Sunday, December 22, 2013

Starting Over...Yet Again

This vacation hasn’t gone as I had hoped it would.  I had hoped/planned to exercise 4 times a week…2 days of running (a 30 minute treadmill interval session and a median run of 5-8 miles), 1 day with the trainer and 1 day at the gym (most likely doing the “Paige workout”).  However…that didn’t even remotely happen.  Ugh.  And as far as eating according to my diet or even according to common sense?  Yea, that hasn’t happened either.  I’m so frustrated with myself.  I have no one to blame but myself.  I’m the one that didn’t motivate myself.  I’m the one that let myself be lazy.  I’m the one that didn’t say “no” to myself. 

There, now that I’ve gotten that little pity party out of my system I can move on.  I can’t change what has happened (or not happened, as the case may be).  All I can do is focus on now and on what will happen. 

I know what I *want* to do and I know what I *need* to do and, well, really…they’re basically the same thing.  While I haven’t gotten to the point of self-loathing, I know I have gained weight and I am unhappy with that fact.  But, it’s a fact.  And what do we do with facts?  Yep, we deal with them.

A little while back, I posted my “goals for 2014.”  This will take effect on the 5th of January.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t get started before that.  But, to be honest, I’m going to take the time between now and then to get everything ready…to get my plan nailed down and finalized.  I’m going to plan out a week, maybe 2, at a time.  I’m just going to focus on each week or 2 week block and not worry about what comes after that.  And I’m not going to be doing this alone.  My friend Mark is also starting his “Biggest Loser” competition on the 5th.  So, we’re going to be motivating each other as we go along.  If either one of us is having a weak moment, we’ll message the other and get words of encouragement from them.  We’ll be each other’s cheerleaders.  And I really want to make sure that he and I work out together at least once a week.  Sundays will be the day easiest to do this.  I don’t work overtime on Sundays so it’s an actual day off for me and he’s also off on Sundays, so it works out.  Now, if I’m not working overtime on Friday overnight or Saturday morning shift, then we can meet up for a treadmill run on Saturday morning.

Speaking of Mark’s challenge, I’ve started putting together a plan for him.  I’m going to do his in 1-month blocks.  I’d really like for him to get a few workout dvds…in the event that he doesn’t buy any, then he can look up workouts on YouTube or for free.  I’ll have him do at least 1 workout video a week, maybe 2, depending on how I structure the rest of the week for him.  I also don’t want him always doing the same video…I’d like him to do a different one each time.  I guess I should task him to buy himself some resistance bands to do the videos with.

Over the last couple months, I’ve let things go…over the last couple of weeks, however, shit has just gotten straight out of control.  If it wasn’t for an organized 5K charity event and my sessions with my personal trainer, I would not have worked out AT ALL.  This depresses me…and angers me.  But, sadly, it isn’t motivating me.  UGH!!!  Guess I’m just gonna have to FORCE myself back into the game.  This week, I want to start with the whole getting in at least 3 workouts a week routine.  It’s super early Sunday morning right now (but basically still Saturday night because I haven’t gone to bed yet), but I want to start this routine when I wake up.  I want…no, I NEED…to get in either a 30 minute run or a workout video before meeting up with Mark for an afternoon of fun and a “last meal” before buckling down on my eating again.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be back on the Shred Diet…I won’t be starting it over, just picking it back up where I left off 2 weeks ago before my vacation started. 

Oh, and since I’m buckling back down on my eating starting Monday (tomorrow), then I’ll be doing a “starting” weight weigh-in Monday when I wake up as well.  I’m not going to set any deadlines or time frames, but I really want to be down to 160.  It would be fabulous if I got there before summer, in time to look faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous for the new water park opening up in my area this coming summer, but really, anything 175 or lower by summer is fine by me.  I do like how my mid-section looks at around 172-ish.



  1. Yes you can! I will be there every step of the way for you as you will be for me. I am only a phone call or text away :)

  2. Sometimes a bit of down time from a plan is a good thing, but I know exactly what you mean about how it can turn into too much. It took every bit of my will power to get in a run this morning on a treadmill, and I think I did it only because I don't expect to have an opportunity again this week. Enjoy your downtime and your planning instead of beating yourself up about it, then you can come back ready to buckle down instead of feeling badly.


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