Sunday, October 6, 2013

Party The Night Away!

Okay, I got done with the gym at a little after 1pm.  If you’ll  remember from my previous post, I had mentioned something about running the 4.5 miles at about 3:30.  Yea…as much as I love running and with as warm as it is outside (a lot warmer than I was thinking it would be), I’m not going to be done with one workout at about 1:30, shower and then head back out for another workout 2 hours later.  Nope, not gonna do it.  I figure I get to Dawn’s house around 4 for her party and stay for like 3, maybe 4 hours and then head back home.  THEN I’ll go for my 4.5 mile run.  I’ll do the parkway loop plus .3 of a mile and then turn around and come back.
My BTG run went fabulously!!!  My first mile was 8:59 (OMG!!!  I haven’t had a sub-9 min/mi in about 8 months) and my second mile was 9:08!  I will concede one thing…I did not run the 2 miles straight.  At my turn-around point, I stopped for about a 2-3 minute breather and then continued on.  I could have done it without the breather, but my second mile would have been slower…though, not too much slower, probably around 9:20 or 9:25.  Which would have still been awesome.  I then went into the gym and did my 3x12’s of chest/shoulders/triceps/back.

The trainer I had the consult with Monday night was supposed to have worked up a brief training plan for me and leave it at the front desk in her box for me to pick up Thursday night when I went to the gym again.  I didn’t make it to the gym Thursday and texted her Friday morning to let her know.  She replied that it wasn’t at the front desk because she hadn’t done it yet, but that she would write it up later in the day and take a picture of it and text it to me.  Works for me.  Last night, she texted me and said she didn’t get around to it, that she got stuck at an appointment and that she’d do it Saturday.  Well, she didn’t…I didn’t hear from her at all.  Oh well.  Guess I was hoping for too much when I thought I would get some free exercise planning from a trainer at the gym. 

The party was loads of fun.  There wasn’t a whole lot of people, but that’s okay.  They had party platters of 6 inch subs from Subway and a cracker/pepperoni/cheese tray.  There was also a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  The birthday girl’s (Dawn) hubby (Brian) was making margaritas.  I hadn’t planned on drinking anything other than tea, but I had a few margaritas.  I don’t know how many because they were sporadic throughout the evening…I’d say probably 5?  I ate a couple of the sub sandwiches and had a bunch of the cracker/pepperoni/cheeses.  I also had 2 healthy-sized pieces of cake.  Also, I stay waaaaaaay longer than I had meant to.  I had figured I’d end up leaving around 8 or 8:30.  Nope.  I didn’t leave until about 2am.  Soooo…I did not do the 4.5 mile run last night.  Instead, I’ll be doing it this morning (Sunday) after I wake up and before I go to have lunch with my friend Amanda W (not the Amanda I have previously mentioned hanging out with…that’s Amanda K).  This evening, sometime around sunset, I’ll run my 9 mile route of the parkway loop to the Railroad Ave to Pecan St loop, down Heatherwilde to Settlers Valley through the park and past the stadium.

Yesterday, Runner’s World posted on their Facebook page a cool tool to help you pace a race.  It’s a calculator that pops out a paceband that you can tape around your wrist to help you stay on pace while you’re running your race.  I, of course, calculated for a half marathon.  You plug in your race distance, your goal finish time and whether it’s miles or kilometers and it generates a paceband for you to print out. 

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