind each other of what we were doing and why we were doing it.  Now, when I needed a little boost, she sent me this, something I desperately needed and I wanted to share it with all of you in case you need to hear this right now...or maybe you know someone that is struggling and frustrated right now, share this with them:

"I just assume that visiting the gym is something I have to do daily until I die. Just like going potty. No if's and's or but's about it. So every morning I pack a gym bag and a lunch bag and after work I go straight there. If something is going to throw a wrench in it, I have a bike, treadmill, gazelle, and wii zumba at home, not to mention, my bike and my feet. There is NO reason I should ever miss a workout. None. I am NEVER going to beat myself up over a meal again. As it is my full intention to be a "fit freak" and it is the number one thing that makes me happy. The number one thing I enjoy--- breaking a sweat. So why would I keep myself from being happy? If all the happiness you can endure comes down to answering two questions... is this food worth me not being happy... is missing the gym worth me not being happy, then I hold all the cards. I mean. If I eat bad - I will gain weight. If I don't exercise- my flesh will be flabby and jiggly. So I can only make myself what I want. And I have to stay focused. Gone are the days where I look in the mirror and wish. As I can make my wishes come true. I literally did a happy dance when I hit the scale this morning. I mean I was 15# lighter than today when I visited you last year. It was my own fault that I gained all that back after working so hard to lose it. My first succesful weight loss of my life and I ruined it. I just now got down nine pounds, from 238 on July 31st to the 229 today. I measure on the 9th, and I know the inches are down. I see it in the mirror. I can see it in my waist and my back. It is VISUAL. Which is wonderful. I am wearing one of my favorite shirts this morning and its loose. I put on one pair of dress pants, and they are loose. CRAP! This means I will be shopping soon. But at the same time. I want to shop. I deserve to wear smaller clothes. I have earned them. They are my badges of honor. The bridge to my final destination. I AM A NEW BODY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. hopefully that gives you a little motivation to hit the gym. love you!"

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  1. I am glad that this helped you. re-reading it now, helps me. we are in this for the long haul. for life. love you!


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