Monday, September 23, 2013

Garmin glitch

Yesterday was a no exercise day again.  I woke up at about 6:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I started up WoW and played until it was time to get ready to meet with Denise and her husband around 10:30.  I was watching a little tv right before I left for their house and there was something about running, I think, because it popped into my head that if I’m waking up at 6:30 in the morning and can’t sleep, then I should go for a run!  Duh!  I could have gotten that 5.5 miler done yesterday morning if I had just kicked my mind into gear.

We went to a Chinese buffet that we all like for lunch.  I knew I wouldn’t be eating much of anything else the rest of the day, so I dove right in.  I mean, I didn’t eat a ridiculously inordinate amount of food, I just ate until I was full…and then I stopped.  Then, we went to the mall.  I was thinking that, if the opportunity presented itself that I would go into that Aerie intimates store and buy another bra…I was thinking that I need a black bra.  Well, Denise wanted to go into Torrid which is conveniently right next door to Aerie!  So, I got my black bra then I went and met them in Torrid.  I started looking around and ended up at the clearance rack (I always gravitate toward this rack, no matter what store I’m in…unless they don’t have one, of course…but most stores have one).  I found a dress that was “basically” in my size (it was in a 12…I wear a 8 or a 10).  The fit was good, I just didn’t really like the way the top was.  But, I may go back this weekend after I get paid again and if they still have it, I may try it on again and see if maybe I like it a little better a second time.  It was $42…on clearance!!!  Torrid likes their stuff.  But I really like the shade of pink/fuchsia that it was, and it had layered ruffles and black polka dots.

While I was out with them, we talked about the renaissance festival.  They said that Rick’s (the hubby) brothers were trying to plan a brothers’ getaway the first weekend of November and that if that goes through, then they won’t be going to the festival this year.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!  So, I decided I would make a point to make sure I could go with my good friend Amanda.  She had said she wanted to go on the 19th.  I work that day, but it’s a Saturday, so if I ask nicely, I should be able to get the day off work.  But!  There’s something else going on that day that she’d rather do so she asked if I wanted to go on the 20th!  That’s perfect!  So, I’m going to the ren fair with Amanda!  Woohoo!!!  We’re gonna have so much fun!  We’re both quirky and hilarious.  It’s going to be an awesome day and I’m really looking forward to it.

After I got home yesterday, I just played WoW all evening and then went to bed.  I slept in this morning due to being so tired when I went to bed last night after being awake since 6:30am.  When I got up this morning, I brushed my teeth and started up some coffee and fixed me some oatmeal with almond milk.  Forgot to eat my banana, though.  Then I started up WoW.  I played that until it was time to get ready to run at 4:30pm.  At about 3, I ate 1 cup of ff cottage cheese with mixed fruit in light syrup and 2 of my quinoa stuffed bell peppers.  Anyway, I had actually meant to LEAVE at 4:30, but brain farted and didn’t start getting ready until that time.  I just had 4:30 stuck in my head, so I misremembered what I wanted to do at that time.  Anyway, I *had* wanted to be at the trail between 5:30 and 6, but didn’t get there until about 6:20.  So, it was after dark when I finished.  But, it was a good run.  Last Tuesday, I did 10.2 miles in 2 hours flat.  Today, I did 10.1 miles in 1:54!  Nice!  There was a glitch, though.  My Garmin had some hiccups when it came to recording how many calories I was burning.  For instance, for like mile 8, it said I burned 30 calories.  Yea…right.  I’d burn more than that if I WALKED the mile.  I burn about 115-120 calories per mile on average, so I added it up and then compared it to last week’s 10.2 mile run and just put that I burned 1200 calories on today’s run.  It was a good run, though.

see how silly this is?  there's no way I burned ONLY 697 calories
Tomorrow, I plan to do my BTG 3 mile run plus a gym workout in the morning.  Then, in the evening, I want to do the 5.5 mile run.  Then, it will just be runs and workouts as planned the rest of the week.  So, I’m thinking I should wake up no later than 9 and be to the gym between 10 and 11.  The run will take me about 30 minutes and it’s 2x4’s at the gym this week so the gym itself won’t take more than 25 minutes.

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