Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day #9

Today I let myself hit the snooze until around 8:30am.  I’m working a double shift and I didn’t want to get up TOO early, but I still wanted to get up and make sure I had enough time to go the gym and do what I needed to do before heading to work.  When I stopped at the store after work last night in a futile search for spaghetti squash, I failed to realize that I needed bananas.  So, no banana with breakfast today.  Just my cinnamon oatmeal with pecans, stevia and almond milk mixed in. 

After breakfast, I headed to the gym.  I did my little 2 mile BTG run.  I started off slow because my butt and thighs are all sore.  The lactic acid build up is gone, but now I have DOMS from my legs workout on Sunday.  When I started the run, I was going at about 12 min/mi.  By the end of the first mile, I had it whittled down to about 10:30 min/mi.  For my second and final mile, I whittled it down even further and finished at about 10:20 min/mi.  I completed the whole 2 miles in less than 21 minutes, so I’m happy with it.  When I got back to the car, I made sure to take off my headband and toss it in the passenger seat of my car…why?  Because when I did my little BTG run on Sunday, I wore my headband into the gym and then promptly left it in the locker when I got done with my workout and headed home.  When I realized this and went back to look for it about an hour later, someone had taken it and not turned it in (I asked the front desk).  Rude.  And gross.  It was soaked with sweat.  So, yea, I don’t want to lose ANOTHER headband.  Those things aren’t cheap…$8 each!  So, now I have to buy another “live, laugh, run” headband because that was one of my favorites.  I’ll probably get it in a different color than red though. 

Anyway, I got done with the run and went into the gym to do my workout.  Thankfully, changing the battery was what was wrong with my heartrate monitor’s transmitter and it worked just fine today and I got an accurate record of my calories burned today.  Hooray!  A total of 535 calories burned today!
After the gym, I went to Sprouts (a chain “farmers market” store) to see if could find any spaghetti squash.  No luck.  So then I went to go to Randall’s (where I bought the 2 spaghetti squash the other day in the first place) to get some.  On my way to Randall’s, I decided to check my bank account.  Thank goodness I did because I didn’t have enough money to buy spaghetti squash and get the gas I needed.  This is a little “shady” but I have a “trick” I do within a couple days of payday if I have no money in my account.  My Target debit card takes 3 days to show up on my account, so I can use my Target card and buy what I need to buy and even take out up to $40 cash and it won’t show up for 3 days.  So, that’s what I did.  I picked up those bananas I forgot last night and then checked to see if maaaaaybe they had any spaghetti squash.  They did, but they were tiny.  I’m talking like only 5 inches long tiny.  And they only had 2 anyway.  So I just gave up on the spaghetti squash for now.  I’ll get some on Thursday after my 7 mile run.  Anyway, I also picked up a new armband for my cellphone because the one I’ve been using ripped a little on the side and I don’t trust it to not completely split while I’m running on Thursday and drop my phone as I run.  Then, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up my green sheet set I ordered from their website using “site-to-store” shipping option.  It wasn’t the exact color of green I was expecting based on the color I selected when I ordered it, but it will work just fine.  Then I got gas and then I went home to get ready for work.

After my shower, I drank my protein powder with almond milk and got all my food ready for work.  Today was *supposed* to be a double shift (16 hours) at work but I found out last minute that even though the night shift supervisor told me she scheduled me to work tonight that she had indeed NOT scheduled me to work tonight.  And then, she was nowhere to be found when I found out so I couldn’t even ask her about it.  Now I really wish I had worked that double-double shift last week (a double shift 2 days in a row…I don’t like doing it, but I do it every now and then).

So, the rest of my day, with the thought that I was working a double shift at work, I adjusted the times I ate my food while at work.  I waited until 5pm before eating my ff cottage cheese with mandarin oranges in light syrup.  Then, I waited until 7:30 before eating my 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit, granola and 2 stevia packets.  I was going to eat my bell peppers right after shift change time passed (10pm), so instead I ate them on the drive home. 

Since I didn’t work overtime tonight, that meant I had time to drive to Randall’s and see about getting those elusive spaghetti squash I need.  However…I was foiled yet again.  Even though this is the exact same store I bought the spaghetti squash at the other day, there was none to be had tonight.  So, I went to the pasta aisle and got some quinoa pasta instead. 

When I got home from Randall’s, I popped some molasses salmon in the microwave for dinner.  Yum!

So, yesterday’s victory was the individual serving of cheese.  Today’s victory is bigger.  One of my co-workers brought in a HUGE bag of fun sized candy bars and M&M’s.  This huge bag of candy sat on the counter not 2 feet away from me for the first 3 hours of my shift until they had finally all been eaten.  I was pushing it on everybody that walked by, whether they asked about the candy or not.  The good news, I actually didn’t even feel any urges to eat any of the candy.  I’m very proud of myself for not giving in.

Well, since I’m not working overtime tonight, that means that I can exercise in the morning.  I’ve decided that means I don’t need to do back to back regular runs on Thursday and Friday.  I’m going to do 7 miles tomorrow and then 6.5 miles on Friday.  For Thursday, I think I’ll combine my 2 gym session workouts for the 2x4 week and do a full body workout and, of course, a 2 mile BTG run before I go into the gym.


  1. Girl, do you want me to look for spaghetti squash at the HEB I'm going to tomorrow? I'll snag some for you if you need.


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