Monday, September 16, 2013

Friend Making Monday

Relationships and Dating

1.  List five characteristics that you think are important in a significant other. Honesty, dependability, fun loving/sense of humor, fitness and health minded, gainfully employed
2.  If you had to choose between staying single for the next two years (as in, no dating at all,) or receiving $10,000, which would you choose?  I really enjoy being single…and this question makes no sense.  Either stay single for 2 years and get nothing, or date and get $10,000?
3.  What is your relationship status?  Are you satisfied with it?  Single and completely happy with it.
4.  Would you date someone who has children?  I would…but I’d rather not
5.  Would you date someone who’s shorter than you?  I don’t like being taller than the guy.  Heck I don’t even like being the same height.
6.  Would you date someone who has different political views?  Sure, we don’t have to talk politics to be in a relationship
7.  If you were going on vacation together, would you choose the beach or the mountains?  Probably the mountains…there’s more things to choose from to do
8.  How do you show someone that you’re interested in them?  I flirt with them and do nice things for them
9.  Do you prefer to date people who are older than you or younger?  It doesn’t really matter as long as they’re mature enough to deal with being in an adult relationship
10.  Share some details of your dream date.  My dream date, if it had no limits, would be with a wealthy man who would spirit me away on a private jet to London or Paris and we would go shopping and to a quaint little café for intimate conversation, then we’d go out on the town to a play or other production (opera, symphony, musical, etc) and it would end with a simple and respectful kiss on the cheek and non-awkward mutual eye gazing.

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  1. Yeah, question 2 was not exactly hard to choose the way it was written! Sounds like a fun dream date!


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