Monday, September 30, 2013

Trainer Consult

I woke up at 5:07am this morning.  My alarm went off at 6.  Brilliant.  So that’s how we’re gonna start this day, huh?  Alright.  So, I stayed in bed until the alarm went off, in case you were wondering.  I got up, started my coffee and then started getting my stuff ready for going to the county gun range and training facilities.  I know where my gun is…on my desk.  I know where my duty belt is…the bathroom.  But where oh where is my gun box with my 2 extra magazines?  I looked everywhere.  Then I looked everywhere again.  Then I looked somewhere that I just KNEW it couldn’t be.  Guess what.  Yep, that’s exactly where it was.  Geez.  About gave myself a heart attack.  I looked for about 15 minutes.  Glad I got up a little early.  So, after I finally found my gun box and magazines, it was time to get my oatmeal ready and eat it.  So I did.

I get to training by the start time, 8am.  A little early, like I like to do, in fact.  It’s all classroom today.  Great!  Except the chairs SUCK!!!  My legs were a little restless and my lower back kept cramping all because I couldn’t get comfortable in the chair.  Ugh.  For lunch, I was thinking I would go to Subway and get a turkey breast on 9 grain honey oat, meat and veggies only, no mayo or sauce of any kind…the way I like it, actually (yea, surprised me too when I did it on accident one time…totally forgot to have the guy do one swipe of light mayo and found out I like it better without).  I had originally planned to take my lunch, but I didn’t have any bell peppers because I forgot to go to Sam’s Club yesterday to get some.  And I didn’t want to take yogurt AND cottage cheese for lunch.  I ended up going to a place called Cabo Bob’s with some of the other ladies in the class.  Cabo Bob’s is the same kind of place as Chipotle.  I think I prefer Chipotle.  But, it wasn’t bad and was fairly healthy (except for that large dollop of sour cream I had them put on it…teehee).  Oh, I got the bowl and not a burrito…I make a huge mess when I try to eat all that stuff in a tortilla…and it saves me the processed carbs!

We get out of class around 4:30pm.  I get home and chill for a bit.  I remember I need to go and pull out the last little bit of money that’s on a prepaid debit card I use to pay certain bills because that company will be closed as of midnight and if I didn’t withdraw the money today, then I’d have to wait probably something ridiculous like 6 weeks to get my check for a whopping $14.05 in the mail.  Then I returned a tub of powdered Gatorade I bought the other day and decided I didn’t want because I don’t really like the flavor that much.  I like the fruit punch flavor better right now.  Then, I went back home, changed into my gym clothes and got all my water bottles and running gear ready to go and headed back out.  I stopped at Sam’s Club first for those coveted bell peppers, then made my way to the gym.  I got there about 15 minutes early for my consultation with Paige.  I went in and used the restroom and then read some emails on my phone until it was time to meet with her in the trainer area.

First off, she’s very nice and personable.  She didn’t seem all “I know everything” to me.  She seemed like a good friend that just happened to know more about fitness than I do.  She always made sure I knew what she meant and made sure to explain anything I wasn’t completely sure about what she meant.  She asked me a LOT of questions to get a good picture about what I wanted to achieve and about my background in my personal fitness journey.  After all the questions, she took me over to take my weight, measurements and body fat %.  I was dead-on about how much the scale would say I weighed.  When I weighed yesterday, I weighed in first thing in the morning right after using the restroom and without clothes on and I weighed 174.4.  I figured it would say around 180 because it’s later in the day and I’m completely clothed.  I was dead on.  It said 180.something.  When we got to the body fat %, she asked me what I thought it was and I said that my scale that measures my body fat % if I stand on it without socks said I had about 22%.  She told me that she doesn’t like those kinds of scales because they lie to you.  So, I figured I was probably around 28%.  She used a caliper and some math to do my body fat % calculations.  Let me tell you I was horrified at the result.  36.2%!!!  OMG!!!  Now, while I was horrified, I must say that, really, deep down, I’m not surprised at all.  When someone like Michelle (from weighs 140-ish and says she’s at 25%, I kind of knew that my scale wasn’t being completely honest with me.  The “good” news is that it wasn’t as high as she thought it would be.  Because I’m a long distance runner, she was really expecting AT LEAST 40%.

Alright, moving on.  She had me get on the treadmill (EEEK!) so she could see how I run.  At one point she asked if I could see my feet as I ran and I said I could.  After a half mile, she had me stop and we went over to do some baseball rolling.  It’s like foam rolling, only more specific.  I have a lacrosse ball at home, so I would use that instead if I’m doing this at home.  She had me place it under my calf (as I sit on the floor with legs extended in front of me) and rolling my leg from side to side looking for tender spots.  When I found one, I was to push down on the ball and hold it for 60 seconds.  I only found 2 “sort of” tender spots.

Next, she went over my gait with me.  She said that I’m a quad-heavy runner.  Runners get the most out of their gait if they use their hamstrings more than their quads.  I know this from all the reading I’ve done, but apparently have not been applying it.  Really, I didn’t realize this was a problem I have.  But, it explains the tight left hamstring problem I’ve been having.  She showed me a box jump exercise I can do to help strengthen my hammies.  It’s hard, but I like it.  Then she explained how I should be running…hamstring-heavy running, that is.  The way I can explain it here is the way I picture myself in my head as I’m doing it to keep myself focused on my gait and trying to keep it proper.  You know those slow-mo scenes in movies where someone is running across a field?  Think of that, with taking long graceful strides.  So, she had me get back on the treadmill to try it out.  The first time, I could hear my footfalls…they were heavy.  This time, I could barely hear my footfalls.  I like it!  I like it!

To close out the consultation, she said that since I don’t have the money right now to purchase a training package, that she would put a little something together for me with workouts and leave it for me at the front desk for me to pick up when I come in on Thursday.  Awesome!  Oh, one thing I did NOT like was that she suggested dialing down my mileage…a LOT.  Yea, that won’t be happening.  Speaking of, I FINALLY did up my run schedule for October today during one of our breaks at training.  I’m running less than I ran this month, but I’m not cutting my mileage as much as she wants me to.  Just not going to happen.  She only wants me to run for 30 minutes during the week with only 1 run longer than that.  No way.  I’d go insane.  Anyway, here’s my October run schedule:

10/1 6
10/3 2 BTG
10/4 4.5
10/6 9
10/7 2 BTG
10/8 8
10/9 2 BTG
10/11 7
10/14 12
10/15 3 BTG
10/16 7.5
10/17 3 BTG
10/18 6
10/21 13
10/22 2 BTG
10/23 7
10/24 2 BTG
10/25 5
10/27 14
10/28 2 BTG
10/29 9
10/30 2 BTG

Total: 128

After the consultation was over, I went out to my car and geared myself up for my run and set out for 2 miles outside.  I went with my new stride to strive for (teehee) in the front of my mind.  I didn’t hit it 100% of the time.  Heck, I’d be lucky if I hit it 75% of the time.  But I did indeed notice a difference.  First off, I *felt* faster and a glance at my Garmin proved it.  At about ¼ mile in, I was cruising along at about 8:45.  WOW!  It felt like 9:15-ish to me.  At the first mile mark, I closed out at 9:21.  Wow!  (again)  That’s my fastest complete mile in probably well over 6 months.  My second mile was 9:36.  Overall average of 9:29.  That’s upwards of 20 seconds faster per mile that I’ve been running my tempo runs on the overall average pace.  I’m excited to try it for a longer distance tomorrow with 6 miles.  Since it’s new to me, I have to keep focusing and refocusing on it so that I continue to keep that stride.  But during tonight’s run, I definitely noticed when I slipped out of it.

My total mileage for the month of September?  148.75!!!  Oh.  My.  God.  That’s just fabulous!

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