Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shred Day 4

Meal 1:
fruit: grapefruit
grilled cheese sandwich
juice: mango

Snack 1 (100 cals):
10 baby carrots w/2 tbsp hummus
Meal 2:
small green garden salad w/3 tbsp fat free dressing
bowl of soup: Progresso Light Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable

Snack 2 (150 cals):
turkey wrap (on flatbread)
Meal 3:
protein shake
fruit or veggie: canned no salt added green beans

Snack 3 (100 cals):
30 grapes

Meal 4:
1 serving veggies: asparagus
½ baked sweet potato w/ 1 tsp butter

I again had no problems waking up this morning, waking up a couple times before my alarm went off, but forcing myself to go back to sleep as best as I could until the alarm went off.  I would have just gotten up, but tomorrow I’m working a double shift so I will only get about 5 hours of sleep tonight.  
Grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast?  Don’t mind if I do!  The carrots with hummus was a nice post-workout snack.  Shortly after I arrived at work, I at my salad and my soup.  Hit the spot! 
I did the “Paige workout” this morning and it was really good.  I was a little disappointed because I had to use the shortest box jump box because the one I usually use (the second to the shortest) was MIA.  When I was leaving the gym, I scanned all over the place and didn’t see it, so I don’t know what happened to it.  If it’s not there again when I go to do this workout next week, I’ll ask somebody.  Maybe somehow it got broken…who knows.  I got a really good calorie burn out of today’s workout and left the gym feeling accomplished and satisfied…and, of course, proud of myself that I got myself up on time and then got myself to the gym.  Although, I can’t gloss over this…on my way to the gym, I had thoughts of just turning around and going home…of not wanting to go through the effort of working out.  It will take a couple weeks, I’m sure, but I’ll eventually work all the lazy back out of me.

Anyway, when I did the “Paige workout” this morning, I modified how I was doing it a little bit.  Before I was doing a circuit of the first part of it…the single leg squat, the box jump single leg series, the front squat to overhead press and then 2 footed box jumps.  Then, I would do the remaining exercises one at a time.  So it was taking me longer to do the full workout.  Today, I did the first part as a circuit, then I did the single leg hamstring curls (all 3 sets of them), then I went and did the 3 remaining exercises as a circuit…the in and out jump squats, the bent over row and the ball bridge.  It took me about 15 minutes less to do the workout this time AND I feel better at the end of today’s workout than I did at the end of the last time I did it (like a month ago).
So happy…the boots I ordered (the red and the brown slouchy over-the-calf boots) arrived yesterday…a day early!  Hooray!  And the red is the perfect color of red to go with my xmas-pixie skirt.  So excited!  My friend Mark that I’m going to festival with on the 24th bought our entrance tickets last night and then emailed them to me so I could print them out.  So, of course, I dreamed about festival last night.  But it was kind of a nightmare…or, just a stress induced dream.  I dreamed that we got to festival and I realized that I had left the tickets on my desk at home and then realized that I had worn the wrong costume.  It was weird.  It was stress induced because I don’t want to forget the tickets.
So, a few days ago, I wrote about maybe going back to Planet Fitness when their new location about a mile away from my apartments opens up in a couple months.  Well…I’m not so sure about that anymore.  See, while I was doing the “Paige workout” this morning, I got to thinking about working out at Planet Fitness.  Then I got to thinking about the equipment they’ll have…or, more specifically, the equipment they WON’T have.  Like basically ALL the equipment I would need in order to do the “Paige workout.”  PF doesn’t have box jump boxes.  They don’t have Arix pads.  They might have Bosu balls, which I could use in place of the Arix pad.  And maybe I could do the stuff I’ve been doing on the box jump boxes on a regular weight lifting bench, but then someone might complain because I’m putting my shoes on the padded part of the bench where people lay down on it.  Also, if I’m going to supplement my Samy workouts with a second one done on my own each week (if I have the time, of course), I’ll need somewhere that has heavy ropes…PF doesn’t have those, but 24hr does…it’s just a matter of going into the trainers’ area and getting them out.  So, I’m going to wait until the new PF opens and go in for a tour of it.  If I don’t think it’s going to work for the style of workouts I’m doing now, then I’m not changing gyms.  I’ll just continue to deal with the 8 mile drive each way.

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