Thursday, February 13, 2014

Done for the Week

I got up yesterday and ran for the 3rd day in a row.  Monday was 6.3 miles, Tuesday was 3.2 and yesterday was just 3.  I didn’t want to run the same 3 mile loop I’ve been running the past few weeks.  Even though I love this 3 mile loop, I know I need variety in my routes to prevent boredom.  So, before I headed out yesterday morning, I mapped out a new route.  It’s not too bad.  I liked it.  I’ll definitely run it again and keep it in my route rotation.  So, I ran 12.5 miles in 3 days.  Nice.  And, I’m done running for the week.  Pretty much done exercising in general for the week.  I “might” do the hour DVD of Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior Saturday evening, if I feel up to it.  But, I’m not going to stress or anything if I don’t feel up to it for whatever reason. 

Anyway…why am I done exercising for the week?  I remember saying that I might squeeze in a short workout of some variety tomorrow morning.  However, I remembered after posting that idea that tomorrow is payday and I have to pay bills and run errands.  So, no workout tomorrow. 

I worked a double shift yesterday and I’m working another one tomorrow.  I have a vacation day on Saturday so I can 1) go to the expo and pick up my packet and do some shopping, and 2) so I can get to bed at a decent hour and hopefully get some good sleep before waking up super early to be at the start line on time for the Austin Marathon (I’m running the half…if you’ve been reading, then you already know that).  The start line is at 16th street and Congress Ave in downtown Austin.  Instead of fighting and stressing over parking, I’m going to park at my work and walk the 8 or 9 or 10 blocks to the start line.  It’ll be a nice little warm up, I know my car will be safe, and it’ll be a fast exit when I leave because I won’t be parked where everyone else is.

Well, I guess I’ll go ahead and lay out my exercise plans for next week.  I’m working double shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday, so no workouts Wednesday or Thursday mornings.

• Sunday – half marathon
• Monday – trainer workout
• Tuesday – run
• Wednesday/Thursday – no workout
• Friday – run
• Saturday – gym or yoga, maybe a fast 2 mile run (?)

So, this lady I follow on Instagram (Lvnfit) has lost an incredible amount of weight, so much that she had to have a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin.  Anyway, she is constantly posting her workouts and what she’s eating.  She details everything.  She lists what exercises she did, how much weight and how many reps and sets she did.  With her food, she takes a picture of the food and then lists what it is, if there’s a recipe, she includes that and then she lists out the calories, fat, protein, etc content of the meal.  Something I think I need to do is sit down with her Instagram page and write down her workouts and what she’s eating and apply some of that to myself.  Especially the food.  The food she posts is always so healthy and hearty and looks delicious!  I will probably peruse her page on Sunday evening.

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