Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Juicing" again?

As you may recall, yesterday I posted that this morning I was going to exercise and that I was going to do one of a few things.  I was either going to run 2 quick miles and do an hour of yoga, just do an hour of yoga or just run 2 quick miles.  Well, I’m sad to say that I did option D…none of the above.  

I also had a stop at Subway after I went to the bank and got a turkey-bacon-avocado on a 6 inch honey oat, with no dressing, just provolone and veggies.  And 2 cookies.  And a tea.  And then, when I got to work, there was left over barbacoa in the breakroom so I grabbed a couple tortillas and had me some.  It was good.

I haven’t fallen off the wagon, don’t worry.  I just feel that, after 30 days of being strictly “on diet” that I deserve a small break.  I’m still eating the majority of my Shred foods, so I’m still “on diet,” I’m just eating these other foods in addition to them.  I also went this morning and bought some generic MiraLax powder.  On the bottle it says that you can take it for up to 7 days, so I’m going to use it every day for the next 7 days (well, 6, after today).  I really just want to be regular…if you know what I mean.  Haha.  Sorry, I’ve been quite proliferous with the TMI the last few days.

Anyway, no workout today and I feel like complete crap.  And I don’t think it’s one of those instances where if I had worked out I would feel better.  Nope.  I think I would feel the same or maybe worse than I do right now if I had made myself get up and do some sort of workout.  On top of that, it would have been forced and that’s something I’m trying to stay away from with my workouts.

I think I’m going to do a week and a half of the Reboot Your Life style “cleanse.”  I need a good system reset and it always does the trick for me.  It’s all vegan.  It wants you to juice, but I don’t have a juicer anymore.  My coworkers and I were talking about this today and they were all like, you could just smoothie it instead of juicing and that way you get all the fiber that would be eliminated if you juiced.  I like this idea.

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