Monday, April 21, 2014

Friend Making Monday

Yesterday, I had planned to run in the morning before my friend Amanda arrived to pick me up for a lunch gathering with some friends at 10:30. That didn't happen. After Amanda got there she told me that we weren't actually meeting everyone until noon...not 11 like I had been told. If I had known that I would have reset my alarm from 7 to 8 and still had time to do my planned run because I would have asked Amanda to wait until 11:30 to pick me up. Oh well. We had some running around to do that we'll were going to do after lunch, so we figured we'd just do it before meeting up.  Every single store we went to was closed. Dang it, Easter.  We stopped for donuts at Krispy Kreme because she wanted to make bread pudding with them. Since I hadn't eaten yet and we were eating an hour later than I had planned, I got one donut to eat and an iced mocha.

We arrived in the shopping center where the restaurant was located and there is a Big Lots! in the same shopping center, so we went in there.  Amanda watches a bunch of crafting videos on YouTube and some have said they have scored great items at stores like that.  I grabbed so we me toilet paper and a 2-pack of cookie sheets (mine were old and nasty and gross).  We didn't find any kind of good crafting stuff.  Then we drive across the parking lot and waited for the restaurant to open and our friends to show up.  At noon we went in and had some really good Indian food.  It was across the buffet and USUALLY I get 2 plates plus dessert.  I got one plate of food (across tend even left some bites uneaten) across tended just had had a small amount of the mango mousse across tended mound I was satisfied and done.  Success!

Amanda dropped me off around 2pm.  Amazon had delivered a package to my door while I was out and about (not only on a Sunday, but on EASTER Sunday).  It had the case and screen protector for my tablet, the car mount for my phone and the refill cartridge for an adhesive tape thing I also bought off and Amazon (but haven't received yet) for scrapbooking.

About 45 minutes later I got ready and headed out for my run.  I went out without a fully formed plan as to what I was going to do.  I knew I wanted to run at least 5 miles, but not more than 6.  I didn’t get on MapMyRun and map out a route, I just walked out the door and started running.  That’s the first time I’ve ever done that.  I started going in one direction and was thinking on the fly about which way I wanted to go.  I decided I really didn’t want to do 6 and that 5 was more like what I was feeling like doing.  So, I guessed what way would get me to 5 miles.  A little after mile 2, I had to stop and shake out my shins (I need to do some shin exercises, this is starting to become a regular thing and I want it to stop).  At mile 2.75-ish, I had to stop and remove a burr that had managed to find its way to the underside of my left shoe tongue (the grass and such was to my right…I have no idea how it got there).  At mile 3, I took a walk break for a minute.  I ran the rest of the way without stopping or walking.  In fact, I felt really strong in my run from that moment on.  The route I took ended up at 5.5 miles.  Perfect. 

Originally, I had replanned my daily workouts to include a bike ride to the gym and some strength training, then a bike ride back home.  However, when I got home from my run, I didn’t feel like doing anything else.  So, I took a shower and settled in to relax the rest of the evening.  About half an hour after I took my shower, I realized I needed to go buy some groceries.  I cleaned out my backpack and aired up my bike tires (again!  I don’t know why they lost air since yesterday…frustrating) and hit the road.  I rode to the grocery store just to find an empty parking lot.  Dang it, Easter strikes again!  I knew Walmart was open, so I rode down the road to Walmart.  I needed to get some produce and I would really rather NOT buy my produce from Walmart because it’s usually subpar in quality (lots of bruising, etc).  I managed to find some decent produce.  I got everything on my list except the English muffins because I wasn’t sure there was going to be enough room in my backpack without squishing them (there was…oh well…I’ve got my whole grain bread and that will work just fine).  Part of what I needed was 5 cans of soup.  Oi.  That was heavy for my ride home.  When I got home, I had rode 5.85 miles.  Nice.  Sure, not the 16-ish miles I would have done had I ridden to the gym, but it is what it is. 

I was going to do the workout I had planned to do at the gym at home.  I just need a stable “box” to step up on (if I am using a chair, I will just eliminate the jumping up because I don’t want to break my chair), some dumbbells to do my squats to military press, and then a balance ball to do bridges on.  So, really, quite easy to replicate this workout at home.  Then I could add some other dumbbell exercises, push ups and pull ups.  Maybe head out the front door and do some jump rope between sets.  So, I went online and found an adjustable Gold’s Gym brand plyometric box jump and ordered it.  It’ll be here by the end of this week or beginning of next week, so if I can’t make it to the gym or don’t feel like making the drive/bicycle ride there, then I can just do the workout here at home.

I took the car to the mechanic this morning and got the mass air flow sensor replaced (they said it was absolutely shot).  However, even though the car drives better, it is barely perceptible that it drives better.  It still runs really rough and has me worried.  The owner (who may or may not be sweet on me…not sure) said that he wanted to run a diagnostic on my car to find out exactly what was wrong, when I asked how much that would be (a diagnostic usually runs around/at least $100), he said “for you, we’ll just do it.”  OMG!  So, while I wanted to just go ahead and do it today, the diagnostic tech wasn’t there today.  Phooey.  So, scheduled to take it in Wednesday morning at 9am.  I wish I had an option to somehow not drive my car until it was fixed, but I don’t have a regular (read: non-store charge card) credit card that I could put a car rental on.  Anyway, he had quoted me over $800 to replace the ignition coil, plugs & wires.  I think I can get all those parts for around $250-$300 and then do all the work myself, or have a friend do it for the cost of a nice lunch/dinner out.  He said that the other thing that is setting off a code, the coolant system/thermostat could also be making it drive rough, and I plan to get that fixed as soon as I get paid again.  As in, the morning the paycheck shows up in my bank account, I will be there to get it done…so the 30th.  But that’s still 9 days away.  So far.

Anyway, there is now a chance that I won’t be able to take my trip to Oregon in June.  This frustrates me and makes me beyond sad that I have to postpone my trip AGAIN.  But, IF I do have to postpone it, I will make plans to go as soon as I possibly can…hopefully February.  And, maybe by then I can get approved for a regular credit card that I could pay for the trip with.  It all just depends on what is really wrong and how much it will cost to fix it.

Daily Routines
1. Do you eat breakfast each day? If so what?
What I eat each day varies right now because I'm doing the Shred Diet and it is a huge proponent of variety. It could be a bowl of sugar free cereal (the only one I've found is plain shredded wheat), 2 pancakes & 2 slices of bacon (yum!), cream of wheat, oatmeal, 2 egg whites, some whole grain toast, some not from concentrate juice, some fruit...A bit of a mixture of two or three of these things.  

2. How do you commute to work/school and how long does it take?
I drive myself to work.  I would love to carpool but I work so much overtime that I can't. My commute takes anywhere from 25 minutes up to an hour, depending on traffic, to get to works and about 25 minutes to get home.

3. What is the first website you go to each day?
It would probably be Facebook.

4. Do you check email/facebook/twitter before you get out of bed?
Sometimes...but it's not my usual.

5. Do you take lunch to works/school from home?
Yes. It's far far cheaper for me to pack my lunch than it is to eat out every it's far far easier to control what I eat and eat healthy if I pack my food.

6. What time do you normally finish work/get home?
My normal shift is from 2 to 10pm...but sometimes I work the overnight shift and don't get off work until 6 am the next morning and then sometimes I'll work the morning shift on my day off and get off work at 2pm.

7. Do you tend to plan your evening meals in advance or do you grab something on your way home? the breakfast question, I'm currently doing the Shred Diet and it schedules what you gives you choices of course but the gist is that yes I plan my evening meals.  Also, even when I'm not on this diet I usually plan my evening meals by stocking my fridge with ethic frozen meals to choose from or by baking a casserole of some sort that will feed me for up to a week.

8. What do you typically do in the evening to relax?
Peruse Facebook to see what all my friends did that day and watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

9. Do you fit exercise into your daily routine, if so how?
On the days that I'm not working all double shift at work, yes, definitely. Usually it's running but I do try to get in a strength training workout or a spin on the bike on non-run workout days. I'd really like to add some laps in the pool after one of my strength training workouts.

10. If you had an extra hour in your day what would you do with it?
Do chores around the house, workout, sleep if it's a day I worked a double shift...just depends in the day as to what I would do with that extra hour.

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