Friday, December 13, 2013


Yet again, nothing about being “on diet” or about doing exercise to report.  BUT!  It was still a successful day, just in a non-weight-loss-journey kind of way.  Haha!  First, the dress I had ordered off the internet for one of my Christmas parties I’m attending next weekend arrived.  I attempted to try the dress on and nope, it wasn’t happening.  I think I was able to get the zipper to go an inch before it just wouldn’t go anymore.  I wear a size 10, sometimes a size 8, depending on the brand.  This dress was a size 10, however it was at LEAST one size too small, maybe even two sizes too small with the large gap between the zipper sides when I tried to put it on this morning.

So, I take it to the store (JC Penney) to return it in-store.  Easy peasy, no problem returning it.  So, I wander the store to see if there’s possibly another dress that will do because, even though I did order a second dress and it’s *supposed* to be delivered by the 18th, I don’t really see that happening as the store hasn’t even charged my card for it.  I decided I wanted to stick with a red dress.  So I found 3 dresses.  One was a junior’s dress and the other 2 came out of the women’s section.  All red.  All sexy.  I get in the fitting room and try on the junior’s dress.  It’s a little snug, but more importantly, it was waaaaaaaaay too short for my comfort (that one was a size 9).  Next!  I try on a size 8 with a zipper that goes from butt to neck.  When I slipped it on, it looked amazing!!!  But, halfway up, the zipper was being difficult, so I slipped the dress on and tried on the 3rd dress.  It had a loose fit drape neck top part and a fitted pencil skirt bottom.  Meh.  Didn’t like.  Put #2 back on and managed to get the zipper all the way up with some wriggling.  OH. MY. GOD.  This is my soul-dress.  I was meant to own this dress. 

So the irony of the dresses is that the first dress was a size 10 (my size) and it was 1-2 sizes too SMALL for me.  Then, I go and try on a size 8 in the store and it fits PERFECT.  Stupid brands making their sizes different.  Why can’t they all be the same!?!?!?!?!  This, ladies, is why you can’t base your weight loss off what size clothes you wear…unless you ONLY wear one brand…for EVERYTHING.  Who does that?  Not me.

Anyway, after I tried on dresses, but before I checked out, I wandered the store a little.  In this JC Penney’s, there’s a Sephora cosmetics outlet.  And they do foundation matching for you for free!  So, I had the lovely miss Nina match me up.  She used this nifty little camera thing that takes a picture of your complexion on your neck, cheek and forehead and then it inputs it and tells her what brands and shades are appropriate for me.  I picked the second one she did a test stripe on my jawline with.  And it was the “house brand” so it was less than half the price of the other one.  But, more importantly, it looked way better than the other more expensive brand.  Then, she proceeded to show me how to properly apply foundation.  She said I should moisturize, then apply a primer and then apply the foundation.  Oh and don’t apply your foundation with your finger tip or a sponge.  Use a foundation applicator brush.  I never knew this!  She demonstrated each method on a mirror and by far the application with the brush was the best.  I didn’t buy a brush there because they wanted $28, instead I found one at Kohl’s for $8.  So, before we were done and I checked out in Sephora, she applied the foundation to my entire face so I could see how it looked and also feel how it felt on my skin.  Let me tell you, I kept forgetting I was wearing makeup because I couldn’t FEEL it.  Usually I can feel the makeup on my skin and it doesn’t necessarily feel good.  It feels heavy and it itches.  This foundation felt just like my skin.  It was light and didn’t itch at all.

I would also like to report that all of my Christmas shopping is done as of today.  All presents are wrapped as well!  Woohoo!!!  I had to kind of settle on one of the gifts, but I think the person will still like it. 

Oh, and the concealed handgun course I was supposed to do today got postponed due to the weather.  It’s rainy out and this specific course I’m taking takes place on an outdoor range.  So, we’re going to try again on January 4th.  My supervisor even gave me the day off so I don’t have to rush to work after the course is completed.  YAY!  One less thing on my mind while I’m trying to shoot well.  Of course, that means one of the 3 days of overtime I’m working that week will be paid at straight time instead of time and a half, but that’s ok.  I really really want to take this course and be able to carry my gun with me at all times (minus certain legal instances…like liquor stores or bars…places I never go anyway…haha).  But, even though I didn’t get this done today, it’s still a success because I was going to be really extra super tight on money and now I have an extra $100 to last me until the end of the month.  That helps.


  1. Why wouldn't you carry in liquor stores or bars? I thought you automatically could if you were a sheriff? Or are you not a sheriff? And if you're not, why did I think you were?

  2. i work for the sheriff's office, but i'm just a jailer and don't have a peace officer's license at this time (required to be a police officer). as a civilian holding a CHL, i cannot enter a liquor store or bar carrying my gun because 51% or more of their business is selling alcohol. but, yes, if i had a peace officer's license (which i plan to get in a couple years) then i could carry my gun wherever i wanted (except past security at the

  3. Ahhhh, that makes sense. I didn't know you were a jailer! That's almost 90% of what I do at work -- jail/prison/halfway/rehab/extradition claims. Interesting! Thanks for the heads up about the messed up picture on my blog. I tried to fix it!

    1. sorry for the confusion about my job :) i kept reloading the page for your blog entry but the picture wouldn't go to where i'm sure it was supposed to be


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