Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sorry I've Been Silent

Last week was a little lacking when it came to exercise.  I ran twice and rode my bicycle twice.  I would have really liked to have gotten in my usual 3rd run, but when I had the time to do that first on Thursday, I had just gotten my car back from the mechanic and had to run some errands, so it didn’t happen Thursday.  The next opportunity was sometime Saturday afternoon/evening.  I went and picked up my race packet for the Sunshine Run and by the time I got home, it was just plain too warm, so I wrote it off without regret.  So, there you have it 4 workouts.  Technically, I met my goal of getting in 4 workouts a week.

By the time last week was over, I was so exhausted.  Why?  It took me a few moments for it to dawn on me.  The 2 weeks prior I had worked 3 day work weeks (sure, I worked 5 shifts in those 3 days, but still, only 3 days).  Last week, I worked not only 5 straight days, but 3 additional shifts in overtime.  So, yea, I was plain worn out.  I worked double shifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All day on Friday, I looked forward to being able to sleep in on Saturday.  I had set my alarm for 1:30pm on Saturday, but woke up somewhat awake around 12:23pm.  Oi.  I managed to doze off until the alarm went off, then got up and got about my day. 

I hopped in the car and plugged in the address for the race packet pickup and off I went.  I knew the general area where it was, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t just drive right past it.  The restaurant was new to the area, but I had eaten in the same suite that it was located in years ago when it was a Korean restaurant on a date with a Korean guy.  So, I walk in the door and then make my way to the patio where the pickup is at.  The guy holding the door to the patio is holding a tray of samples of the restaurant’s food and I chose their homemade hummus.  So yummy.  And you could tell they make it themselves because it wasn’t perfectly pureed, it was still a little chunky like it is when I make it at home in my mini food processor.  I walk over to the tent and got my bib and goodie bag.  Not much in it, but then this is the first year for this race, so I didn’t really expect a whole lot.  There was the shirt.  It’s a nice orange color.  YAY!  I don’t really have any orange in my running gear. 

After I got my goodie bag and bib, I went to the next tent and they had a spin wheel that you could win prizes on.  Before I spun it, the lady asked had I ever been to a Noodles & Company.  I hadn’t, so she gave me a coupon for a free entrée!  Then, I spun the wheel and won another coupon for a free entrée!  Woohoo!  I had already planned to eat there after I got my bib and such, but now I got to eat for FREE!  All I had to pay for was my drink.  I got the Indonesian Peanut Sauté.  It was the perfect level of spicy for me (aka – not very…haha).  It was very yummy.  I just wish there was more peanut in it.  The peanut flavor was a little “mild” to me.  But, other than that, it was super yummy and I would totally eat it again!  They have noodle bowls, salad bowls and soup bowls.  Also, the tear away portion of my bib had a buy one get one coupon for salad.  So, one day soon I will go for lunch and get one to go to eat for dinner.
Indonesian Peanut Saute w/grilled chicken

I was up early this morning.  Out of bed by 5:20am.  I had put together my outfit for the race last night.  I decided to go ahead and wear my new Paradoxes even though this is only the second time I’ve run in them and this was a medium length run.  I like to keep new shoes to 4 miles or less for the first few weeks.  Then I decided that I would wear a lemon yellow tank (it’s called the Sunshine Run, duh!!!) and some leggings (yep, leggings, not running tights) that had a pretty cool design on them.  Then, I had a BondiBand lycra headband that sort of matched the leggings and I chose my zebra striped gear belt. 

I had bought what Einstein Bros calls a “power bagel” for my pre-race fuel.  It’s basically a bagel loaf.  It has cranberries and chopped nuts in it.  Other than that, I’m not sure…and their website is no help either.  Regardless…best bagel product I have ever had!  Hands down!  Anyway, I ate it too fast to take a photo of it.  Sorry.  If I manage to get another one for a future race, I’ll remember to take a picture of it for you.

After I ate my power bagel, I made my way to the race start area and to a port-a-potty.  As I made my way into the start area, I snapped a pic of both sides of the start area.

At 6:57am the national anthem was sung and then at 7 we took off!  And boy did I take off!  My first 2 miles were 10:14 and 10:16.  I then paid the price and my splits slowed to 11:07, 10:49, 10:48 and 10:53.  Not too bad, actually, but I wish I could have kept up that original pace, or at least within 15 seconds of it.  I so need to start doing some speed work.  Anyway, final .2 of a mile was at a 9:44 pace, so I did have a nice kick at the end.  Overall average pace for the race was 10:39.  I’m happy with it.  Here’s my official results.

There was only 465 participants in the 10K.  Pretty small.  As I was seeing other people's bib numbers, I started wondering how they assign bib numbers.  I didn't register until a week ago (last minute to guarantee I got a shirt) and my bib was #164.  So they're not assigned by WHEN you register.  Then, in the last mile, I passed the lady with bib they're also not assigned by your ability.  I don't get it.  It can't be alphabetical because my last name is at the beginning of the alphabet and my number is about 1/3 of the way into the assigned numbers.  Maybe it's all just random?  If anyone knows how they assign bib numbers, I'd honestly love to know!

I then went home and crashed after stretching and showering.  I got back up and did some running around.  

If I take what they say on their Facebook page as it reads, then they'll be posting all the race photos on the Sunshine Run Facebook page in the next couple days and they'll be free to download.  SWEET!  I was totally prepared to pay for photos.  And I still am, in case what they posted didn't read the way they meant for it to read.

Over the last week, I bought 2 new swimsuits, both bikinis.  I am in love with them both.  In both pictures, I am posing and sucking it in as much as I could.  Even more motivation for me to drop the 19 pounds I’ve packed back on in the last 8 months.  I can’t walk around a water park all day sucking in my stomach.  It’s just not practical.  And then, I look at pictures of me when I was at last year’s low of 172…oh man how I want to be there again.  I really, really liked how I looked and loved how I felt.  172 was a good number for me.  Speaking of water parks…not sure if I mentioned this, but they’re building a Hawaiian Falls water park near where I live.  I’m so excited!  From what I’ve heard, residents of my town will get a 25% off the cost of a season pass.  Now, I have no idea how much a season pass will be, but that’s a dang good deal!  I figure if I go at least 4 times, the season pass will be worth it.  Now I just need to find someone (or talk them into it) to also buy a season pass so I have someone to go with.  And my new digital camera is waterproof!  It’s always more fun with friends!

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  1. Depends on the race, here in Dallas for most of your average races (not something like RNR), it's dynamic number assignment. So each pickup location is given a batch of bibs and they're assigned numerically based on the order in which people pick up their packets. Usually the only races that hold the low numbers for elites (at least as far as I know) have larger prize money and sponsored/invited "elite" entrants. Anyway, if they have free race photos, that would be awesome!


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