Saturday, November 2, 2013

So, I’m definitely itching to start exercising again.  Every day my body becomes more and more cramped from not exercising.  I’m constantly stretching my muscles throughout the day.  I also have no energy anymore.  When I don’t have to wake up at 4:30am for a double shift at work, I’m sleeping 12+ hours.  And then, I have a really bad headache for half the day because I slept too much.  No fun at all.  I’m looking more and more forward to this session with Sammy.  Oh, and Tilsa told me that if I have a pair of boxing gloves (which I do) to take them to the session with me because he’ll most likely do some boxing drills.  I really need this.  I need to start exercising again for so many reasons.  I need to make sure I’m ready to run the Rock’n’Roll on the 17th…I need to relose the 8 pounds I regained between last month and the month before. 

I’m a little sad.  I checked in with the morning shift supervisor before my shift started today and she only has 2 days of overtime available that I can work on the next schedule cycle (10 November to 7 December).  She had 4 more days, but I’ll be running the Rock’n’Roll, will be at the renaissance festival or have a doctor’s appointment.  Ugh.  So, I’m going to check with the night shift supervisor to see if they have anything available for the next schedule.  That would mean no overtime pay at all on my mid-December check and only 2 days (well, actually, 1.66 days…I’m taking a vacation day on the 7th, so that makes one of those shifts of OT straight time and not time and a half) on the end of December check.  If the night shift supervisor doesn’t have anything for me, then I’m going to have to look into overtime in places I’d rather not work.  But, I want the money, so I have to do what I need to do to get it.  Even if it means working somewhere I don’t really want to.  I REALLY don’t want less than 3 shifts of overtime on my checks.  And, actually, I already sent an email to the supervisors over the area where I’d really rather not work asking for overtime. 

I received an email yesterday from the Rock’n’Roll San Antonio people advertising a VIP pass.  $60.  For that $60, you get close in parking, free pre-race continental breakfast, free post-race brunch, free changing stations, free bag check, and a couple other things.  It’s not that expensive and I’m saving money by staying at my friend’s apartment and not renting a hotel room (which would be AT LEAST $80).  So, really, I don’t see how I can NOT afford to snatch this deal up.  So, with that said, i'm gong to think about it a little bit more for a couple more days, but I’m most likely going to buy the VIP pass.  I’m not super familiar with San Antonio, so I really don’t want to try and figure out where I can park or have cash at the ready to pay for parking.  And with bag check and changing stations, I can check some clean, dry clothes to change into post-race so I can hang out and enjoy the post-race festivities.  I won’t be listening to music as I run because there will be live bands along the entire race route.  But I will have my phone with me.  I might use it to take pictures along the route as I run.  Not sure yet.  But, I’m going to exchange phone numbers with a coworker that is also running the race and will attempt to meet up with him and his wife after the race.  After I ran the Race With The Heroes and had a bunch of people that I knew that also ran it, it was so nice to have people to hang out with post-race.

Something I’m going to start working on next month, when I take my birthday vacation, is building up a stock of my pixie/fairy skirts!  I have a list of 20 colors and color combinations that I want to make and sell.  I want to make at least 5 skirts (including the base skirts) while I’m on vacation.  By next spring, sooner if possible, I’d like to have at least 20-30 skirts made and ready to sell.  Really, I’d like to have 2 of each of the 20 options I’ve come up with ready to go.  At that point, I will list them for sale on my shop.  Another thing I’m going to do is to get some business cards made with my business name, website, and my phone number with a note that it is for placing special orders.  Or, maybe I’ll open up a new email account for that purpose.  Yea, I think I like that idea better.  People can just email me their request and I can create an invoice for them, email it to them and then send them the PayPal invoice…as special orders will need to be prepaid…along with a $5 special order fee.  After I’ve got a good amount of skirts made and ready to sell, before I list anything on my Etsy shop, I will be paying a visit to a CPA to set up my tax stuff, including applying for a tax exempt certificate so I can buy my skirt supplies without paying tax on them.  YAY! 

Okay, back to getting myself “back on the wagon” again.  I’m actually looking forward to starting the Shred Diet.  My eating needs to be shaken up and changed up and totally rearranged.  I know, for instance, that I’m not eating enough protein because my hair sheds like crazy.  Good thing I have thick hair, right?  I’m pretty sure that the Shred Diet will work for me so I’m just excited to see that actually happen. 

I was reading one of the many blogs I read and one of them had to do with taking time off due to burn out.  The author said that if you’re feeling burnt out, don’t be afraid to tell yourself you’re not allowed to run for a week or two, or however long you feel you need to take off from running (or working out in general) to let your body rest and recoup.  I think I’ve made it to the point where my body is rested and recouped because, like I’ve said, I’m starting to itch to workout and run again.  I’m ready to get back at it.  I’m ready for the rush and the endorphins that running and working out give me.  I’m just ready.

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