Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week's End

**note: I meant to post this last night but forgot.

Okay, so this week has been a little hectic.  The “bad” news is that the next 3 weeks won’t be any different.

Tuesday evening, I was scrolling through my virtual garage sales on Facebook when I came upon an Igloo brand thermoelectric cooler (aka-travel fridge).  The lady was selling it for $30!  I asked her the measurements and she responded quickly with them and I responded that I would definitely buy it from her and could I come by the next morning around 9.  So, Wednesday morning at 9-ish I show up to her house.  Thankfully, she read my mind because I forgot to ask if she could plug it in and have it running for a little bit before I got there so that there was proof it worked.  She had it plugged in and running when I arrived.  It wasn’t super cool yet, but I could tell it was working.  I handed her $30 and then attempted to stuff it in my car.  Um, yea.  I knew it would fit in the back seat area, however the front seat doesn’t lean far enough forward for me to get it into the back seat area.  So then I open the trunk and have to lean the back seat forward in order for it to fit in the trunk.  As I drove to the gym and then back home with it in the back of my car, I figured out how I could make it work for when I go on road trips so it’s not in the front seat taking up the entire passenger’s seat.  In order to get the back seat to lay flat when you lay it down, you take out the seat cushion.  If I do that, I should have enough room for the cooler still have room for a suitcase.  YAY!  So, I get home and I do a quick search on the internet and find a comparable sized thermoelectric cooler on and it’s going for $150!!!  I totally scored with this purchase!

After I left that lady’s house, I headed to the gym.  The original plan was to do the 30 minutes of 3-to-1’s on the treadmill that I hadn’t done on Tuesday and then do my “Paige workout.”  This meant I would be at the gym for about 2 hours.  It was already 9:30 when I got there.  So if I did the whole thing, I’d be leaving the gym around 11:30.  That was not feasible for me because I had to stop at Sam’s Club for bell peppers and at the grocery store for my sparkly waters.  So, I did the 3-to-1’s and then left.  I killed it on the 3-to-1’s, though.  Since I was only running in blocks of 3 minutes, I figured I’d go as fast as I could sustain for 3 minutes, meaning just shy of 9 minute miles, then the active recovery for 1 minute (I did my walks no slower than 4mph, but was doing 4.3mph by the end).  I burned over 350 calories in 30 minutes.  Awesome!

Thursday and Friday I worked double shifts (16 hour work days) so there was no time to workout either of those days.  BUT!  When I stopped at Sam’s Club Wednesday morning for the bell peppers, I was walking past the pizza/hotdog thing at the front of the store.  They have a cooler with drinks and parfaits and SALADS in it.  So, I grabbed 3 of the sealed salads, one to eat each day (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).  Perfect!  So, I ate according to plan for the most part for most of the week.  I haven’t weighed myself yet (that’s tomorrow morning), but I *feel* like I lost some amount of weight, even if it’s only half of a pound or maybe even a whole pound.  We’ll see tomorrow morning.  Because, this past Sunday, I was up…a bunch…like 6 pounds.  Eep!

I made my shopping list for the Shred Diet, however, I’m not going to be able to do it next week like I was thinking.  I over spent a little this week and have just enough money to go to the renaissance festival tomorrow and make it until payday at the end of the month.  Meaning I have to stick to the food I already have and just buy the foods here and there that I need to make it until payday.  So, on the 3rd of November, after I get out of work (I’m working overtime on the morning shift, so I’ll get off work at 2pm) I’ll go to the store and buy from that shopping list so I can start the Shred Diet the next day (the 4th).  

Today, I was going to go to the gym before work.  I wanted to at least do 30 minutes of 3-to-1’s on the dreadmill.  However, I just kept resetting my alarm because I didn’t want to get out of bed.  So, I just slept a bunch and got up in time to get ready for work.  Because I only bought 3 of those salads at Sam’s Club the other day, I was going to go this morning on my way home from the gym and buy one for today, but since I didn’t go to the gym, that didn’t happen.  And I didn’t remember about that plan until about 15 minutes before I needed to leave to get to work so I didn’t have time to go before work.  Then, I remembered that Dairy Queen has wonderful grilled chicken salads.  They’re pricier, about $7 (the ones from Sam’s are $3), but that’s what I had time to get on my way to work, so that’s what I got.  Tomorrow, I’ll have some oatmeal before heading to Amanda’s house so we can go to the festival.  Then, I’ll eat food at the festival (some chicken on a stick for sure!  Oh and a funnel cake…so healthy, I know, but I only eat them at festivals, so just a couple/few times a year…they’re truly a treat).  For dinner, I’ll have some stuffed bell peppers that I stuck in the fridge to thaw out.  Oh, on my way to Amanda’s, I’ll also stop and grab a trenta skinny iced coffee from Starbuck’s.  

Next week’s plan as far as working out goes is nothing tomorrow because I’ll be gone all day and then probably too tired from walking around all day to do anything in the evening.  However, if we get home at a decent time (by 8), then I *might* go to the gym for a “Paige workout” or my upper body/abs workout.  Monday I’m supposed to meet Tilsa for that free buddy session with her personal trainer, then I’m planning to do an 11 mile run in the evening.  Tuesday is going to be whichever workout I didn’t do on Sunday, if I did one.  If not, then it’ll be the “Paige workout.”  I’m hoping to pick up an overtime shift on the night shift on either Tuesday or Wednesday night.  If I don’t on Tuesday, then Wednesday morning will be the 3-to-1’s on the dreadmill.  If no overtime Wednesday night, then the “Paige workout” on Thursday.  Then, Friday and Saturday no workout because I’m working double shifts both days.  Oh!  If I don’t end up meeting Tilsa for that session, then I’ll do either the “Paige workout” or the upper body/abs workout instead on Monday…along with the 11 mile run.

Thankfully, my eating *should* be good next week because I simply cannot afford to eat “off plan” at all.  So, maybe, despite the randomness of my workouts next week, I may still lose a little bit come the following Sunday when I weigh in again.

I’m supposed to go to a Halloween party next Saturday after work, but that was before I signed up for a double shift.  So, I will take my costume with me to change into after work, but if I’m too tired, I’m not going.  Will have just worked 16 hours, after only 5 hours of sleep, which also would be after working 16 hours and only 5 hours of sleep before that.  So, I’m pretty much guessing that I won’t be going to this party, even though I’ve been looking forward to it all year.  Oh well.  I don’t need to get in a car accident because I fell asleep driving.  Besides, it’s a bit of a drive to where the party is, so that’s extra money for gas if I go.  Not sure if I want to afford that part of it right now.

I need to buy some romaine lettuce and cut it up to make salad mix with.  I’ll get some cherry or grape tomatoes and some cucumbers to cut up and put into it.  Then, I’ll but some chicken breasts to cook up, cut into cubes and portion out into 5 oz portions to put in my salads.  So, salad will replace the ff cottage cheese with fruit I’ve been eating as my 4pm-ish snack/meal.  Oh, and I’ll buy some of those Hidden Valley single serving cups of light ranch dressing so I don’t have to wash some silly small plastic container.

**Sunday note: even though I felt like I might have lost a smidge of weight this week, I didn't...phooey.  But, I didn't gain any weight even though my level of activity was WAAAAAAY less than it has that's a victory!


  1. Great update, glad your doing well. L start the treadmill Monday night. I feel l have lost enough to start running.

    1. congrats on your weight loss! i hope your run tonight goes well!


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