Thursday, January 30, 2014

♫ ♪ Do A Little Run ♪ ♫

This is my second post today, but in my defense, my earlier post was SUPPOSED to be posted last night, but I had already shut down my computer and went to bed when I remembered I had meant to post it last night.  I went to turn on the computer and post it, but then remembered I needed to take a picture to post with the blog, so I just said I’d change the todays to yesterdays and tomorrows to todays, etc and post it this morning when I got up…and after I took the necessary picture, of course.

So, on to today…I slept GREAT last night.  I woke up feeling fully rested and ready to take on the day.  I rolled out of bed a little after 10am.  I didn’t eat when I got up, just drank a cup of coffee and then chugged a 16 oz bottle of water and headed out for my run.  I was running my 3 mile loop, so there is part of the run where there is no sidewalk so I have to run in the street (against traffic, of course).  When I do this route I always try to make sure I’m wearing a very bright running top.  I have a safety orange and a neon yellow pullover that I wear in the cooler weather, like this morning was.  I wore the yellow one today.  Anyway, I set out for my run and about ¼ mile into it, I just had to say (yes, I talk to myself while I run and I do it out loud too) “I feel great!”  As I ran, I just felt really good with how I was running.  I could hear the beeps from my Garmin as I hit each mile, but refrained from checking to see what times I was clocking in at each mile.  I just continued to run by feel.  The last third of a mile, I was running south, and there was a south wind, so guess what I was running into?  Yep, a headwind.  I know it slowed me down even though I was feeling strong.  I hit the 3 mile mark and stopped my Garmin…then I checked my times.  Overall time of 30:25 with mile splits of 10:03, 10:23 and 9:59.  WOW!  I really was feeling great this morning!  And it showed! 

So, I mentioned that Samy has been telling me to do some yoga.  I also mentioned that I was still a little up in the air about my Saturday workout for this week.  I was trying to decide between just a run or a quick run plus the gym or just the gym.  However, I’m thinking that I will do my Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior DVD instead.  If I wake up in time, I’ll hit the trails for 2 miles as fast as I can before the DVD.  I like this plan of action.  If I do the little run, then it’ll be my 4th run for the week!  Nice! 

So, while I didn’t feel snacky today, I did feel hungry.  Ugh.  But that’s okay.  I can deal with hungry.  Snacky drives me nuts, though, because it can’t really be satisfied.  Even though I was able to knock it out at the very end of the day with that extra rice cake with pb after dinner last night.  It’s really nice that just a little extra of something good for me will do the trick for me and make me feel satisfied and/or satiated.  I’m also very sure that my stomach is much smaller now than it was when I first started sticking to the Shred Diet since the 1st.   

Also, I registered for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon that is happening in Austin at the end of March.  So excited!  It will be my 3rd ever half marathon and my 2nd for 2014.

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