Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is it over yet?

So, this week has been something else.  Even though I made an entry or two concerning being “on diet” with the Shred Diet plan, I really think this week has been a wash as far as my diet progress goes.  I worked out once (with Samy) with some random jumping rope thrown in during the overnight shifts I worked.  So, I think I will reset on the Shred Diet to where I started this week starting on Monday next week.  Obviously I won’t be able to start it tomorrow because I’ll be at festival again with Amanda and will be eating festival food.  But, Monday I can hit the reset button and be “on diet.”  Also, next week, the majority of my overtime (2 out of 3 shifts) is on the morning shift, and one of those 2 days is on my day off (Monday) so, only 2 double shifts next week.

So, on top of being able to be “on diet” the majority of next week (6 out of 7 days), I’ll have more chances to get structured workouts in.  I’ll have my Samy workout Monday afternoon shortly after getting home from working the morning shift.  In addition to that, I’ll be able to workout Wednesday and Thursday mornings before work.  I figure I can do a 30 minute run of 3-to-1’s on the treadmill on Wednesday.  Then, on Thursday, I’ll go and do a “Paige workout.”  Then, Friday night, when I’m working the overnight shift, I can do some random jumping of rope.  Let’s cross our fingers I stick with this plan.  Haha.

I need to come up with a game plan for while I’m on my 2+ week vacation for my birthday next month.  On the 7th, I have plans to drive back to Spring, TX with my friend Mark to buy another corset (YAY!).  The 8th is the Brown Santa 5K (part of me wishes that I was doing the Decker Challenge half marathon).  Then, of course, Monday the 9th is a Samy workout.  Then, on the 12th I plan to go to Walmart with a friend that has the ability to fit my new TV in their vehicle and help me put it in my apartment go with me to pay off my new TV and bring it back to my apartment.  On the following Monday, I again have my Samy workout.  Then, on Friday and Saturday I will be attending union Christmas parties (I have 1 dress, I still need to buy the second one…already have it picked out, just need to buy it).  I have tentatively made plans with my friend Jessica for a sewing date.  She has some sewing projects she wants to do, so I can pack up my machine and go to her place and we can sew, sew, sew.  But, she’s a bit of a flake, so it’s up in the air.  Then, the following Monday is again a Samy workout.  Those are my only definite plans. 

Among all those definite plans, I want to sew up 2 more of my pixie skirts (a blue one and a red one).  I’d like to get in 2 workouts in addition to the Samy workouts each week…preferably 3 additional workouts.  I’d like to have the Samy workout, a 30 minute treadmill run of 3-to-1’s, a “Paige workout,” and then a long run.  I have no overtime scheduled for the weeks following my return to work after my little vacation.  I’ll be checking my work email throughout my vacation to see if I can land some overtime for after I my vacation.  Fingers crossed. 

Anyway, even though I’m chalking this week up as a complete wash, I’m still going to weigh in tomorrow morning.  This past Sunday I weighed in at 177.2…we’ll see where I stand after all the turkey day indulgences.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad.  But, it’ll be what it’ll be and I’ll just have to work from wherever I stand when I step on the scale tomorrow. 

After eating all that thanksgiving day food Thursday and Friday, when I woke up today I just did not want to eat “off diet” today.  So, even though it made me almost 20 minutes late leaving for work (I leave early, so it’s okay), I got my stuff ready so I could eat “on diet” today.  YAY!  I’m not going to eat all the food for this day of the Shred Diet so I’ll be repeating it on Monday.  And that’s completely alright.  I’m just happy that I hit a point where I really just wanted to be back on my diet again.  That makes me feel good.  And I hit that point after only 2 days and I didn’t even super over indulge, in my opinion.

I was so tired today after working 16 hours a day 2 days in a row.  I just wanted to continue to lay on the couch and sleep when my alarm went off.  But I didn’t.  I got up and I sucked it up.  One more week of work and then I’m on vacation for a little over 2 weeks.  I can do this.  And my paychecks will be quite nice as a result.  I’m hoping to pick up some overtime the week of Christmas and  New Years.  I’m sure that with it being the holidays that they’ll need overtime.  I hope I’m right.

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  1. You can have as many day 1s at you need. Starting fresh is a wonderful thing no matter how many times you do it.


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