Monday, September 16, 2013

Shoe Shopping

Today did not start as planned.  I was supposed to do my 13 mile run this morning, however, the neighbor decided to make a bunch of noise to which I ended up calling the police about…AGAIN.  So, it took me a while to get to sleep after all that was over.  So, I reset my alarm from 5:30 to 8 with the idea of heading to the gym for a 3 mile run and a 4x25 workout, then go running shoe shopping, come home and shower and then meet a friend for a movie.  However, when I woke up, I realized I didn’t have time to do everything in that order.  So, I then changed plans to shoe shopping, movie, cleaning and then running and gym in the evening. 

Shoe shopping was a success.  I went to a different running store (Texas Running Company) than I usually do first since they were closer than my usual store (Hill Country Running).  They did not carry the shoes I was looking for, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.  So, I went to the next closest store, which is Hill Country.  When I walked in the sales lady, Ruth, said I looked like I knew what I was doing and then asked if she could help me.  I said I was looking for a particular shoe and asked if she carried it.  She said they did and that she had just sold a pair of them the other day in the same size I was asking for…so hopefully she had a second pair.  So, she went in the back and popped back out almost immediately and said “what luck!”  I tried them on, was VERY satisfied in the fit.  I could feel the arch support, unlike in the Sauconys I’ve been running in.  I didn’t need to give them a test run on the treadmill because I know how it feels for me to run in Mizunos.  She rung me up and I was out the door.  So, this evening, when I go to the gym and do my BTG 3 mile run, I get to wear my new PINK Mizuno Wave Inspires (I had wanted them in blue, but as we all know, I love pink, so they work).

For breakfast, I wasn’t “good.”  I went to Starbuck’s to buy a trenta skinny iced coffee and then, while I was there, decided to grab breakfast too…a sausage breakfast sandwich.  I was at Starbuck’s around 8:40.  I didn’t eat again until I went to meet my friend Amanda for a movie at the dollar theater, where I proceeded to eat almost an entire medium popcorn by myself.  D'oh.  And then, as if that weren't enough, after the movie we went next door to Fuddrucker's for some burgers.  It was good, but not as good as I remember it being the last time I ate there (about 10 years ago), so I probably won't go back.

While I was out and about shoe shopping, I stopped at Burlington Coat Factory to look around.  I was perusing the dresses and found a dress that, on the rack, kind of looked a little ugly.  But, it had pockets and I liked the design of the dress, so I grabbed it and went to try it on.  It was a size 8.  I went in the dressing room and voila it fit!  And not only did it fit, but it looked fabulous on me!  And get this, it was on clearance for $7!!!  I now have a good selection of casual and semi “dressy” dresses to choose from for just about any occasion.  Now that I’m not overweight anymore, I actually WANT to wear dresses.  I’m not ashamed of my legs and to show them off.
 Anyway, back up and fast forward in this recount of today...after the movie and Fuddrucker's, I went home to let my food settle and to do some of my cleaning before heading to the gym.  

Well, 7pm arrived and therefore time to head to the gym.  I did absolutely zero cleaning.  Haha.  Go figure.  I have all day tomorrow to do it, so no big deal.  

When I left my apartment, it was a nice cool-ish evening, around 80, low humidity.  When I arrived at the gym, however, it was a completely different story.  Oh, the temperature was the same, but it had rained at the gym (which is only 8 miles from my apartment) so it was as humid as a sauna.  But, I put my earbuds in and set out for 3 miles.  I started off the first mile at about a 9:30 min/mi pace.  I ended with mile 3 in the 9:50's.  I finished the 3 miles in under 30 minutes, so I'm happy.  The way I see it, these BTG miles are short, so there's no reason I shouldn't push myself to run faster and make them all tempo runs.  I would like to keep my BTG runs at or below 10 min/mi...preferably below, of course.
So, I'm sure you're wondering just how my new shoes fared for their "maiden voyage."  They did exceptional.  Mizuno's website made a good match.  If you're looking for a good running shoe, but don't really have time to go through a comprehensive shoe fitting by a professional, Mizuno's website is very good at helping you select the shoe that is most right for you.  I've only used this tool on Mizuno's website, but I'm sure the other reputable running shoe companies have a similar tool on their websites.  Anyway, I'm very happy with my new shoes. 
This evening's workout went well overall.  After my BTG run and during the first 25 minutes of my gym workout, I was a little shaky, like my blood sugar was on the verge of crashing.  If it got any worse, I was going to go to the front counter and buy a Muscle Milk or whatever they had in the cooler.  But, it got better so I didn't need to do that.  I do have to report, though, that my food choices for today are not sitting well with my stomach.  I think I will be sticking to my usual foods tomorrow and maybe even the next day as well.  Right now, the thought of restaurant food makes me want to gag.

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