Friday, September 13, 2013

Day #12

This morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed.  But, once I was up, I couldn’t wait to head out the door for my scheduled 6.5 miles.  I ate my 2 multigrain waffles with PB2 and a banana for breakfastwith a cup of coffee, of course.  

When I got up this morning and went into the bathroom forwellyou knowand to brush my teeth, I really wanted to step on the scale.  But, I resisted.  Tomorrow!  Tomorrow is weigh in day, not today, so I must be patient.  I am really excited to get on the scale.  Even though the fitness competition was completed at the beginning of last month and I am no longer “required” to take progress pictures every 2 months, I still want to take those progress pictures.  But with a twist.  I will only take a new set of progress pictures on October 1st if I make it into the 160’s by then.  Of course, Keith was talking about doing a second fitness competitionto start October 1stbut then again, he hasn’t said anything about it since he originally mentioned it to me shortly after the last one wrapped up.  So, I’m not really holding out any hope that there will be a second competition.  I will just keep doing what I’m doing on my own.  I will compete against my doubts and reservations and I will overcome them.  I’m just going to continue to take it all one day at a timethe best way to do it, in my opinion.

So, my run this morning went pretty good.  I started out at right at 10 min/mi and ended at 12 min/mi.  I was holding steady at 10:30 min/mi up until a little after the 3rd mile.  Around mile 3.25 I noticed I started to “feel the effort” of running.  My strides didn’t feel as strong and I slowed to 11 min/mi and then just kept slowing down bit by bit.  But, my overall average for the entire run was 10:53 min/mi and I’m happy with that.  On my regular runs, that’s faster than I’ve been averaging so that’s good.  So, for this week I ran a total of 5 days for a total of 31.7 miles.  I’m so very happy with both of those numbers.  This is my second week of running 5 days and I love it.  I’m definitely going to keep going with the running 5 days a week.

Oh, and when I got to work today, I opened my email and I had an email from one of the night shift supervisors telling me that after reviewing their schedule that they don’t need me to work after all.  Damn.  That’s ANOTHER almost $200 I’m now out.  Guess I’m not getting that tattoo I was wanting to get at the end of the month now.  Damn, again.

But, the plus side to not working that overtime tomorrow night is that I won’t be working 16 hours and then going straight to run a 5K that won’t start for 2 hours after I’ve gotten off work, then go home, try to sleep for like3 or 4 hours and then get back up to go have sushi with the co-workers.  But, good news.  While I lost the overtime for tomorrow night, I gained overtime for tomorrow morning.  So, that means that I will be getting my tattoo at the end of the month (I hope).

Anyway, after my run, I had time to run to the store and buy some food.  I needed an avocado in case I’m feeling like turkey burger patty for dinner tonight.  I also bought some preseasoned chicken leg quarters (I’m a sucker for dark meatI can’t help it), some preseasoned pork ribeyes, some yogurt bleu cheese and ranch dressing, and some buffalo wing sauce.  I’ve decided that when I made that chicken-turkey meatloaf next week that I’m going to put the wing sauce in the meatloaf and use the yogurt bleu cheese dressing to dip it in.  YUM!  So, now I’ve got pretty much everything to make the meatloaf with, 4 pork ribeyes and 8 chicken leg quarters.  Gonna cook all that stuff up the first part of next week and then freeze in serving sizes.  My freezer is going to be STUFFED!!!  I love it!

On my way to work, I stopped at Starbuck’s and got my super low calorie indulgence…a trenta iced coffee with skim milk and 3 sweet’n’lows.  YUM!!!!  After I arrived at work, at about 4pm, I ate my ff cottage cheese with diced peaches in light syrup.  Then, around 6pm, I ate my 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit, granola and 2 stevias.  Then, at 8-ish, I ate my sliced bell peppers.  For dinner, I had a few options ready to go in the fridge for me to choose from.  I had a serving of molasses salmon, a serving of the quinoa stuffed peppers, and a turkey burger patty sitting in the fridge waiting for me to eat them.

For dinner, I chose to eat the stuffed peppers.  Yum yum yum!

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