Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friend Making Monday...late as usual

Would you rather...
1. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
It really just depends on my mood.  I really, really like both
2. Coke or pepsi?
The diet version of either I’m cool with
3. Cats or dogs?
Cats, all the way
4. Summer or Winter?
Winter for running, summer for everything else
5. Early bird or night owl?
I’m a night owl that tries to be an early bird
6. Baseball or football?
FOOTBALL!!!!  I’ve never liked baseball, though I did play softball on and off as a kid
7. Glasses or contact lenses?
I don’t need them but I think if I did need them that I would try to make contact lenses work
8. Coffee or tea?
I’m a coffee fanatic
9. Mac or PC?
10. Roller coasters or not?
I used to absolutely LOVE roller coasters now they just scare the bejezuz out of me…so, no more roller coasters for me

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