Monday, October 7, 2013

A Make Up Run

Today was a sleep in as late as I could day.  Why?  Because I’m working overtime on the overnight shift tonight at work.  I managed to sort of sleep until 10am.  Then, I got up and didn’t do much.  I had been up for about 30 minutes before I started my coffee.  Up for about an hour before I did my oatmeal.  And then an hour after that I ate my banana.  I think I’ll take my protein shake with me to the gym to drink after my 2 mile run and before my 4x25 gym session.  I’ll need it to make it through my strength training.  I don’t want to get all shaking due to low blood sugar.

I decided I would leave to head to the gym at 1pm…when the soap operas start.  And then I would do my 5 mile make up run at 7 so I can be done and showered and ready to leave for work by 9.  Of course, I did up the route for my 5 mile run on MapMyRun and it’s actually going to be 5.5 miles.  We all know I love extra mileage, no matter how small it is. 

Here’s what the weather was like for my 2 mile tempo run:
My 2 mile run was great!  Not as fast as Saturday’s 2 miles, but I knew going into it today that it wouldn’t be.  Mainly for the 2 reasons of I did have 3 days of rest preceding today’s run and because I ran 8.5 miles yesterday, so my legs were already a little bit fatigued starting off today.  I set out for the 2 miles with the goal of keeping both miles under 9:30 each. Success!
I got done with the gym after my 2 miles about 3:30.  I went home, showered, then went to get something to eat.  Last hurrah with spending money on food that won’t last me a few days.  Bacon cheese burger with fries and some frozen yogurt.  I need to really start focusing on cutting that 8% body fat.  I should probably find a book or two on nutrition to help me out.  Also, Trainer Paige finally did up that program for me.  It should be ready for me to pick up at the gym’s front desk when I go on Thursday.  She wants to get me in next week and for me to purchase a training session package.  It’s just not going to happen next week.  Sure, I’ll have the money (the starter pack is three 50-min sessions for $130…it’s substantially more expensive after the starter pack…obviously), but what “extra” money I have off my check next week will be set aside for spending at the renaissance festival on the 20th.

So, after going out to eat, it was almost 6pm when I got home.  That means I had about 45 minutes to chill before it was time to get ready for my evening run.  I wanted to run it, however, I didn’t want to run it at 7.  So, I looked at my run schedule and I don’t have any runs schedule for this Saturday (the 12th) or Sunday (the 13th).  So, I’ll do that 5 mile make up run on Saturday morning before work.  Now, if I pick up another shift of overtime this week, then I’ll do it on Sunday.  Besides, I didn’t want to get an upset stomach like I did yesterday again due to eating out this afternoon.

Oh, so back to the program that Paige put together for me.  She snapped a picture of the first page of it and texted it to me.  It looks like a pretty solid program even though I’ve only seen the first page so far (like I said, I’ll be able to pick it up next time I’m in the gym).  However…she wants me to start it now, but I’m not going to.  Another reason I won’t be signing up for any sessions next week.  I don’t want to have any confrontation about why I’m not starting the program she spent time and effort to create until November.  If I had gotten it before I had made up my run schedule for this month, definitely I would have started it this month, but I’ve already made my commitment to my run schedule and to myself.  So, I’ll do it starting November 1st.  And, maybe, November 1st I can sign up for that starter package of 3 training sessions.  It all depends on if I can pick up another day of overtime this week.  Realistically, though, I won’t be until at least mid-November before I can do those 3 sessions.  And, with all honesty, those will be the only sessions I buy just because I am not spending the amount of money they’re asking for to buy session packages. 
Something else I’m going to be spending money on between now and the end of the year is getting my concealed handgun license!  I’m excited about that.  Then I can get a pocket holster so I can safely carry my gun in my purse.  Next year, I would like to be able to buy a second, smaller gun that I will keep in my purse at all times.  Oh and they have concealment spandex shorts that I plan to buy a few pairs of so that I can have my gun with me when I run, especially if I’m running somewhere that’s somewhat questionable or it’s dark when I’m running.

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