Monday, September 9, 2013

Day #8

I want to start today off by telling you that I did not get the quinoa stuffed peppers made yesterday.  Why?  Because I’m a doofus and forgot to set the ground turkey out the thaw.  Durrr.  I would also like to point out that I did not get either the storage box sanded and painted nor did I get the dining chairs reupholstered.  BUT!  I do not despair because I have 2 full weeks off of work after this week is over that I can tackle those 2 projects during.

This morning, my alarm went off super early.  5am.  Then, I hit snooze until 6 before getting out of bed.  I had some of the maple oatmeal with 1/8 cup of pecan pieces and a little almond milk, and a banana.  To say the least, I started off being part excited about tackling my longest run to date of 14 miles and part intimidated by that distance.  When I got home from my run, I drank my protein powder with almond milk, stretched and took my shower. 

On my way home from my run, I was going to stop and buy 2 more spaghetti squash so I could cook them while I showered and got ready for work, but I got stuck in traffic on my way to Town Lake to run and was running about 45 minutes behind and didn’t have time to stop.  So then I was going to stop and buy them on my way home from work, however I was thwarted because the store I went to didn’t have any.  Ugh.  So, after I go to the gym in the morning, I’ll stop at one of 2 stores I’m sure will have them on my way home.. 

So, after I got to work, I ate my ff cottage cheese with some diced peaches in light syrup around 4pm.  It was hard to wait that long.  Due to my 14 mile run this morning, I was slightly ravenous around the time I got to work this afternoon.

Speaking of my 14 mile runoh my goodness.  I felt good pretty much the whole run, even though in the end I had slowed down to slower than 12:30 min/mi.  The last 4 miles were a little rough, but I still felt generally good.  I came to a realization about my weekly long runs, though.  I really need to try to make a point to do my weekly long runs on my day off and not on a day where I have to work in the afternoon and am a wee bit rushed to get home and get ready for work.  If I do it on my day off, then I can walk around for 10 minutes after my run and not let the lactic acid build up in my muscles like it does now when I just stop running, do my hamstring and calf stretches and then sit in the car for a 30-ish minute drive back home.  And then I can barely get out of the car when I get home and Im all stiff the rest of the day. 

Around 6pm, I ate my 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit, 1/3 cup granola and 2 stevia packets.  A co-worker gave me a single serving of extra sharp cheddar cheese.  I didnt eat it, though.  Its sitting in my fridge right now, waiting for me to schedule it as part of my daily food plan.  I will eat it, but not spur of the moment and unplanned.  

Then, around 8:30 I ate my bell peppers. 

They were knocking down some cinder block walls at work today, so the air was all sorts of crappy.  After a few hours of breathing that in, I started to feel sick and have a low grade fever.  So I took a 20 minute break and got away from the crappy air.  Then I came back to my work station and sneezed a bunch of times, but felt so much better.

To wrap it up, today was a 100% successful day!  I did my scheduled exercise AND I ate completely according to plan and didn’t eat anything extra.

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