Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day #11

So, as I had said yesterday, I was going to do a “bonus” workout this morning (one not on my schedule) because I felt that was the best use of my time.  However, my body had a different idea.  The alarm went off at 8 and I was sooooo very tired.  Between the 14 mile run earlier in the week and yesterday’s exhausting day at work, I apparently needed some extra sleep.  So I slept until 10, got up, took a shower and ate some breakfast.  For today’s breakfast, I had maple oatmeal with pecans, stevia and almond milk.  However, there wasn’t as much almond milk as usual because I put too much water in the oatmeal.  Bummer.  Then I left to head to the bank to get my car payment money order and some cash.  While I was there, I realized I had forgotten to eat a banana with my oatmeal, so I bought one.  My bank is located inside Wal-Mart.

After that, I went to Vitamin Shoppe and got 2 more tubs of my protein powder (still buy 1 get 1 50% off), some potassium and some acidophilus.  I’ll go at the end of the month and buy another 2 or 4 (probably 4) tubs of protein powder since the sale goes through the 30th.  Then I headed to Target.  I had coupons for almond milk and I was going to stock up…with 5 cartons of it!  Good thing that stuff keeps for almost forever.  Anyway, on my way to the almond milk cooler, I passed through the packaged meat section.  I started looking to see if they had any chicken quarters.  They didn’t.  But they did have something that caught my attention.  Ground chicken!!!  OMG!!!  I have never before seen prepackaged ground chicken.  This made me sooooo happy!  So, now I have 2 lbs of ground chicken and 3 lbs of ground turkey in my freezer.  I think some chicken-turkey meatloaf is in my future.  Maybe I’ll make it with blue cheese in it and use buffalo sauce instead of ketchup to smother it in.  Mmmm…that sounds tasty!
After I had gone to the bank and before I got to Vitamin Shoppe this morning, I had stopped at Starbuck’s and gotten a trenta iced coffee with skim milk and sweetener.  When I was unloaded all my bought goodies when I got home, I had my coffee in the hand I was closing my hatch with.  I’ve done this many times before without an issue.  But this time, my coffee slipped out of my hand and hit the ground and spilled completely out.  Ugh.  I had only drank half of it.

So, before I left for work, I drank my protein shake (with the chocolate powder now) with almond milk.  When I got to work, one of my co-workers had brought in an Edible Arrangements of chocolate covered strawberries.  I figured that was okay for me to eat “spur of the moment” because it’s a strawberry and there’s only a little bit of chocolate on it.  I only had one.  Around 4pm, I ate my ff cottage cheese with the mixed fruit in light syrup.  Then around 6pm I ate the 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed berries and fruit with granola and stevia.  At about 8pm, I ate my sliced bell peppers.  When I got home, I ate some eggplant parmesan with the quinoa spaghetti noodles.  It was pretty darn good.  So I can definitely say that I like quinoa as itself and quinoa as a pasta.  Although I will say it was odd eating only a single serving of pasta.  I’m used to eating a heaping amount of pasta…probably around 2 or 3 servingsful of pasta, if not more.  But, I don’t feel like I got the short end of the stick at all.  I’m getting used to this eating less is more thing.

Oh, a little note about yesterday.  The lemon poppy seed wasn’t quite enough to sate my need for comfort.  After I posted last night’s blog and before I went to bed, I also ate that single serving wrapped piece of extra sharp cheddar cheese.  That hit the spot.

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  1. I don't think I even know what a single serving of pasta is!


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