Friday, September 20, 2013


Hey guys!  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  Nothing happened…that’s why I didn’t post.  I didn’t exercise.  I was so incredibly sore from my gym workout on Wednesday (hooray DOMS!!!) and figured a day of rest wouldn’t hurt.  Then, today, I wake up and it’s raining.  And raining.  And raining.  Alllllll day long.  Chance of rain for today was 90%.  This is all due to the tropical storm or whatever is going on right now (sorry, I wanted to put a name to it, but I can’t find it anywhere in the weather reports).  Tomorrow’s chance of rain is only 30-40%.  Much better when it comes to running.

So, today, I’m just going to enjoy a day inside.  I’m going to bake all the chicken leg quarters and the pork ribeyes.  I’m going to set out a pound of ground chicken and a pound of ground turkey to thaw so that tomorrow or Sunday sometime I can cook up that “fowl” meatloaf (yuk yuk yuk).

My plans for making up today’s missed run are to do 2 runs tomorrow (a 7.5 in the morning and a 5.5 in the evening)…or just do the 7.5 tomorrow and do 5.5 on Sunday…or do the 7.5 tomorrow and double up on one of my gym days next week with the 5.5 in the evening after a 3 mile BTG in the morning.  I’m thinking one of the last 2 options would be the best and smartest.  Oh!  And there’s a fourth option.  The 2 last days of this month are the 29th and the 30th.  I only have one run scheduled between those two days…a 15 miler on the 29th.  If I don’t make up the 5.5 miler next week, I can do it the evening of the 30th after I get home from training (I have a 40 hour block of training that whole week for work).  So, that’s a feasible last ditch option.  I’m sure I’ll make it up before the end of next week, though.

Alright, so I started today off with the 4th flavor of that oatmeal I bought.  It was cherry pistachio.  And, can I say yum-o!  (Rachel Ray moment there)  For lunch, I went to a kolache place and got 2 kolaches.  I know…bad bad bad.  But, I had planned to eat according to my usual foods the rest of the day.  After the kolache place, I went next door to Starbuck’s to get my usual trenta iced coffee with skim milk and 3 sweet’n’lows.  While I was waiting for them to make my coffee, I was looking at their anniversary display.  I picked up the package of anniversary blend coffee beans and it said it was “spicy & bold.”  Hmmm.  So, I went up to the counter guy and said “this is an odd request, but do you have an open one of these I could smell?”  He wasn’t as weirded out as I thought he would be by my request and said I could open the one next to the register.  So I did.  Oh wow, it smelled delicious!  So I bought it.  Can’t wait until I’m done with the last of the coffee I’ve been drinking so I can drink the anniversary blend!
So, this week, I went to the mall a couple times.  The first time I went, I went into this intimates store called Aerie (by American Eagle).  They were having a fantastic sale…all bras $25 or less.  I figured that now that I’m in a “normal”-ish bra size that I could get a cute bra from there.  So, I went around with the sales lady and picked out 4 bras to try on.  I fell in love with the one named “Jacklyn” and decided to buy it.  When she was checking me out, she asked if I’d like to save 15% by applying for their store card.  I said sure.  I got approved!  So, I went and grabbed 2 more bras.  I bought a pink one, a green one and a nude one.  Then, because their store card is also good at American Eagle, I went up to that store and looked around.  I bought 2 pairs of jeans that make my ass look fabulous!  I love these jeans!  Then, yesterday I went back to the mall and bought yet another bra (this one is a “Bridget”) in yellow and blue stripes.  They didn’t have it in my size (34D), but the sales lady said a 36C would fit similar to my actual size, so I bought it in the 36C and I’m happy with how it fits.  So, I fell in love with Aerie bras and American Eagle jeans.  I don’t think I’ll buy those 2 items from anywhere else ever again.
Also while I was at the mall yesterday, I stopped into Helzberg Diamonds to get my rings their 6 month inspection taken care of.  They were BUSY, so I window shopped while I waited for a sales person.  I’ve been wanting a nice white metal bracelet, so I was primarily looking at bracelets.  I found 2 in the clearance case that I wanted to look at.  Both had a pink heart charm.  I also saw a clear topaz floral ring I the clearance case I wanted to look at.  When a sales person was free to help me, we did the inspections first and omg, I almost couldn’t get 2 of my rings off.  One was especially difficult and HURT!  So, we sent those two off to be resized (thank goodness for the extended care plan!  So worth the extra $$).  Then, we went to the clearance case and I tried on both bracelets.  The first one had the bigger heart charm with a white metal accent “frame” around it.  I didn’t like it.  The charm was too big.  So I tried on the other one.  Perfect.  And it had 2 cute little skeleton key charms too.  Then she pulled out the topaz ring and I slipped it on my pinkie to see how it would look on my hand.  I liked it.  Didn’t love it, though.  While I was waiting earlier I had looked at the colored diamond jewelry and there was a floral ring with blue diamonds in that case, so we went to look at that one.  So, I put each ring on my pinkies and compared.  While I liked the topaz one, I LOVED the blue diamond one.  And, because the diamond one was $50 more, that paired with the bracelet got me a $50 discount!  So, I got to take the bracelet home with me yesterday and we sent the ring off to be sized.  I’ll have all my rings back on the 2nd, so I’ll post a picture of the new ring then. 
Over the last few weeks, I’ve thought about installing World of Warcraft on my new computer and reactivating my account.  A big part of that was that I’ve been reading the [current] final book in my favorite epic fantasy/sci-fi book series by Terry Brooks: the Shannara series.  That book is very epic and very action packed.  Just like WoW.  So, last night, I went looking for my expansion packs so I could load them onto my new computer.  I couldn’t for the life of me find the first one, Burning Crusades.  I know I have it, but it wasn’t with my Lich King and Cataclysm packs.  Thankfully, Burning Crusades is a now a free download on their site.  However, it took 17 hours for it to download.  Oh my goodness!  The installation of Lich King and Cataclysm didn’t take near as long.  Only about an hour each.  If I can get a refund on an order I placed on that was canceled by the seller a couple hours later (item not in stock) on Monday, then I can go ahead and buy the newest pack, Pandaria, and reactivate my account early next week.  Otherwise, I will have to wait until I get paid again next Friday.  I won’t let playing WoW get in the way of my running or other workouts.  Heck no!  WoW will primarily be a weekend/vacation “activity.”

This afternoon, I finally got around to baking the chicken leg quarters (in BBQ and achiote-a spice made from the red seed of the annatto tree-flavors).

Right after those were done, I popped the pork ribeyes in the oven to bake.  Everything smelled delicious!  I let everything cool while I went and got my tattoo done.  When I got home, I placed them into individual Ziploc freezer bags and put them in the freezer.

Before heading off for my tattoo, I ate a little 0% plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit, granola and 2 stevia packets.  Gotta eat before you get tattooed!!!  Very important!  Anyway, I went and got my tattoo…holy cow I do not recommend getting your stomach tattooed unless you’re hardcore.  Breathing exercises barely got me through it.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.
After I got home, I ate some of the chicken I baked earlier and some fat free vanilla ice cream with sugar free caramel drizzled on top!

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