Monday, March 10, 2014

Following Through

Okay, I am officially tired of all this crap that came about because of my allergies.  The sinus infection.  The chest congestion.  The proliferation of boogers in my sinus cavities.  The occasional fever.  The being tired all. the. time.  So sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I have rescheduled my 7 mile run twice now and it STILL hasn’t happened.  I was so sure it was going to happen Sunday morning.  So sure of it.  But it didn’t.  The alarm went off and ugh.  Just ugh.  I’m so frustrated with everything right now.  So, everybody remembers what I posted Saturday about what I wanted this week of exercise to look like?  So, here’s the “revised” edition now that I didn’t feel up to running (again) this morning:

• Sunday – rest
• Monday – 9 mile run (ended up 9.3 miles)
• Tuesday – run
• Wednesday – run (7 miles?)
• Thursday – rest…pay bills
• Friday – sleep only…worked 16 hrs Thursday night
• Saturday – gym, upper body (2 mile quick run?)

I really hate it when I don’t follow through on something.  Which is extra frustrating because I’ve been doing that a LOT lately…not following through with what I’ve said I was going to do.  If I can’t (or just don’t for whatever lame reason) get the 7 mile run done on Wednesday, then I have to let it go.  I just have to forget about it and move on with life.  I will have to just accept that it didn’t get done because I was sick and that’s just a fact of life.  I have to remove any guilt I feel from not doing it if I don’t get it done. 

I posted on the Facebook page on Ash Wednesday that I was going to give up eating any food that I hadn’t planned on eating that day when the day started.  I’m very ashamed to say that I have not kept that pledge even one little bit.  I planned to start over again today.  I’m going to really apply myself and do my best to stick with it.  From tomorrow through Easter, no unplanned food, with the exception of going to festivals (Austin Celtic Music Festival and Sherwood Forest Faire), of course…but, I will be planning to just eat whatever is available to eat at those festivals.  But, so far, so good.  My eating was not out of control today.

I worked overtime at my job on Sunday.  That made 7 days straight and 9 shifts total worked.  I know that part of the whole me being tired, too tired to run, Sunday morning was because of working so much over the previous week.  I got to work and I was crossing my fingers that my supervisor would see me and then ask me why I was there.  Too bad, so sad, he didn’t.  I had to stay.

So, I need to make a point to make sure I follow through with things.  I’m only letting myself down and hurting myself by not following through.  But I’m also hurting you, the reader, by not following through with what I say I’m going to do.  How?  Because I’m not being a very good role model.  I mean, yea sure, you see that I’m a real person with real life struggles and ups and downs to work through and THAT part is good.  But the fact that I’m not being a woman of her word (something I’ve always prided myself on) really bothers me and doesn’t do me or you any good at all.  I must change this.

Something that might just help me be more accountable to myself and to you is remembering that I’m participating in a fitness challenge.  I definitely haven’t been acting like I am.  I for sure am not eating like I’m in one.  I’m going to have a crappy 2nd weigh in (March 15th) and pictures.  But I think, if I can just reapply myself that I can have a great 3rd weigh in on May 15th.

A blogger friend of mine suggested I try the Amy’s Indian Mattar Paneer frozen dinner and then let her know what I think of it.  Well, I had it on Sunday and I definitely like it.  The chunks of the Paneer cheese were probably my favorite part.  I love cheese.  Haha.  It will be one I buy and eat again.  Thank for recommending it Carina!

This morning, I got up, took the car to the mechanic.  I was going to walk the 1.3 miles home, but the owner offered me a ride because I don't live that far away.  They said it would take about 3 hours...but it took 4 hours.  I at first tried to go back to go.  Just laid there for an hour before giving up.  I got on the computer and managed to waste 2 hours with that.  Then I got bored, so I started doing some chores.  Vacuuming and spot cleaning the carpet.  I was going to do more, but the mechanic called.  No offer to pick me up I set out to walk.  I started up my Nike+ Running app for the walk and then went to plug in my earphones and listen to music while I walked.  However, my music refused to fact, according to the Google Music app, there was no music to play.  WTH?  I restarted the phone, but that didn't fix it so I gave up.  Picked the car up, went for a planned burger and fries, then set about hitting up the Half Price Books stores around the Austin area, plus Hobby Lobby (I actually left without buying anything!!!!  Nothing was on sale.), Barnes & Noble, Kohl's, JC Penney's, and a couple comic book stores.  I found a couple pocket Russian phrase books with phonetic pronunciations included.  YAY!  I opted not to buy a dictionary because there was no phonetic pronunciations.  Boo!  I bought a few comic books with pictures that I want to draw.  

I got home and then got ready to head out for my run.  I was hoping the issue with my music earlier in the day was for some reason due to using corded earphones and that the music would play just fine with my bluetooth earphones.  Nope.  So I spent the next 45 minutes attempting to get ahold of and talking to customer support and we finally figured it out.  Somehow the music got hidden.  No idea why this is an option for what to do with your music on the phone, but yea, now if it happens again I know what to do to find it again.  SO, at 9pm I head out the door.  I get a little bit away and decided belated to check the weather and it says 30% chance of rain, so I go back and grab my rain jacket and tie it around my waist.  I didn't need it, it never rained.  It sprinkled a little tiny bit in the first mile, but then by miles 4.5 the clouds had broken up and there was moonlight.  I had to take a couple walk breaks.  I have never before taken a walk break during a training run.  First time for everything, right?  But, 9.3 miles (15K) in the bag.  I seem to always forget that if I go more than 3 days without a run that I have shin splint pain for the first 2-2.5 miles and it's very annoying.

Well, bed time.  I've got a 3 mile run planned for tomorrow morning.  Gonna try to do it fast-ish...hoping for 10:30 per mile.  We shall see.  Right before work, I have to go to the gun range for work and do my annual shooting qualification.  Wish me luck!


  1. To help with you Lent, I won't bring any 'treats' to work.

  2. Glad you liked the Mattar Paneer. It's one of my fave frozen meals of all time. I sometimes buy those individual servings of frozen peas (think they come 4 to a pack) and add peas to the meal when I want an extra veg serving.


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