Friday, January 10, 2014

I Have a What?!?!?!

Today I was up super early.  Alarm went off at 6:45am.  Why?  Because I had a dentist appointment at 8:30 and I’m always subconsciously terrified that I’m going to wake up late and miss my appointment.  Plus, I just like to be early.  Anyway, I hit snooze until about 7:20 and then got up, brushed my teeth (yes I still brush my teeth even when the hygienist is going to do a thorough cleaning of my mouth) and got dressed.  I watched the news and played on Facebook for a few minutes until it was time to go.  I got to my appointment and everything is going fine.  They take new x-rays (I hate the side “bite wings” cuz they make me gag) and then move me to another room where the hygienist proceeds to clean my teeth.  Then the dentist himself comes in and we chat briefly.  He asks about my tattoos and says he probably doesn’t have any because he’s afraid he won’t be able to control himself because he’s heard they’re addictive (they are).  Then, he finishes and without aplomb tells me that “one cavity has been detected.”  WHAT?!?!?!  Nooooooooooooo!!!  Anyway, when I’m checking out with the receptionist and making my next appointments (my next cleaning in 6 months and the cavity fill appointment) I mention that this is my first cavity to her and she seems shocked and states “that’s really rare.”  I know she’s trying to be nice, but that doesn’t comfort me.

So, after the dentist, I need to stop at the store to buy some salad mix and plain Greek yogurt, so I go to the store for that and scored a flavor of the Fage 0% Greek yogurt on clearance (it’s cinnamon orange!  I’m guessing they discontinued the flavor?).  I’m driving home from the store and I’m having a lot of back and forth about going for my run.  It’s drizzly out and half of me is all like no it’s yucky out I don’t want to run and the other half of me yes let’s run in the rain!  We’ve never ran in the rain before this could be fun!  Down the minute where I was standing in front of my apartment complex office doing my warm ups, I was still going back and forth.  Then, I set out down the driveway and turned onto the sidewalk and was instantly giddy!  Like to the point of I wanted to laugh maniacally out loud giddy!  I squelched that and reined in my pace for a comfortable 4 mile run.  I felt good for the whole run.  I refrained from looking at the time on my watch until I accidentally looked at my mile time for the 3rd mile.  I had felt like I was cruising along for mile 3 but the watch told a different story.  It said 10:57 for mile 3.  Ugh.  Seriously?  I was a little deflated, but I kept chugging along.  When I hit mile 4 I stopped my watch and then checked my splits.  I did the same thing I’ve done on the other 4 miles I’ve run in the last couple weeks.  Mid-10 minute first mile, then up around 11 for mile 2, slightly faster in mile 3 and then more faster (haha, bad grammar, but it works for this) for mile 4.  The difference is that it wasn’t as dramatic as the other 2.  For instance, my last 4 miler, there was a whole minute difference between mile 3 and mile 4.  This time, there was only 24 seconds.  All 4 miles were within 25 seconds of each other.  This is the closest I’ve kept my pace for an extended period of time.  Sure, an elite runner can keep all their miles within like 8 seconds between their slowest and fastest mile, but I’m not an elite so this is damn good for me.

Today was day #10 of being strictly “on diet.”  WOOT!  I feel great!  I am definitely seeing a difference in how my stomach area looks and how my clothes are fitting.  It’s bit me in the butt when I’ve said this previously, but I’m looking forward to weighing in Sunday morning.  I’m really hoping to see somewhere around 182 on the scale.

Oh!  Tried something new again today thanks to the Shred Diet: wasabi peas!  They are YUMMY!  But, of course, a little on the "hot" side.  But, overall, I liked them. 


  1. Oooh, I love wasabi peas. I kind of wish I'd never tried them! At my favorite restaurant's bar area, they put out bowls of them and I basically eat them all every time...

    1. oh yes, if i went to a bar and they had wasabi peas out for munching, i'd definitely be in trouble. i could mindlessly eat them once i got used to the "heat"


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