Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Friend Makin' Monday

Okay…so…Thursday I had to get a ride to and from work from my friend Steve because my car was driving like crap.  Thankfully he was able to do that because when I went to drive my car to the mechanic Friday morning, I didn’t even make it a ¼ of a mile from my apartment complex when it shut off and refused to start again.  I called my roadside assistance through my insurance company and a tow truck was dispatched.  It took over an hour for it to arrive due to the insurance company’s policies when it comes to hiring a towing company to assist one of their members.  While I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive, traffic built up behind me.  It’s amazing how many people will just sit behind a disable vehicle with its flashers on and then honk at you when you don’t go when the light turns green.  So, a police officer pulled up behind me and waited with his lights on until the tow truck got there.  I actually knew him from my work in the jail, so that was nice.  We talked a little and he even offered me a ride if I needed it, but thankfully the tow truck driver allowed me to ride in his truck to the mechanic.

We got to the mechanic and they weren’t able to figure out what was wrong right away and said that it wouldn’t be an easy fix.  So, I went next door to Enterprise and tried to rent a car.  However, it was Mother’s Day weekend so they had no available cars.  So, I called my friend Claudia and asked if she could possibly give me a ride to and from work…thankfully she said she could.  On our drive home after work that night we started talking about the possibility of me just trading my beetle in for a new car.  I said it would have to be a new car since I was still paying on the beetle and only a new car purchase would roll over what I owed into the new car’s financing.  She drives a Kia Forte and was talking it up.  Kia has always been top of my list for cars…well, over the past few years since they’ve really come up in the world anyway.  Oh, and while at work on Friday, the mechanic had called and left a message and didn’t sound very optimistic, so I was stressing.

Before leaving work on Friday, I stopped a guy that works the night shift and asked him if his offer to pick me up Saturday morning and give me a ride to the 5K was still a good offer.  He said it wasn’t a problem and that he’d see me in the morning.  YAY!  So, Saturday morning, he picks me up and drives me to the 5K.  While I was waiting for him to pick me up, I had texted one of the night shift supervisors in my area of the jail to see if she could give me a ride home since I knew she would be there and she said she could do that…and rejected my offer to give her gas money.  We get to the 5K and I find said supervisor, Paula, and after we check in and get our packets and shirts, we go back to her car and stash them.  While we’re waiting for the race to start, the other night shift supervisor, Karen, arrives and when she found out that Paula was giving me a ride home and that I lived in the complete opposite direction, Karen said nonsense and that she lived a couple miles from her and she’d give me a ride.

Onto the 5K.  It was the 2nd annual Stand Up 5K and benefits the Anti-Defamation League, which is an anti-bullying organization.  Last year it was pretty small, they said about 140 people participated.  It wasn’t very well promoted last year, either.  This year, they promoted it a little better and included more than just my agency (which is the county I live in), but also the main city agency (Austin, TX city agency).  There really didn’t look like there was much more people than there was last year, but they said they raised almost double what they did last year.  But, that could have just been from more people doing a donation on top of their registration fee, which was an option when you registered online. 

The race is held in the Oak Ranch manufactured home community in Del Valle, TX.  Last year the course was just mapped out by the race director, probably in Google maps or something to be a 5K and it was 2 loops of 1.55-ish miles each.  It was boring.  It was my first race ever, so it was still exciting to me even though the course was boring.  Oh and the community hadn’t been open that long so there was a LOT of open lots last year.  There was still a lot of open lots this year, but nowhere near as many as last year.  Anyway, they hired a professional course mapper type person to redo the course so that it would be an official 5K.  The course was a HUGE improvement over last year and I loved it. 

We started running.  There was someone I didn’t like (a guy I dated briefly about a year and a half ago…the one that told me for the first time that he loved me AS HE WAS BREAKING UP WITH ME…ugh), so I wanted to try and stay ahead of him, so I pushed myself.  My breathing was heavy and I was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  When I looked at my Garmin at about mile 1.03 I saw that it said 8:something.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  No way.  I thought that there had just been a glitch in the satellite.  It’s happened before.  When I stopped to use the port-a-potty at Biggest Loser, it paused or something and said I ran like 45 seconds faster for that mile.  Anyway, I get to mile 2-ish and it says like 17:something.  Hmm.  Maybe this isn’t a glitch.  I cross the finish line and my Garmin reads 28:58.  WOW!  My PR before for the 5K before this race was done at the Run With The Heroes 5K on September 15th last year with a time of 30:15.  So that’s a PR by 1:17!!!  That’s a pretty good amount!  I don’t remember my official time for RWTH and I don’t have the official results for the Stand Up yet.  Oh and last year’s time for the Stand Up was 33:30, so that means I improved by 4:32 minutes!  Holy cow!  I mean, it’s not as drastic as some people’s improvements.  Some people improve their 5K in a little over a year’s time by 5-10 minutes.  But, then, I don’t do any speedwork and I’m sure those people did their speedwork like good little runners should do.

So, Karen gives me a ride home and I call the mechanic.  He’s a little busy with another customer so he asks for me to let him finish up with that and he’ll call me back.  So I take a shower and he still hasn’t called back.  I leave the ringer on the phone on and set my alarm for like 2 hours later (I slept like crap the night before thanks to anxiety over the beetle and the mechanic’s voicemail) and lay down for a nap.  I wake up and he still hasn’t called back, so I call them.  The owner, Jason, answers and we talk.  He says my car is ready and asks if I need a ride.  I said yes that would be great if he could pick me up.  He says as soon as his brother comes back from lunch he’ll call me and be on his way to pick me up.  About 30 minutes later he calls.  We arrive at the shop and he tells me the deal.  He said he was just tired when he left the message on my phone and apologized for the way I “read” the message.  He told me that the ignition coil had burnt out again and that it was just going to keep burning out.  He warrantied out the replacement of the coil this time.  I told him I was probably just going to trade the car in and be done with it if it was just going to keep breaking down.  I paid $50 toward the $850 I owe them for the work they did and drove home.  After I had spoken with Jason when I called back, I contacted the Kia dealership and made an appointment to do a test drive and such for later in the afternoon.  So, I went home with the beetle and took all the big stuff out of it and then drove to the Kia dealership.

At Kia, I met with Kelly, who is super nice.  When I had talked to her on the phone earlier we had talked about the Kia Forte Koup and I told her I didn’t want a boring, common color.  She said they had a blue one on the lot and would have it ready when I arrived.  I pull up and sure enough, it’s parked out front.  I go in and meet with her and she takes me out to the car and talks me through all the engine stats and such.  I tell her “I bet I’m one of a few females you’ve said all this to that actually understands it!”  She said yes and that actually most get pissed off at her for explaining it all to them.  I get in the car for the test drive and I immediately notice that the set fits me like a glove.  The steering wheel is comfortable.  I like that the windshield isn’t in my face like a lot of newer cars.  After all, I’m used to the beetle with its huge dashboard.  I start driving and oh wow…it’s nice.  I press the brakes and don’t slam us into the dashboard…something that usually happens when I drive a car I’m not familiar with.  The steering has 3 settings: normal, comfort (super sensitive and responsive), and sport (a little “stiffer” and great for higher speeds…also, the one I prefer).  How’s this for fancy, the steering wheel is heated (what, what?) and the front seats are both heated and the driver’s seat is also ventilated (cooled)!!!

We get back to the dealership and I say I want the car.  Long stories short, they give me $2000 for the beetle when I’m sure it’s only worth about what I owe on it, $1250.  I end up having to do a 4 year lease to get the payments where I sort of wanted them (I was hoping for $350 but ended up with $450).  I have the option to buy at the end of the lease and I fully intend to do that.  It’s so nice to have fully working A/C, working cruise control, working windows.  Oh it really is the little things.  Oh, and it’s a very pretty blue color!

Sunday I went for my long run.  I had scheduled 8 miles but really planned on 9 with the route I chose to do.  I started off great, but by mile 5 my legs were doing horribly.  So, I took a turn and cut my run short…I only did 7 miles.  Still a good distance, but the quality after mile 5 was poo.  I kept having to stop because my legs were aching so much.  I’m pretty sure it was due to how fast I ran Saturday morning.  All day Saturday and Sunday, my legs would burn when I walked up the stairs at my apartment, so yea, I’m pretty sure it was my speediness during the 5K.

Oh, and also, my photo from the Sunshine Run arrived so I was able to do my scrapbook page for it.
And now for this week's Friend Makin' Monday questions.....

Childhood Memories

1. I know I love posting photos and you guys do too, so this first one you will love. Post a photo of you as a baby/small child.

2. Describe yourself as a child in three words.

tomboy, hyper, bitchy

3.What was one of your first school memories?

I remember in first grade getting in trouble and having to move my desk over to the side of the classroom.

4. How did you get to school?

my town was only about 3-4 miles across, and I only lived maybe a mile from my elementary school.  In bad weather, I rode the bus, but usually I walked.  Or, I would ride the bus in the morning and walk home.  For junior high school, I almost always rode the bus because it was clear across town.  High school, I would walk, ride the bus or, when I turned 16, drive.

5. What was your favorite toy?

My Little Ponies and my Pound Puppy

6. Did you have a favorite place you used to go on vacation to as a child?

there wasn’t anywhere we went repetitively, except for camping.  I LOVED to go camping.  We went to Disneyland, Disneyworld, Yellowstone park…I loved all of those as well.

7. If you had siblings did you ever get dressed in similar outfits?

thank goodness, no.  my siblings are both boys.

8. Do you remember learning to ride your bike?

no, I don’t remember learning

9. Were you a thumb sucker as a child?

nope, didn’t even suck on pacifiers.

10.What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
Since the lady that posted this talked about when her younger sibling was born, I guess I could say it was pretty awesome getting to hold my baby brother, Alan, when he was born…I was not quite 4 years old. 


  1. Hmm, trying to decide which is more exciting, the 5k PR or the new car... Tough call! They're both awesome! Good job for pushing hard on the first mile of the 5k -- 5ks are supposed to hurt and be uncomfortable, it should be a "very hard" effort. And the rule is 1 mile off of hard effort for every mile you raced, so it would make sense that it should be about 3-4 days before your legs feel good and solid again, and before it's safe to push them to work hard again. Happy you'll have a great new car for your trip too!

    1. oh, that's good to know that my horrible run was perfectly normal and that i was right when i thought it had something to do with my previous "speediness." i'm super happy to have the new car too, for sooooo many reasons, but definitely because it will make my road trip like 100 times better than going in the old car would have been!

    2. Oops, I meant one DAY off of hard effort for every mile you raced. Figured you knew what I meant.

    3. yea it all worked out :)

  2. Great race recap and congrats on the PR, also nice car :)
    Love your photo


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