Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shred Day 8

So, today I had a “nice” less-than-8-hour turnaround between the night shift overtime I worked last night and having to be back at work this afternoon.  I got about 5 hours of sleep.  I woke up right at 12:00, took a quick shower, got dressed for work, then popped 2 slices of bread in the toaster and cooked up my 2 egg whites for an egg white and toast sandwich.  I prepped the majority of my food for today before I left for work last night and just stuck it in the fridge for quick and easy grab and go.  I only made one minor error.  I portioned out a full cup of juice when it was only supposed to be a ½ cup.  No biggie, took like 5 seconds to remeasure.  The only thing I had to do to have my food ready for today was to quickly put together my salad and add the dressing and that wasn’t even that time consuming because instead of buying heads of romaine, I bought bagged romaine, so no need to chop the romaine.  And then, of course, just putting everything in my lunch bag.

Last night, my food went as planned.  I was able to eat my apple at 11pm, then I ate my granola (dry…surprisingly not bad at all) around 1:20am and, finally, my salmon and asparagus at 3:30am.  Also, while I was working, they sent out an email asking for more overtime!!!  Woohoo!  So I responded and asked for like 7 days.  They signed me up for all 7 days I asked for.  Awesome!

Meal 1:
2 pieces 100% whole grain bread
1 piece of fruit: pear
2 egg whites
½ cup juice: mango

Snack 1 (100 cals):
turkey rollups w/2 tsp honey mustard (4 slices low sodium turkey lunchmeat)

Meal 2:
Boathouse Farms Green Goodness (veggie smoothie)
1 serving fruit or veggie: orange (2 Clementines)
Snack 2 (150 cals):
8 Wheat Thins w/1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge
Meal 3:
small green garden salad, 3 tbsp fat free dressing
5 oz chicken
1 serving veggies: green beans

Meal 4:
bowl of soup: Progresso Light Savory Vegetable Barley
1 serving veggies: Brussels sprouts

snack 3 (100 cals):
Greek yogurt with honey & cinnamon

Today wasn’t bad.  One of my co-workers brought in some doughnuts.  I thought about it as they sat in their box right next to where I was working and found that I didn’t even want one.  HOORAY!  

Due to the turnaround where I only had time to sleep and then get ready for work again, there was obviously no workout done.  Tomorrow, I hope to hit the pavement for 6.5 miles running.  I will do that from home, so no travel time to and from the gym to figure into the time I need for my workout.  Wednesday night, I’ll be working overtime again…hooray double shift!  Then, normal working hours for Thursday and Friday.  So, I’ll get in a 4th workout Friday morning for sure…I’m either going to do the “Paige workout” or replicate one of my Samy workouts.

On my way out the door from my overnight overtime shift, I stopped to talk to a sergeant friend of mine and I he asked for my phone number so he can call me if they need someone to work overtime.  Sweet!  More hookups for overtime!  I think what I’m going to do is just completely turn off notification sounds for my emails that way I can leave my ringer turned on on days that I can work overtime on the morning shift on short notice so if they call, I’ll actually know they called cuz it should wake me up when they call probably around 5 or 5:30am.  Otherwise I won’t know until I wake up, probably sometime around 9am.

So, I took some pictures of my shelves that I have in my kitchen and of my fridge and freezer the other day after I went shopping Sunday.  They are all stuffed full of goodness!  Check it out:

I’ve spent a pretty penny on all these groceries (probably about $350), but the good news is that it isn’t only going to last me for a week or two.  A lot of this stuff will last me probably until the end of the month and I shouldn’t have to buy TOO much stuff next weekend when I go shopping again.  Whew!  Cuz I really can’t afford to spend that kind of money on groceries every paycheck.  It would break me big time.  But a lot of the stuff I’ve bought this go around are things like peanut butter, almond butter, honey, cereal, packaged puddings, crackers, things that have a bunch of servings in them and will last me for a least a month or more…most likely longer.  And then, each can of soup has 2 servings in it.  The veggies all have 3-10 servings in their packaging and those are super cheap anyway.  The biggest expense is my meats and my fruit smoothies. 

I started having this odd but sharp pain in the middle of my rib cage on the left side of my back last night.  I’m thinking it’s just something from doing my rope flips while standing on a Bosu ball yesterday.  If I stretch it, it feels a little better.  So, I’ll just keep stretching it out and hope it goes away.  Other than that, I had a mild migraine for the majority of the day.  I felt mildly nauseated and kept burping and I had just a dull continuous headache.  Blech! 

I was going to run a medium distance tomorrow morning (like 5.7 or 6.5 miles), however I am so tired I have abandoned that idea and instead hope to wake up in time to go to the gym and run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and get done in time to still have enough time to get ready for work as I’ll be working a double and will need to take ALL my food with me.  I’ll have to space my meals differently too since I’ll be staying up until 6am and not going to bed before midnight.  That also means that tomorrow’s blog entry will be late.  I’ll do one of two things for it…I’ll try to post it Thursday before leaving for work in the early afternoon, or I’ll just lump tomorrow and Thursday’s posts into one post.

They sent out an agency wide email at my work this morning regarding the Brown Santa 5K.  It’s happening on Dec 8th and it’s only $25.  I’m totally signing up on payday later this week.  I was going to do the turkey trot 5 mile run that happens on thanksgiving day, but I think I’m going to skip it.  Maybe I’ll do it next year, depending on how my running is going at that time.  So, for right now, I have the Rock’n’Roll half this Sunday, the Brown Santa 5K next month and then the Austin Marathon half distance in February.  Oh, and I’ll be doing the Captial 10K in May again.  I loved that race last year and can’t wait to do it again.  Maybe I can find someone to run it with me?

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