Friday, January 3, 2014

First Week of the New Year

This post is happening a few days AFTER the new year switched over because, well, I was supposed to be working 3 consecutive days of 16 hour days at work. Sheesh! What was I thinking? But, when I showed up to work the 2nd of those 3 days, I was told that I wasn’t needed. But! I did still get to put 2 hours of OT on my timesheet for that day just for showing up. What did I do with that extra time to myself that I hadn’t counted on? Well, for starters, I slept Wednesday night. Then, Thursday morning…I RAN!!!

So, let me recap the last few days for you, starting with…well, Monday I guess. Monday was a busy busy day. It started with coffee and a chat with a friend from work at 9am at the Starbuck’s inside the Target. We talked for about 2 hours. Good stuff. He gave me a HOPE coin. I’m not religious at all, but the message is a good one.

Then it was on to run errands. Bills to pay. New phone to buy. Wait? What’s that, you ask? Yes, I bought me a new phone. I’ve been hating my Droid for so long now. I couldn’t get it to take screenshots. If I wanted to take a picture there was a good 5+ second lag after I hit the shutter button. If I wanted to use any of my apps, there was a good 10-30 second lag after I clicked on the app before it finally opened up. And then there was the random battery life. One time it would last 2 days before the battery died, the very next charge it would last less than 24 hours. No clue what was going on there. Oh, and then there was what happened the other day while I was running…IT TURNED ITSELF OFF!!! That was the last straw. So, even though I am not yet eligible for a regular upgrade (discounted phone price by signing a new 2 yr agreement), I was eligible for a new program that Verizon just started…the Edge program. You end up paying the full list price for the phone, but you make payments on it for 2 years. I suppose that if you wanted to and had the money, you could go into a Verizon store at any time and pay the phone off so you’re no longer making the payments. I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it added $25 a month to my phone bill. Not too bad, really. Long story short, I am in love with this phone! The camera is amazing and it takes pictures right away and they look fabulous. Apps open up right away and run like they’re supposed to. There are some apps that I had on the Droid that aren’t needed on the S4 because there are standard apps that come with the phone that cover what those downloaded apps did. It seems the battery lasts about 24 hours. That’s fine. So long as it can make it through one day. Also, I can buy a backup battery…something I couldn’t do with the Droid because it didn’t have a removable battery.

After some thought and research, I have decided to name my new phone Nymeria. If you watch Game of Thrones, you may know where I got that name. It belongs to one of the wolves. I can call the phone Nymie for short. Haha! I’m such a nerd, naming my electronics. My computer is Dexter, my GPS is Mrs. Donovan.

Alright, after I bought the new phone and then went home and played with it for about an hour, it was time to get ready for my Samy session. It was a good one too. First round was 1 minute jumping rope, then burpees with a 5 (?) lb medicine ball, then bicep curls with a kettlebell, bicep curls with the TRX straps, then tricep extensions with the TRX strap and finally tricep overhead extensions with the kettlebell. 4 rounds of that. Then onto 1 round of suicide sprints and pushups (I know! I was surprise too! Only 1 set?). Then, about 15 minutes of kickboxing. Each time I’m getting a little better and can hang with it a little tiny bit longer. After that, abs. 600 calories scorched, on the dot.

Moving on to Tuesday. I woke up and was out of bed by 10. Then, at about 10:50 I was heading out the door for a 4 mile run. Yep, that’s right, I bumped up the mileage. I did 3.3 miles on Sunday and then 4 on Tuesday. 7.3 miles. Nice. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be running regularly again. So, Tuesday’s run…was good. Not great, but good. I started off feeling like I was going out a little “fast” (again, “fast” is a very relative term in regards to my pace), so I pulled in the reins a little bit and slowed down some to a pace that felt “comfortable” and sustainable to me. I hit mile 1 and my Garmin registered 10:38 minutes. Not too bad. Mile 2 was 11:06. Mile 3 was 10:55. And the kicker was mile 4 at 10:19!!! When I started the mile, some really good songs came on and were fast-ish paced and super easy for me to keep up with the beat. I knew when I was doing it that I was going faster. And then I tried something on my Garmin. When I start it, it displays the total time I’ve been running and the total distance I have run so far. I decided to hit the down button to see what it displayed. Guess what? It displays the estimated calories burned so far AND my current pace! Nice! That just confirmed for me that I was going as “fast” as I felt I was going. So, I had negative splits for the final 3 out of 4 miles.
After my run, I got ready for work. 16 long hours of it. I packed my Shred foods, all portioned out and ready to go. Carbonated my drinks with my SodaStream. And then packed it all into my backpack and a reusable shopping bag and headed out the door. When I get to work, some people had brought in food for a spread to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There was fried chicken, fried potato wedges, pumpkin pie, 2 different kinds of cookies, a meat & cheese tray, chips and sodas. Let’s just say I had a little bit of everything. Ugh. That was the end of it though. As of Wednesday, I am sticking strictly to the Shred Diet. I HAVE to lose some of this weight and I need to do it as fast as possible. I’m so uncomfortable all the time right now. I figure, if I can stick with the Shred Diet and get in my 4 days of exercise each week, then I should [hopefully] be able to lose 7 pounds by the end of January.

Moving along…like I mentioned at the start of this post, I was supposed to work overtime on Wednesday night but they didn’t end up needing me, so I was able to sleep a full night AND get in a run Thursday morning! It was another 3 mile run…but it was a BONUS 3 miles! And it was also my first run for 2014! It was cold too…36° when I headed out the door and with a nice little wind too. ugh. I can take the cold, but the wind just about does me in when it’s cold. Anyway, I did the run and it was good. Nothing spectacular, but it was good. At the halfway point, my earphones died. Lame. So I ran 1.5 miles with no music. Not bad, but definitely NOT my preference.

Anyway, I got out my running log for 2013 and tallied up all my running miles for the year. I was both shocked and not shocked…but overall, I was amazed. Amazed at what my body is capable of. And, even with taking about 2.5 months completely off from running, I still managed to log 856.35 miles for the entire year!!! WOW!!! I could get “down” on myself and think about all the missed miles from that hiatus I took, but I won’t. I still accomplished something amazing by running that amount of miles. One of the blogs I read, her goal for 2013 was to run 722 or more miles. While still a good amount of miles, it seems paltry when compared to my 856.35 miles. But, on the other end of the spectrum, another blog I follow, he ran 2700 miles in 2013. Makes my total seem like a walk in the park. Hahaha! truth of the matter is, everybody’s amazing is different from the next person’s. It doesn’t matter what you do or how far you go, just so long as you get out there and do it! So…I went ahead and made a goal for 2014…I want to run 900 miles. That would add up to 75 miles a month…which would be a little much to start out with that many miles a month. So, I decided to build up to more miles a month. I made up a schedule of how many miles I want to run every month for the entire year, and it totals 903. I went ahead and created a run schedule for January and I’ll be running 50 miles this month.

Back to Wednesday for a second…I ate ON DIET all day!!! Well, unless you count the one measly piece of non-buttered organic popcorn I ate. It took me way longer to pick it out of my teeth than it did to eat it. Haha! So, I’m now well on my goal of eating on diet until I’ve hit 7 pounds lost on the scale.

Heading on to Thursday, I was tempted by a box full of soft tacos from Taco Bell. One of my coworkers (he’s retiring at the end of the month) brought them in…and sat them within 5 feet of me. However, I didn’t actually want one. I did have the thought of, “a taco would be nice,” but that was it. There was no urge to grab one and devour it. No grumbling in my tummy in response to their presence. I went on the rest of the day to eat on diet yet again. When I got to my second shift, I was tempted by some muffins. I took them home, but did not eat them. I stuck them in my freezer and will eat them sometime later. But, since they’ll be frozen, I’ll have to really, really want one because I’ll have to thaw it out before I can eat it. Haha!

Next up is today (Friday). I had the less than 8 hour turnaround from the time I left work until I had to be back. I got about 5 hours of sleep. Today, my eating was spot on yet again!  WOOHOO!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be at the gun range for the majority of the day taking the concealed handgun course. Wish me luck! Then, in the evening, I plan to do a 3 mile run and a gym workout. What I’ll do is what I was doing before where I drive to the gym, run down and back the street the gym is on and then head inside the gym for my workout.

Recently, through one of the blogs I read, I was introduced to Jost Running. They put on virtual races that give you personalized race bibs and actual bling!!! I have to say that some of the bling is a little silly looking, but some of it is pretty awesome looking and I want some of it! I’d like to do the 10K for the New Year that is happening this month as the bling is decent looking. I wish I had been introduced to this website soooooo much sooner. It will make running races during the summer months easier because summer runs in Texas mostly consist of mud runs, foam runs, color runs and obstacle course (that involve water and mud). None of these are things I want to do. There are a couple triathlons, but I’m also not interested in those. Now, I am interested in doing a duathlon (bike/run options)…and if finances and training agree, I want to do one of those this year.

I’ve come to the realization that I need to have a little perspective when it comes to the 13 pound gain I’ve had over the last 4 months. It’s not the first time I’ve had a somewhat “large” slip up where I regained some weight. The very first time was when I first started this weight loss journey 3 years ago. In the first 2 months of 2011, I lost 24 lbs, then, over the next 3 months, proceeded to regain 20 of those 24 pounds. This current slip up isn’t anywhere near as drastic as that first one. And you know what? I bounced back from that one and went on to lose 70 pounds (but have regained 13, so currently a weight loss of 57 lbs from the start). I can do this. I just have to focus myself and do my best to stay positive.

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  1. Very nice on the negative splits. As an outsider reading about your running, it sometimes looked like you started out too fast and slowed down as you went (for me, it took a long time to change that). Anyway, are you still thinking about a marathon in Dec? That will get you to 900 miles for sure. Even most beginner schedules will you have over 30 miles per week for many weeks.


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