Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ren Fest, Biggest Loser & New Name

Are you lacking in motivation like I have been recently?  You have 2 choices, motivation or not.  You can do your workouts and eat right or you can sit on the couch and eat junk.  Either way, the time is going to go by.  How do you want to spend that time?  Do you want to spend it doing something good for yourself that will make you feel good or do you want to indulge in things that eventually make you feel bad and cause you bad health?  I don’t know about you, but I’m all for option A.  Now, that’s not to say I stick to it 100% of the time, but I do try.  But, sometimes, there are flare ups of my disordered eating and I feel powerless to resist them and end up driving to Jack In The Box or Taco Cabana or wherever strikes my fancy and buying junk to stuff in my face.  This is an ongoing frustration for me because, like I said, I feel powerless in those times.  I know, it “sounds” like a cop-out, but it’s not.  If you’ve suffered from an eating disorder or from disordered eating, you know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, then I’m happy for you that you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, my intention is not to write a doom and gloom post today.  I’ve been a little silent the last week and I’m sorry.  It’s not for any particular reason other than nothing came to mind to really write about.  Sunday I went to the renaissance festival (Sherwood Forest Faire) again and had a great time.  I bought a really cool, I don’t even know what to call it, hair crown (?) made of chain mail and has Swarovski crystals too.  I’m going back to the festival again this Sunday because the author of the book that was made into my favorite movie of all time (The Last Unicorn) will be there doing a signing.  I’m going to take my hair crown and see if they can add some chain mail webbing to the top of it so that it doesn’t slide down the back of my head like it does right now.  And I saw the bagpiper again and he seemed very happy to see me, kept hugging me, introduced me to the owner of the festival as his “future bride.”  <giggle>  Don’t I wish!

Monday I just felt like sleeping in so that’s what I did.  So I didn’t do this week’s long run until Tuesday morning.  But, it wasn’t much of a LONG long run, just 5 miles because I’m in taper right now for this Sunday’s half marathon.  It was a really good 5 miles too.  I had an average pace of 10:47 I think…very nice indeed.  So, since I didn’t do that 5 miler on Monday as originally planned, that means I have to do 2 runs back to back this week, but that’s okay, they’re both my shorter, 3 mile, runs.  This morning I ran 3 miles with an average pace of 10:28 so I was cruising right along (for me, anyway).  So, tomorrow morning I’ll run another 3 miles.  I think I have a second 3 mile course mapped out that I can run so I don’t run the same thing I ran this morning.  If not, then I’ll just do my 3.3 mile route.

So, on this Sunday’s half marathon (part of the Biggest Loser series), I had originally been scheduled to work a double, 16-hr shift tomorrow night, and then I work Saturday afternoon.  I checked the race’s website and I didn’t find anything saying there was going to be race day packet pick-up and so I deduced that my only option was the packet pick up Saturday morning.  So, I canceled my overtime for tomorrow night.  Well, today, the race director sends out an email detailing what all will happen during 11 and 4 on Saturday for the packet pick up and then it detailed race morning’s chain of events.  Right at the top of the list, at 6am is listed that the festival area opens and RACE PACKET PICK UP opens.  FML.  Seriously?  Then, at work today, they sent out an email asking for overtime for tomorrow night in the area where I was supposed to work but canceled.  I thought about emailing them and telling them that my plans changed AGAIN and I can work tomorrow after all, but then, I remembered that all the experts say that it’s not the night before the race that your sleep quality really matters, but the night before that.  So, after a little back and forth with myself, I opted to keep my overtime for tomorrow as is: canceled…in favor of a good night’s sleep.  Plus, there are other errands I want to run Saturday morning before and after packet pick up and before going to work.

I went to the fabric/craft store the other day and picked up some stuff.  I bought the fabric that I will use to make my first set of pixie wings with…it’s purple shimmer and oh my was it pricey!  $9/yd!  Good thing I had a 50% off coupon!  Anyway, I also bought the “Once Upon A Time” stack of scrapbook paper (12x12) so that I can start working on my renaissance festival scrapbook.  Then, I went on and found the “Once Upon A Time” 12x12 album for only $9!  So, when my paycheck hits the bank, I’ll be ordering that AND I’ll be ordering the hot pink boots that I will wear with my pink/lavender/purple pixie outfit that I’m going to make during my two 4-day weekends in April.  I have plans to wear that outfit when I go to the Scarborough festival in Waxahachie, TX sometime next month or in May with Amanda and our friend Vanessa.  My favorite photographers don’t have a booth at Scarborough, so if all 3 of us can go, then I’ll pay to have a photo taken by the Olde Tyme photographers, you know the ones that take like the Old West style photos?  Same people, but with renaissance in mind instead of the old west. 

I need to buy some more black ink for my printer this weekend so I can start printing out the photos from the renaissance festivals so that when I get the album I can start putting pages together.  Oh yes, I need to buy fairy and unicorn and other renaissance type stickers to add to the pages.  And some doilies and other things that are pretty and bring to mind renaissance festivals to me.  Flowers…little “jewels”…stuff like that.

I think I have decided on what I want to change the name of this blog to.  I checked on domain pricing when I got home from work tonight and guess what!  It's a LOT cheaper than I thought it would be, so in the morning I'll be buying the new domain name and doing a big reveal.   And don’t worry, I’ll link this blog address to the new domain so you can still navigate to the new one with the address.  I’ll make sure it autolinks to the new domain.

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