Friday, November 15, 2013

Shred Day 11

Meal 1:
1 piece of fruit: 2 clementines
2 pancakes + 2 strips bacon w/sugar free syrup
1 cup juice: papaya
Snack 1 (100 cals):
2 oz baked lobster
Meal 2:
fruit smoothie
1 serving veggies: peas

Snack 2 (150 cals):

Meal 3:
bowl of soup: Healthy Choice Chicken Tortilla (whole can)
1 serving veggies: Brussels sprouts
Snack 3 (100 cals):
14 almonds
Meal 4:
5 oz beef
1 serving veggies: broccoli
half of a baked sweet potato, 1 tsp butter

Today I went ahead and slept in with the plan of going to the gym after work to do the “Paige workout.”  I just had to run a couple errands before work and then get ready for work and go.  To get my food ready to take to work included cooking lobster for the first time ever!  I had to look it up.  It said to snip the tail shell with scissors and open it up then baked it at 350° for 15 minutes.  It came out perfect.  It was a 4oz tail, so I split it into 2 containers, one in the fridge and one in my lunch bag.  Breakfast was awesome.  I had been looking forward to today’s breakfast alllllll week, ever since I put together my food schedule for this second week of the Shred Diet and chose pancakes and bacon.  I used the griddle plates on my Panini press for the first time and wow, it cooked the pancakes perfectly!!!  Usually I overcook them when I cook them stovetop in a skillet.  Not on the griddle plates!  I was a little annoyed because I had to make like twice as much pancake batter as I needed because that’s the recipe they had on the box.  Also, it called for one egg and I was using whole eggs.  If I had the eggs in a carton, then I could have cut it in half and only made what I needed.  So, maybe I’ll get to have pancakes again soon…I know I won’t be next week because I already typed up next week’s outlines for my daily meal/snack schedules and there was no pancakes and bacon on any of the days.  Boo!  I mean, if I have to toss it, it’s not like pancake mix is expensive.  I just don’t like tossing perfectly good food if I can avoid it. 

Today’s meal and snack spacing went somewhat like yesterday’s since I didn’t eat my meal 1 until I was getting everything ready for work at around 12:30pm.  So I ate at 2:30, 4:30, 5:45, 7:15, 9, and then 10:30.

When I woke up this morning, I determined that the reason I was feeling “off” the last couple of days, on top of and probably due to the weather as well, is that I woke up with strep throat again.  I went to go to the CVS Minute Clinic so I could get some antibiotics, however the Minute Clinics aren’t at all CVS locations.  I didn’t know that.  They told me where the nearest one was and it was too far away for me to have time to go there AND get ready for work.  So, I figure if it doesn’t go away on its own by tomorrow morning, I’ll go to the Minute Clinic on my way out of town tomorrow. 

Each day I’m amazed at my lack of urges when it comes to food and indulgences.  I’m amazed that 10 M&M’s are enough for me.  Even before I had the disordered eating problem, 10 M&M’s wasn’t enough to satisfy me.  Same thing with ice cream.  The other day when I said I got some ice cream?  I had about a ½ cup, which is a serving size, and that was good.  I had no desire to go back and get MORE ice cream.  I sated my taste for it and that was it.  And believe me when I say I’m not complaining about this one bit.  Not at all.  This is the first time in my life I have been “normal” when it comes to cravings and eating something that is an indulgence and not bingeing on it. 

My friend Vanessa brought me a few orange cream candied almonds.  They were pretty yummy!  And those will be my indulgence for today.  Yesterday, I had those 10 M&M’s I was talking about.  

Tomorrow is my weigh in day for this weekend.  Woohoo!  I’ve had a great week and am excited to see what the scale has to say about it.  I know I’ve lost weight.  I can literally SEE the difference in my midsection since I weighed in last.  My stomach is a little flatter, my hips are less lumpy.  I’m hoping for another 2-ish pound loss, but I’ll be happy with it even if it’s just 1 pound.  Any loss is me going in the right direction.

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