Friday, November 1, 2013

Back on the Wagon?

Alright!  So, I’m getting myself hyped up to be back on the wagon again.  Obviously, this week is a wash.  I technically have the time to workout tomorrow morning, but I doubt I’ll be awake enough to drag myself to the gym and, even if I did, I would half-ass my workout intensity and it would end up being a waste.  So, basically, I’m just going to sleep in tomorrow to catch up on my sleep from today and yesterday, plus tomorrow night I have a turnaround from the evening shift Saturday to being back at work Sunday for the morning shift.  Then, my Sunday afternoon is up in the air right now.  I was supposed to go with Amanda to the Austin Celtic Festival after work, but we had torrential rain the night before last (up to 10 inches in some parts of the county!!!!) so the park where it’s supposed to be held may be flooded or at least muddy and gross.  And neither Amanda or I want to get muddy.  So, we’re waiting to buy our tickets.  We can make a $12 donation online and print out a receipt for the donation to gain free entrance to the festival, however, I may wait until Sunday and if we go, I’ll just pay the full $15 entry fee.  That way, I don’t spend money on something I might not end up going to.

Anyway…I have the training session with Sammy on Monday afternoon.  I’m really looking forward to that.  Then, I should be motivated to get back in the gym at least 2-3 more times the rest of the week.  Plus an 8 mile run…Thursday or Saturday morning, I’m thinking.  I’m also going to go grocery shopping for the Shred Diet, probably Sunday night.  Sunday afternoon if the Celtic Festival plans fall through and we don’t go.  Then I’ll start the Shred Diet on Monday.

I figure if I can stick at least 80% to this diet and can stick to working out 3-5 times a week, that I should have no problem getting to 172 or less by the end of December.  That’d be about 4-5 pounds a month.  Totally doable.  My work pants are snug and I’m tired of them being snug.  I want them to be loose again.  Also, I’ve been having some mild heartburn and indigestion and I want that to go away as well.  I know that all has to do with food choices at this stage in the weight loss game. 

I miss running.  I really do.  I think about it and long for it.  I long for the quiet meditativeness of the long run.  I long for the high intensity rush of the short run.  And, even though it’s on the dreadmill, I long for my 3-to-1 intervals and the spent sense of achievement I have when I finish. 

Something I’m thinking of doing…they’re opening up a new location for Planet Fitness about a mile or so down the road from my apartments.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that, until February, I was a member at Planet Fitness.  But I changed to 24hr because I thought I was going to gain a workout buddy, but I didn’t.  We just occasionally see each other at the gym and chat for a bit if we do.  So, I’m spending $32 and change a month on a gym membership just so I can occasionally chat with my buddy Steve every now and then?  24hr and PF both have trainers.  However, 24hr charges for their training because it’s a 50 min personal training session.  PF has what they call “fitness training” and it’s 30 minute blocks of instruction…and you have unlimited access to this 30 minute blocks of “fitness training.”  Also, if you opt for the $20 “black” membership, you can go to any of their locations nationwide (great for travel), you can tan (if that’s your thing), and you can take a guest every single day.  So, I could take Amanda with me to workout if she wants to.  Also, if I change back to PF, it’s only about a mile from my apartment…I can drive, I can walk, I can run, I can ride my bicycle.  I’ll have options!  So, I’m going to go in sometime before the end of this month and sign up most likely, then, I’ll cancel my 24hr membership, which will have an extra month since I had to pay 2 months up front when I signed up with them.  And that will tide me over until the new PF opens.  And, frankly, just between you and me, I like PF’s equipment better.  It’s all the same brand, for starters.  For another, they maintain their equipment better, in my opinion.

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  1. I'm thinking we should just save our money for Ren Faire and skip the Celtic Festival this year. We can go next year. :)


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