Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day #4

Alright!  Day #4!  100% success!  I did my exercise AND I ate according to my schedule.  HOORAY!  I started off the day sleeping in a wee bit.  I got up around 8:30am.  Then I ate my usual breakfast of 2 multigrain waffles with PB2 and a banana and a cup of coffee.  After about 40 minutes of letting my food settle, I set out for my run.  I had originally planned to do the 8 miles I had planned for yesterday (but couldn’t do because I was sleeping due to working a double shift the night before), but I got going a little later than I meant to and because I wanted to run to the bank and the pharmacy before work, so I only ran the 6.5 miles I had planned for tomorrow’s run (and, as per usual, I ran more than scheduled and did 6.7 miles total today).  Then, when I got home from the errands, I drank my protein powder in almond milk and got ready for work.

At work, I ate my ff cottage cheese with diced pears (no sugar added) around 4pm.  Then I ate my 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit and granola just after 6.  At 8, I ate my sliced bell peppers.  Today they were the red ones and one of my co-workers thought I was eating Twizzlers.  So, now I will call them veggie-Twizzlers…teehee!  On the way home, I had to stop at the store and pick up some extra strength distilled vinegar so I could run the dishwasher (I have hard water where I live and the vinegar helps the dishwasher run clean and not leave spots and other things on the dishes).  When I got home, I heated up 2 of the fully cooked and breaded spicy chicken patties and put them each on a multigrain sandwich thin and added some bleu cheese dressing made with yogurt (so it only has 70 calories per 2 tbsp serving).  I was only going to eat one, but I was feeling extra hungry so I was flexible and ate 2.  It’s an extra 350-ish calories, but since I’m going to be running 2 decent length runs 2 days in a row (6.5 miles and 8 miles), I figured the extra fuel for tomorrow’s run would do me some good.

When I was at the store, I was hungry and let me tell you, it was soooo hard to not grab an ice cream or some bakery item or something else that would have made me feel disappointed in myself for giving in to my urges.  But I didn’t and I’m so proud of myself right now.

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