Friday, April 11, 2014

Plans, Plans, Plans

Here’s what I want next week to look like with exercise:

Sunday – Austin 10/20 (10 miles)
Monday – gym
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – run
Thursday – sleep
Friday – run
Saturday – gym

For the gym, both times I will do a base of the “Paige” workout plus some TRX and other exercises, like upper body exercises on the balance ball and walking lunges, ab exercises, etc.  So, while the base of the workout will be the same, I will change up the rest of the workouts so that they’re different.  I think, maybe for Monday, I’ll do the walking lunges and farmer’s walk, some woodchoppers with the weight tube (no idea what to call it), leg lifts in the captain’s chair, bent over rows, deltoid Y’s with the TRX.  For Saturday, I’ll do the TRX exercises (bicep curls, tricep extensions, supermans), dumbbell chest press & dumbbell chest flyes on balance ball, Russian twists with a medicine ball, and kettlebell swings.  If I can come up with a couple more exercises to add to each day, then I will, but I don’t want to overdo it.  I’d like to make it through 4 sets of all exercises.  Or, maybe start with the non-“Paige” exercises that way I do 4 sets of those and 3 of the “Paige” exercises.  Because, let me tell you, the “Paige” exercises really kick my butt.    Also, to each day, I’d really like to add a little swimming.  Whatever I can do.  No time goals.  Just whatever I can do before I die feel exhausted.  Even if that’s only 2 laps like what I did the last time I tried swimming…and then left utterly disappointed in myself.

I’ve decided…Tuesday next week, I’m back on the Shred Diet.  Like I said before, I’ll be skipping week 3 because it consists of mostly liquids like soups and shakes and smoothies.  Not a whole lot of actual foods and, I’m sorry, I like to chew my food.  I discovered this when I went through the Shred Diet previously.  I seriously struggled with the liquid week.  I felt the urge to stuff my face for 24 hours a day every day for that entire week.  I’ll go shopping on Sunday and do food prep on Monday before meeting up with Amanda for scrapbooking!  Then, gym workout in the evening after scrapbooking.  I’ll just take my gym stuff with me to Amanda's and drive straight to the gym from her place.  I need to buy myself an oversized towel on Monday as well because I have no idea what happened to the one I was using.  It was perfect for after swimming as there was enough to dry my hair and myself with. 

But, anyway, yes, back on the Shred.  I know my eating is out of control and I *HAVE* to do something about it.  And if I want to see a change in my body before my Oregon trip in June, then I need to start NOW.  It really did work wonders for me the last time I did it, I just have to do it and focus myself and stay on point.

So, I promised you a review of the massage I had Wednesday morning!  Let me just say it was fantastic!  I told her I wanted deep tissue to which she responded “are you sure?  Most people say they want deep tissue but when I actually do it they’re all like ow ow ow!”  I said I was quite sure about it and that I’m used to a friend that I’m used to a physical therapist friend using extreme acupressure on my muscle knots to break them up and that it really hurts when he does that, but that it feels so much better afterward.  While I wish she would have gone a little deeper with the deep tissue, it was overall an excellent massage…and, if I can swing the cost (this was a gift certificate I received for Christmas, so it didn’t cost me a dime), I’d really like to go back like once a month for an hour and a half massage (special law enforcement rate of $75…NICE!  Or $55 for a one hour…still a super nice price).  But, we’ll see.  I do have an appointment for a massage with a different place on Tuesday afternoon next week.  I got a big discount because I booked it at their Biggest Loser walk/run festival booth after I completed my half marathon.  So, I’m getting a massage that they normally charge $89 for at a rate of $39!  I couldn’t pass that up.  It’ll be another deep tissue massage…YAY!

Oh, and I had a lot in common with Patricia, the massage therapist.  While she’s not in love with running like I am, she does love to do the obstacle course runs.  She did the Warrior Dash and next she’s doing the Tough Mudder!  That’s awesome!  Neither one of those is something I would ever do (so I say now) because I really don’t like the idea of being all muddy post run…I have no problem with being all muddy during the run, I just don’t want to deal with the clean-up, you know?  I mean, I know they have showers and changing areas and you can donate your muddy and basically ruined shoes, but still.  I’d much rather be able to just get in my car (with maybe a towel to sit on…but not necessary because I have vinyl seats and they’re easily cleaned) and drive home without any fuss to make sure I’m not making a mess in my car.  She also said she wants to do a triathlon.  Well, I don’t want to do one of those, because of the swimming part, but I do want to do a duathlon, which is the same thing but minus one event similar.  She just wants to do a sprint tri while I want to do an Oly du.

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  1. I'm going to try to be sugar free for 30 days. We can be hungry together! haha. I have to really research my foods. I hope giving this up will make me feel better.


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