Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finishing Up A Good Week

Today, I had planned to run 4 miles, however, I wasn’t feeling a run that long so what did I do?  Ran 3 miles instead.  And it was a pretty good run too.  First mile was 10:16, second was 10:39 and the third was 10:15.  Very nice splits.  If only that second mile could have been a little faster…like 15 or 20 seconds faster…haha.  But, it’s okay because I didn’t want to wear my legs out because tomorrow starts the new week and, as I said yesterday, I’ve got 8.5 miles for a late afternoon long run planned.  As far as the rest of the week, the weather looks like this

So, my exercise schedule, as far as I am planning right now, looks like this:

• Sunday – 8.5 mile run
• Monday – trainer workout
• Tuesday – run
• Wednesday – rest (will have worked a double shift on Tuesday)
• Thursday – run or rest, depending on how I’m feeling
• Friday – 2 mile run w/the gym
• Saturday – rest

I only have the one shift of overtime for next week, so that means I can definitely get in my 4 workouts next week, or even 5 workouts if I’m feeling up to it…but that would just be a bonus workout.  I actually had a chance for a 5th workout this week as well thanks to how my overtime shifts were scheduled, but opted to sleep in on Wednesday morning and then missed my run on Thursday due to weather…so I ran on Friday which had originally been a rest day.

Tomorrow is weigh in day…YAY!  I’m very curious and excited to see what the scale says when I step on it tomorrow.  So long as I lose a pound a week between now and the end of February I will meet my goal to get back down to 172 by the end of February.  And then, at that point, I will start allowing myself a “cheat” meal like every couple weeks.

I have now made it 25 days “on diet” and I couldn’t be happier with myself because of this.  I’ve kept up with my goals to exercise 3-4 times a week AND remain “on diet.”  2014 is starting off quite nicely for me. 

Today one of my snacks was “Mediterranean salad.”  That consists of a medium tomato, a medium cucumber, ½ of an onion (preferably a red onion…but I used a yellow sweet onion because that’s what I had) and crumbled feta cheese.  You dice up the veggies and then crumble the feta on top.  It was delicious and, since it was a volumetrics kind of food, it was a lot of food for very little calories.  And I just plain love feta cheese on just about anything.

Oh and someone left a bag…like one of those reusable shopping bags…FULL of candy at work today.  It had lollipops, butterfingers and other “fun size” candies.  Not only did I resist delving into and blowing my diet…just like that first time when I was faced with my favorite donuts in the world, I didn’t even want any!  Score!

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