Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15?!?!?!

I walked into briefing for work today and someone had brought in doughnuts (Round Rock Donuts to be exact…the best donuts in the world as far as I’m concerned…I can literally eat these until I’m sick.  I’ve eaten a whole half dozen by myself before…in one sitting…hello Fat Sara!  Ha!).  When I saw them, this is what went through my head: “oh donuts.  I’m going to be temp…wait…what?  I’m not tempted?  What the heck is this?”  SUCCESS!  15 days of being “on diet” apparently means that I’m not tempted by something that I wouldn’t have been able to stop at just one before!  Go me!  Oh and an added note…I WAS HUNGRY!!!  About half an hour later, I ate my scheduled 15 baked Tostitos scoops with some hot bean dip (approx. 2 tbsp).  Yum!

Speaking of work…yesterday they mailed out a copy of the fitness newsletter called “Fit For Duty.”  And guess what…I’m in it!  Me and all the other agency employees took a group photo at the beginning of December wearing our participant shirts (well, except for me because I couldn’t find my shirt until the 24th) and finisher’s medals.  Here’s a screenshot of the blurb:

Another little tidbit of success for me…I’m not finding myself to be hungry hardly at all between meals and snacks anymore.  Even when I have to wait for like 3-4 hours in between eating times.  This is a definite “non-scale” victory.  I’m very happy with this “development.” 

So, I bought the DASH Diet for Weight Loss book the other day

And I’ve done a very brief cursory review of what’s in the book (I’m going to do a thorough read-through of it while working the overnight shift tomorrow night…hopefully…depending on what position I’m assigned to work) and so far…it seems complicated.  First off, there’s math involved.  Math was one of my favorite subjects in school, but still…ugh.  So, according to the math it has me to do figure out how many calories I should do based on my age and activity level (etc), I should be consuming roughly 1900 calories a day.  Okay, I’m good with that.  Then, you have to figure out how many of each kind of food you need to consume each day…then there’s a checklist that you use to check everything off to make sure you included everything you needed to include.  Like I said, it seems complicated.  They do, however, give you your first week of meals planned out to help get you started.  It gives you a week each for 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, etc up to 2600 calories a day, for both meat eaters and vegetarians.  So, if you wanted to have 2 weeks of already planned out for you meals, you could do a week of the meat eaters and a week of the vegetarian at your calorie level.  Since my calorie level falls between the 1800 and the 2000 plans, I would go with the 1800 plan.  I still have a full 6 weeks of the Shred Diet to do again before I need to decide if I’m going to implement this diet or not. 

OH!  Speaking of published diets…I caught the very end of the Live With Kelly & Michael show this morning and they had Dr. Ian Smith, the author of the Shred Diet, on the show showing them some healthy snack ideas and such.  He was also on there to promote his NEW book…the sequel to the Shred Diet…this one is called the Super Shred Diet!  I checked it out on real quick.  You know how they let you look at some of the pages in the book to get an idea of it?  Well, I decided I actually need to look at in person before deciding to actually buy it.  It sort of looks the same as the regular Shred, but some of it looks different.  I need to have the actual book in my hand to figure out if it’s different enough to spend the money on it.  So, on Sunday, I’ll go to the book store and check it out and see if I want it

This morning, I had “scheduled” a 3 mile run.  I decided yesterday that I didn’t feel like running an “out and back” course.  That meant I would run a loop route instead and my shortest loop route is 3.3 miles.  So…I did 3.3 miles today.  Tomorrow I have a 2 mile run “scheduled.”  I’m going to try and run it as fast as I can sustain.  This one WILL be an out and back run, but that’s fine.  I’m going to *try* to run as close to 10 min/mi (or less!) as I can for both miles.

I don’t know…now that I think about it, maybe if I can wake up “on time” tomorrow morning, I can hit the run early and then go to the bookstore tomorrow?  Hmmm.  We shall see.  The run itself won’t take more than 23 minutes…with warm up and cool down, 30-ish minutes.  It would only take me like 30 minutes to go to the bookstore, check out the book and come back home.  I can do all that before work…IF I can get up “on time” of course.

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  1. Go for the negative split on your fast out and back. Run hard to your u-turn, take a second or two to catch your breath if you want, then run even harder back to your start! When the finish is in sight, give it all you've got. Start pumping your arms, go at it at 200 meter sprint pace. Can't wait to hear about it. I'm impressed at how well you're doing this year.


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