Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Pain in the Gluteal Muscle

Got up and out of bed shortly after 9 this morning.  I was trying to sleep until 10, but got very restless about 9:15, so I got up and started some coffee.  For breakfast, I had one of those Quaker’s ready to make old fashioned oats in a cup with fruit and nuts…and a banana.  I dawdled a bit and didn’t head for the gym until after 11.  On the way to the gym, I stopped off at the mechanic’s to let them know I wanted to bring my car in tomorrow morning for the oil pan replacement…that way they can order the pan and hopefully have it by close of business today so that I can show up right when they open tomorrow and get it done in the shortest time possible.  And, I’ll get a nice miles-long walk out of the deal because I cannot sit in a waiting room in an uncomfortable chair for 2 hours (or however long it takes) while they work on my car.  I don’t care if within 5 minutes of walking in my front door they call me and tell me that my car is ready and I have to turn around and walk back right that second, I do not like sitting around and waiting for things.  So, when I leave the house tomorrow morning, I will be strapping on my Garmin to track my walking.  Hooray for bonus workout!

So, I get to the gym and head out on my run.  One of my gluteal muscles on the left side has been tight for a few days now.  In fact, that’s the reason I didn’t do my double run as planned 2 days ago.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason I was having issues with this morning’s BTG 3 miler or if it was that plus the heat, or just the heat, or I was just having an off day, but oh my goodness I struggled this morning…and right from the start.  I did a bit of bargaining with myself on my pace.  Usually, I use these BTG runs as short tempo runs and try to keep the pace as close to 9:30 as I can.  When I started this morning, I knew 9:30 wasn’t going to happen.  So, I made a deal with myself…to keep it at 10:30 or less.  When I made it to the mile mark, I clocked in at 9:59.  Nice.  Wasn’t expecting that.  I was expecting more along the lines of 10:10 or 10:15.  When I got to the second mile mark, I was a smidge faster at 9:56.  Very nice.  So, I wondered if maybe I could shave a couple more seconds off that for the 3rd mile and call it a negative split run.  But, it wasn’t to be.  In fact, for most of the 3rd mile, I was afraid I wasn’t going to come in under the 10 minute mark.  I kept telling myself that it was okay to be breathing heavy and that doing it for another 5 minutes wasn’t going to kill me.  It worked.  I came in at 9:58 for mile 3.  YAY!  So, even thought it was a complete struggle, I did it!  And for that, I’m proud of myself.

When I got home from the gym, I hit the floor for my stretches.  Usually for my hamstring stretches, I just prop my foot up on the railing for my apartment landing.  I wanted a deeper stretch since I was pretty sure that pain in my left hip area wasn’t my hip at all (I tried rolling it and it didn’t help).  I was able to use my stretching leash to get a nice DEEP hamstring/gluteal stretch.  Oh.  That did the trick.  Before the stretch, my gluteal muscle hurt, afterward, no hurty no more.  I will be doing my hamstring stretches like that from now on.

I started to play some WoW but then after a little bit didn’t feel like playing anymore, so I laid down on the couch to watch some tv instead.  I woke up like 3 hours later.  D’oh!  Just in time to get up, drink some fluids and eat some jello and take some Aleve and then get ready for my 5.7 mile run.  I ran slower, like I knew I would.  But, really, not as slow as I thought I would.  I had an overall average of 11:18.  Not too bad.  I just wanted to keep it under 11:30 and I succeeded!

I’ve been having this pain in my right shin that has slowly been growing in intensity.  It used to be it was only tender to the touch.  Now, if I point my toe to stretch out my shin, it hurts.  It also hurts a little as I walk.  I’m thinking the shin splint in the right shin has come back.  Good thing the new fiscal year starts on Tuesday and I’ll have money in my flexible spending account again…also that I put an extra $300 on top of what I calculated I’d need for planned doctor’s visits and medications.  So, I’ll be going to Airrosti again for them to “fix” my shin splints.  Oh I am so not looking forward to the pain of the procedure that smoothes out the fascia along the shin bone.  But, it will mean continued running without shin pain, so it’s worth it.  Oh, dang it, speaking of, I meant to ice my shins when I got out of the shower.  Never too late!

Anyway, the stretching I did earlier after the gym that made the gluteal muscle tightness and pain go away was apparently temporary.  That’s why I had to take the Aleve.  I stretched before heading out for the evening run.  I also adding side to side leg swings to my pre-run routine.  I always do front to back leg swings and calf raises before a run.  It bothered me the entire run (I think I could have ran a little faster if it wasn’t for that…and the shin pain).  When I got home, I stretched it out like I did earlier and it worked wonders.

So, food for the day…I already told you about breakfast.  There was the post workout protein shake after the gym.  Then nothing until I woke up from my accidental nap and had some jello.  Then, when I got home from my second run, I had a chicken leg quarter and a serving of my fowl buffalo meatloaf with blue cheese yogurt dressing…and then a mandarin orange fruit cup in light syrup for “dessert.”  I think I did a really good job with my food today.  I burned almost 1300 calories with exercise today.  YAY!

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