Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Non-Scale Victory!

I had originally planned to get up by 9:30 yesterday morning but kept resetting the alarm until it was about 10:10.  I got up and had half of my breakfast…a pear and 1 cup not-from-concentrate papaya juice.  Then I got ready for my run…3.1 on tap for today.  I mapped out my loop route the night before last before heading to bed.  I headed out the door just before 11.  I warmed up in front of the office and then took off down the street.  This was a completely new route…well, the middle 1.5-ish miles was new, anyway…so it was a little exciting for me.  About a mile of the route had no sidewalk on the side of the street I was running on, so I was running in the street…facing traffic, of course.  Good thing I wore my bright orange running pullover.  This was a very fast route for me…figuratively and literally.  When I hit 3.1 miles and stopped my Garmin, it said I did the run with an overall average pace of 10:19 min/mi!!!  That’s the fastest I’ve run since getting back into it regularly.  YAY!  The last .35 of a mile was straight into a headwind and that sucked and slowed me down a little bit, but I did it. 
the headwind at the end slowed me down a little bit as you can see

I am definitely pleased with this morning’s run and look forward to today’s 6 miles.  I was thinking of only doing 5.5, but then I realized that the half marathon is just 3 Sundays from now, and I want to get in a 10 miler 2 weeks before it and then start a taper.  In order to do that, I need to do 6 today and 8 next Sunday and then I can do 10 the following Sunday.  The Sunday before the half, I’ll just run 5-6 miles.  Take it easy, you know?

When I got to work yesterday afternoon, there was MORE BBQ.  This time it was barbacoa, which is my favorite.  I love barbacoa!  When I eat at Chipotle, I get the bowl and I get the barbacoa with black beans, corn salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, and the shredded cheese.  And, while I don’t think just one bite would have hurt anything, I refused to eat any.  I have had zero slip-ups in the last 18 days, I wasn’t going to start now.  And today will be 19 when it’s done.

Today when I wake up is weigh-in day.  I’m excited.  My clothes fit better today than they did last Sunday when I last weighed in.  I’m really hoping to see 180-something…or…dare I say it?  179-something…that would be amazing to be back in the 170’s.

When I was getting my food ready to take to work with me yesterday, I went to make my chicken lunchmeat sandwich…I got out all the fixins for it…2 slices low sodium chicken lunchmeat, cucumber slices, a tomato slice, a slice of reduced fat cheddar, 2 slices 100% whole grain bread, and my bagged salad mix.  I put everything on there and went to put on the salad mix and it was gross already.  Really?  I just opened it yesterday.  It should have been good until at least tomorrow.  Oh well.  In the trash it went and now I have a sandwich without greens on it.  Boo!  I lived, though.

Yesterday, about halfway through my regular shift at work, the supervisor for the other building where I work overtime at on the overnight shifts called me and asked if I wanted to work last night.  So, of course, I said I’d work it.  I had no reason to say no.  Of course, that meant doing one of three things: 1) break my diet and get something “fast” for dinner, 2) order something similar to what I was going to eat for dinner from a restaurant and pick it up on my way to the other building, or 3) drive home really fast and pick up the food I had already set aside for dinner last night and take the toll road to get there as quick as possible so it didn’t cut into my overtime hours.  Well, I chose option number 3.  That also meant I could grab my evening pills/vitamins and take them on time and carbonate 2 bottles of water and add syrup to them.  Since I had been eating on the schedule that I would be off work at 10 last night, I had to just stop eating until I got to the overtime shift.  So, the last thing I ate was a “baby burrito” (a 6 inch corn tortilla w/2 tbsp bean dip & 2 tbsp salsa) at 6pm until I got to the overtime shift around 10:30pm.  It’s cool…I wasn’t really hungry during that time anyway.

While I was at work last night, I chose all my food selections for the week for my meals and snacks and typed up and emailed myself a shopping list so I can go grocery shopping this evening.  I really love meal planning like this.  I love planning out what I’m going to eat for the entire week.  Of course, that makes grocery shopping easy.  I usually only have to go once unless I wasn’t paying really good attention and I forget something here or there.  Oh and if I’m eating salads, I have to make sure to buy new salad mix every couple days because, duh, it will go bad.

I had the idea to maybe do my Sunday long run when I got home from work this morning.  But, I have been awake since about 10am yesterday, so I wasn’t awake enough nor did I have the energy to do it.  Although it would have been super nice to get another run in before my weigh in when I wake up this afternoon.  So, I’ll probably get up around 1:30pm, weigh in, eat my breakfast, wait about 30 minutes then head out for my run.  During the waiting, I’ll come up with my route on Map My Run.

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  1. Usually our salad greens last at least 4-5 days from purchase, so hopefully you just had a bad batch.


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