Monday, November 11, 2013

Shred Day 7

First things first...Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow veterans!!!
I did yesterday’s workout a few hours after I posted yesterday’s blog, so here’s my workout report for yesterday…I had originally wanted to do the 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill that I didn’t get done on Saturday PLUS my upper body and abs workout.  However, as the night went on and on and on and I was continuing to procrastinate about getting my butt out the door and to the gym, so when I did finally make it there after 1am, I just did the treadmill.  In my opinion, that was the most important part of the workout anyway.  I tried to do 7.1mph on all the running intervals, but about halfway through I started fatiguing (most likely due to how I ate yesterday…I just didn’t have the energy to do 7.1 the whole time).  So, I dropped the running interval speed down to 6.8 and then again to 6.5.  I finished fully spent.  Burned about 380 calories.
Today, since I have to work some overtime on the night shift, I slept late (also part of the reason I ended up procrastinating yesterday’s workout until after midnight)…got up about noon and ate my breakfast.  Here’s today’s food/meal schedule:

Meal 1:
fruit: grapefruit
2 egg whites
1 piece of whole grain bread
juice: guava

Snack 1 (100 cals):
1 cup blueberries w/2 tbsp Cool Whip lite

Meal 2:
bowl of soup: Progresso light Savory Vegetable Barley
fruit or veggie: ½ cup no salt added canned green beans

Snack 2 (150 cals):
1 sugar free Jello chocolate pudding (snack pack) w/5 sliced strawberries & 1 tbsp Cool Whip lite

Meal 3:
medium salad w/3 tbsp fat free dressing
piece of fruit: apple

Snack 3 (100 cals):
¼ cup granola

Meal 4:
2 servings veggies: asparagus

I ate meal 1 when I first woke up.  Snack 1 happened a little bit before I left for my session with Trainer Samy.  As soon as I got home, and after I showered, from my session, I ate meal 2 (so that was around 6pm).  Right before I left for work, I ate snack 2 and the salad from meal 3.  My plan for the rest of my food for today goes as such: eat the apple from meal 3 about an hour after arriving at work, eat snack 3 about 1.5-2 hours after that, then eat meal 4 at about 3:30am.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how well that went for me.  I’m working this overtime in a section of my agency that I haven’t worked in about 2 years and some rules about food at work have changed, so we’ll see.  I may fully be at the mercy of the rules and other people.  I hope not though.
Anyway, my session with Samy today went better than last time.  I was able to hang for 3 rounds of the first circuit of exercises, which consisted of 1 minute jump rope, then the heavy ropes…on a Bosu ball!!!...then one arm kettlebell snatches and finishing up with kettlebell swing to upright rows (with a towel).  Then we switched to the kickboxing…which I didn’t last very long in.  Next we moved onto 15 jumping jacks, then 25 mountain climbers, then 15 times of being in the pushup position and jumping my feet (together) side to side, then 5 pushups (I suck at pushups right now, that’s all I could do…and they weren’t in good form either).  Then, hanging knee raises and another ab exercise…legs wrapped around pole then reach up and touch the pole with my hands.  All in all, burned just barely shy of 700 calories.  Oh, and I lasted the whole hour this time!

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