Monday, October 21, 2013

Friend Makin Monday: A New Season

A New Season
1. What is your favorite thing about Fall? i love the cooler weather.  i love the colors of the leaves.  and i absolutely LOVE the Texas Renaissance Festival that happens in the fall.  (see pics at the end of this post) 

2. It’s not Fall until… hmmm...until the first "real" cold front hits, which it did last week

3. Apple cider or hot chocolate?   hot chocolate for sure.  although, even though i used to hate apple cider, i have developed a taste for it now 

4. Share a happy Fall memory.  when i was a kid, playing in the leaves after we raked them up

5. Do you have any hobbies that are seasonally specific? If so, what are they?  no, not really.

6. What do you miss most about Summer now that it’s officially over?   the longer days

7. Do you prefer pumpkin pie or pecan pie?  i really like both.  i like pumpkin pie with a boatload of REAL whip cream on top, but i like pecan also

8. Do you suffer from allergies?  Yes.  usually in the fall ragweed kills me, but it wasn't too bad this year 

9. How do you celebrate Halloween?   if i can, i go to a party or a gathering dressed in costume.  i've been invited to the premier party at my agency thrown by a co-worker in her barn this year.  i'm going dressed as catwoman!

10. What is the biggest change that you expect to experience during this season?  well, i've "shaken up" my workout routine hugely, so really, that.  as a result, i'm a little nervous about the RNR half next month

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  1. Lots of pics, glad you had fun. VERY good call on missing the longer days the most -- I should have said that.


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