Sunday, January 19, 2014

1st Week Numbers In The 3rd Week

Today was weigh in day!  Hooray!  I weighed in at 

I feel amazing about this weigh in.  I mean, that's a 4.4 lb loss in a week.  That is a first week number, NOT a third week number.  CRAZY!!!  But I'll take it!  That means I have met my goal to relose 7 of the 14 lbs I had regained by my co-worker's retirement party on the 31st!  I will be able to relax and enjoy the party and have a Frito pie and a couple beers (hopefully they have Michelob Ultra).  This also means that I am just .6 of a pound away from reaching my 2-month short-term goal for the fitness competition of losing 5 lbs!  And I did it in the first week!  WOW!

For this week, I plan to continue with sticking 100% to the Shred Diet.  Just because I got this crazy number on the scale doesn't mean I can let up on the diet.  I have to keep chugging along and going strong.  Like I said in my earlier post, I already planned out all my food selections for the through next Sunday.  Having things planned out for an entire week at a time really makes prep and portioning so easy and quick.  I’ll do my cooking for this week this evening too.  I need to pop the family sized lasagna in the oven and then portion out and refreeze…haha.  I also need to cook up 10 oz of chicken breast.  I’ll probably season those with some Mrs. Dash.  I’ve got the portobello mushroom stuffed with roasted veggies on the menu for Tuesday, so tomorrow I’ll cook that up.  I want to put some different veggies besides zucchini in it.  I’ll keep the onion and the tomato.  Not sure what I’ll add in place of the zucchini though.  I’ll have to browse the veggie section to see what pops out at me.

The other day while I was at the store, I bought some vacuum packed beets.  I want to make beet salad with them as that’s one of the allowed snacks here and there in the daily meal plans.  Since I had no idea what was in a beet salad, I Googled it.  I found a few different recipes, most of which were kind of plain.  One caught my eye, though.  This one was diced beets, diced apples and diced orange pieces.  Mmmm!  I’ll be making that one.  Of course, I’ll have to wait for week 5 to come around again before I can try it out.  Haha.

My exercise plans for this week are, 6 mile run today, trainer workout tomorrow, then no workout Tuesday or Wednesday due to working overtime.  Thursday I think I’ll hit that quick 2 miles and do what Carina suggested with running as fast as I can sustain out and back for the whole 2 miles…maybe taking a slight breather break when I get to the turnaround point before hitting it hard again on the return mile.  Then, I’ll run an easy 3.5 or 4 miles Friday and try and hit the gym for a “Paige workout” Saturday.  If I manage to get all that in, that will actually be 5 workouts this week.  Saturday is “optional,” however because if I skip either Thursday or Friday, I will be rolling the skipped workout to Saturday.  But…then again…I could do the 3.5 or 4 miles on Thursday, rest on Friday and do the quick 2 miles + the gym Saturday morning.

About today's was *supposed* to be a 6 miler.  I mapped out my route on Map My Run to be exactly 6 miles.  However, when I got to this one section where I was doing a little loop through a neighborhood, the streets that I had picked turned out to be the "streets" of a gated apartment complex.  But, I didn't figure this out right away.  I ran past this complex and took the 2nd left and then kept to the streets on the right.  I knew something wasn't right when I went to make the first right turn an that street was a cul-de-sac, then so was the second street.  I went down the third street and it curved all the way back around and became the street I had entered the little neighborhood on.  As I run past the complex again, I realize that the complex is probably what the map thought was regular streets and that I was at least 1/2 over the 6 miles I had originally set out to run.  So, when the run was over, I had gone a full mile over my planned miles and did 7!!!  Nice!  So, next Sunday's run will be 8.5 instead of 8 as a result.
check it out!  i kept my split times within 26 seconds of the "fastest" and the "slowest" miles!
this is the map i made before the run.  that little detour on the left is the oops area
this is the route i actually ran

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  1. Excited to hear what you think about the 2 mile hard run. I def recommend catching your breath in between, and push hard for a negative split. Impressed to see your splits tightening up on your long runs too, I always see that as a sign of improvement. You're really rocking it this year!


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