Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shred Day 9 & 10

Well…originally I had planned to run a medium distance outside run yesterday morning but with how tired I was at the end of the day Tuesday, I figured that wasn’t really a good idea so I changed my plans to a 30 minute treadmill run of intervals.  However, yesterday morning happened and I slept until almost 11.  Bah!  I have foiled myself again!  I’ve got to stop doing this to myself.  So, I guess I’m running the half marathon on Sunday “cold.”  And by “cold” I mean with no real training run beforehand.  I really didn’t want to do that to myself, but it is what it is.  I can’t change what I’ve done and I can only deal with it and move forward.  I should do fine with running the half on Sunday.  I need to study the route and see how frequent the water stops are because, really, I don’t want to wear my fuelbelt with all its water bottles.  I’d like to have just my handheld bottle with Gatorade in it and a SPIbelt (or similar product…I’ll buy it at the expo the day before) to put 3 gels, my phone and car key in.  I just want to run this minimalist, really.

So, no workout today.  No workout today because I was sleeping in my less-than-8-hour turnaround between shifts as I worked a double shift last night.  Tomorrow morning will probably be the “Paige workout.”  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to workout Saturday morning, but if I do, I’ll replicate a Samy workout at 24hr Fitness.  Then, half marathon Sunday morning!!!

Meal 1:
1 piece of fruit: 3 plums
sugar free cereal
1 piece 100% whole grain bread
½ cup juice: cashew

Snack 1 (100 cals):
cucumber sandwich

Meal 2:
protein shake
1 serving veggies: peas

Snack 2 (150 cals):
small avocado, lightly salted w/sea salt

Meal 3:
fruit smoothie
1 piece of fruit: pear

Snack 3 (100 cals):
30 grapes

Meal 4:
1 serving veggies: Brussels sprouts

Yesterday’s eating schedule by time went as such:

The bread from meal 1 I ate at 12:30pm.  Cereal, juice and plums, also from meal 1, I ate between 2:30 and 3:15pm.  Snack 1 was eaten at about 5:30pm.  Meal 2 at about 8pm.  Snack 2 around 9-9:30pm.  Meal 3 was around 11:30pm.  Then snack 3 at 1am and meal 4 at about 3:30am.  That’s pretty good spacing between my eats.  Another reason I was okay with sleeping until almost 11 yesterday…it would make meal/snack spacing sooooo much easier.  Of course, it was still a little difficult to get through and it certainly didn’t help that I only brought 1 serving of Brussels sprouts for my final meal instead of 2 like I was supposed to. 

I was feeling a little “off” most of yesterday…kind of like I was starting to get sick, but wasn’t actually sick.  I ended up getting a serving of vanilla ice cream.  That helped a little.  I think I was just having a calorie deficit due to starting the day later than usual.  It’s probably also the switch up in how the different weeks of the Shred Diet are put together.  This week is a lot more focused on liquids.  More smoothies, protein shakes and soups than last week.  It changes it up each week so that your body doesn’t get used to one thing and you continue to show a loss on the scale each week.  I typed up the outline of week 3’s meals and snacks but don’t remember how it goes.  I’ll put down what specific foods I’ll have for week 3 on Sunday afternoon or Monday night.  I really like the meal planning part.  It helps me to feel more in control and that’s a big thing for me.

Something stupid happened Tuesday night after work.  I was so tired and when made the first turn after exiting the parking garage at work I cut it and hit the corner with the side of my car (right under the door).  Ugh.  So, when I got home I logged onto my insurance’s website and started my claim.  I also found out that I have accident forgiveness when I was looking through my policy information to make sure I had rental car coverage (which I do, thank goodness!).  Yesterday morning I called and set up my estimate appointment at the body shop for Monday morning 8am.

My plan for Monday morning is body shop at 8am, then, if I’m feeling it, hit the gym for 30 minutes on the treadmill (I may not be feeling it after just running a half marathon the day before after absolutely NO training…I’m sure my legs will be sore or at least tired).  Then, home to shower and change and go to a doctor’s appointment.  Then, after that, I’m hitting the road for Spring, TX to buy a corset!  Hopefully my friend Chris will be accompanying me…we’re both a little ADHD so it should be a fun little trip. 

While at work on the overnight shift last night, I started reading a book that my friend Amanda gave me.  It’s called “The Dish On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous.” 
It’s a really easy read.  They break things down in easy to comprehend.  It’s a fast read, really.  Or, at least, it feels fast. 

Today I slept better than I did Tuesday morning.  I only woke up once at 10:45 to use the potty.  When I woke up at noon, I showered real quick and then got my food all ready and packed up.  Here’s today’s meal/snack plan:

Meal 1:
• 1 piece of fruit: grapefruit
• protein shake

Snack 1 (100 cals):
• 1 rice cake, 1 tbsp guacamole
Meal 2:
• chicken lunchmeat sandwich
• green garden salad, fat free dressing

Snack 2 (150 cals):
• egg salad (1 egg, 1 tsp light mayo) on whole grain bagel
Meal 3:
• 1 serving lasagna (Stouffer’s frozen)
• 1 serving veggies: green beans
Snack 3 (100 cals):
8 shrimp, 3 tbsp cocktail sauce
Meal 4:
fruit smoothie
1 serving veggies: asparagus

So, I think the “off” feeling I had most of the day yesterday was me being sick.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this on here before, but when I get sick, unless it’s strep (usually), I feel crappy for like 4-12 hours and then I feel better.  I don’t actually get sick-sick.  But, even then, the last time I had strep (last weekend of October) it was gone in like 12 hours’ time.  I did feel like I had a low grade fever most of yesterday too.  So, I’m thinking I had a mild flu/stomach/GI tract bug. 

So, today I had that turnaround from the night shift to the afternoon shift and got around 4.5 hours of sleep.  I got up at just past noon and started getting ready.  As I was getting my food ready it just seemed like I had a LOT of food for today…especially after what I had yesterday.  Yesterday was a lot of liquid during the day with more solid foods at just the beginning and end of the day.  But, a lot of it was new stuff, as you can see because there’s pictures of almost everything I ate today, so it was exciting.  One of the things I ate today was lasagna!  So I just went and bought a serving of frozen lasagna with meat sauce that had the least amount of calories.  So, anyway, because the day started late, I ate one more time at work than I usually do because usually I eat meal 1 and snack 1 before leaving for work.  Well, today I ate meal 1 while getting ready for work at 12:30.  Then I ate at 2:30, 4, 3:30, 7, 9 and then when I got home at 10:30.  I NEVER got hungry today.  Never.  Not even once.  It was awesome.  The egg salad on the whole grain bagel…superb!  Loved it!

I’m thinking tomorrow morning I’m just going to sleep in and go to the gym when I get home tomorrow night.  I want to do the “Paige workout” and there won’t be as many people at the gym if I go at 11 or 11:30pm as opposed to going in the morning at 9:30 when there’s loads of people there and I have to fight for workout space and equipment.  And then no workout Saturday morning.  That will give me 3 workouts for this week.  Sure, I would have rather had 4, but I’m just striving for a minimum of 3 right now.  If I can hit at least 3 workouts a week, I’m happy.

It’s actually easy to turn down food offered by co-workers.  I think it’s due to all the variety that the Shred Diet allows me insists I have each and every day and from day to day.  And, when I do take offered food, I only take a very small amount and it’s enough.  I’m not having urges.  If something sounds yummy I just say so and then it leaves my mind.  I could get used to this.  I really think this diet is something I could do long term…just adjust the serving sizes so they’re a little bigger once I hit the maintenance phase after hitting my goal weight.  I haven’t felt deprived even once in the last week and a half I’ve been on the Shred Diet.

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