Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today, I was watching The View before work...and in place of my planned 3.3 mile run.  You see, a cold front was blowing in this morning and, while I have no problem whatsoever of running in the cold, I *DO* have a problem with running in cold wind.  And it wasn't just a little wind, no it was over 20mph winds.  The temperature was around 40, so as far as running goes, it wasn't really cold.  It was quite comfortable a temperature to go running in, but that wind.  Ugh. tomorrow!!!  Anyway, back to my original statement...I was watching The View this morning.  One of their distinguished guests today was Jennifer Holliday.  Back in the 80s and 90s she was a very popular R&B and soul singer.  She was also a Broadway actress.  Then, she lost 200 lbs and found herself completely out of work.  Seriously.  No one wanted the new her.  They wanted the large woman that she used to be.  Appalling!  This is one reason people have such a difficult time losing weight...they get NO support or respect for their efforts.  Their friends and family (and even employers it seems) are more than content to keep them as they are.  I just think it's ridiculous that she made the best decision for herself and her life and her health and she was punished for it when no one wanted to hire her. 

So, back to the weather.  The past few days it has been quite nice here in central Texas.  Like tank top and shorts nice.  But, like I said, a cold front blew in this morning. 
And boy did it blow in!  Crazy winds made it colder than the air temperature, which, for me, made it too cold to make for a comfortable run.  So I didn't run today as I had planned and as I had itched to do.  But, like I've said before, I'm not going to stress over a missed run.  And, really, I'm no longer in the "business" of making up for lost or missed miles.  But, I still have 2 days to this week and I still want to get in 3 runs this week if I can.  So, while I had originally planned to run 3.3 this morning and 4 on Saturday, I will now run 3 on the treadmill tomorrow (I had held out hopes of doing a 3.3 mile loop outside tomorrow but it's been sleeting all afternoon and evening and all the sidewalks and streets are it wouldn't be safe to run outside tomorrow...but I still want to run!!) and, weather permitting, I'll run 3.3 or 4 on Saturday...then my 8.5 mile long run on Sunday. 

What's the weather like where you are?

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  1. I thought about you this morning when they were talking about state-wide weather. Yikes! Yesterday was cold here. I ran at 5:15 a.m. as usual, it was 41 with 17 mph winds, so it felt frigid -- but it was actually the warmest part of the day. The temps kept dropping into the 30s and this morning it was 20 when I went to work out (indoors!). But it's supposed to be 70 on Sunday, so relief is in sight! Stay warm friend!


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