Monday, May 5, 2014

Friend Making Monday

Alright, Friday I ran 4 miles…it was alright. 

Saturday was national scrapbooking day so I spent the day with my friend Amanda.  We went shopping at craft stores, went to Home Depot where I bought some spray primer paint for the horns I’ve been planning to make, then we hit up this local café called Baked & Sconed and got these amazing croissant paninnis with goat cheese and fig jam, chicken and spinach.  Omg, so divine.  Quite possibly the best tasting anything I’ve ever eaten.  Then we went back to her house and commenced the scrapbooking fun.  I scrapbooked my postcards.  The album is now so big, I will have to make a second album for my postcards.  I still have some empty pages, but once those are filled up, that’s it for that album and onto a second one. 

I didn’t exercise on Saturday at all.  I was thinking maybe I’d go for a bike ride or do the jump box workout, but I didn’t do either.  I really need to work on my motivation to do other exercise than running.  If I want to drop the weight, I NEED to do it.

Yesterday I met with my friend Denise and her hubby for lunch.  We were originally supposed to drive up to Canton, TX and go to the largest flea market in Texas that happens there on the first Sunday of each month.  However, a couple weeks ago, he had a mini stroke (also called a TIA).  He still has some lingering short term memory issues and he’s still weak and gets tired easily and faster than before, so going to a flea market and walking around for hours just wasn’t a good idea.  I was perfectly fine with that because Rick’s health is more important than shopping.  Especially since it happens the first Sunday of every month and we can just go some other time.  We went to the Chinese buffet for lunch and it was good, as always.  Then we went back to their house and watched some TV.  After that, I left and went to Walmart where I bought some pink seat covers for my car (I’m tired of being burned when I sit on my vinyl seats…and tired of sticking to them if I’m wearing a skirt or shorts).  I also bought some copper spray paint for the horn making.  Then, I went across the parking lot and went to Ross.  I bought a dress there…a dress I will probably wear to the association Christmas party (haha…it’s May and I’m buying Christmas party dresses!!!).  Then, I went back home and proceeded to work on the horns.  They look pretty good, but I still need to affix them to a headband so they can be worn with my dryad costume I’m going to make to wear at the Texas Renaissance Festival this fall. 

OH!  Speaking of the Texas Renaissance Festival, they had a sale on their tickets on Saturday, so I bought 3.  I plan to camp one weekend with a bunch of friends, so I got 2 tickets for that weekend, plus I’m sure I’ll go one other day, that’s why I got the third ticket.  I probably will not be attending the Scarborough Festival that is going on right now in Waxahachie, TX.  I have something going on every weekend this month and I’d rather save my money for my trip to Oregon next month.

I ran yesterday, my long run for the week.  I had said a week or so ago that I wanted to do 6 yesterday, 8 on the 11th, 10 on the 18th and 11.5 on the 25th.  Then, I’ll taper for the half marathon I’m running in Oregon on June 7th.  So, I went to map my route out for last night on MapMyRun.  I meant to do 6.5 miles, but brain farted and did it for 5.5 instead.  I didn’t realize my mistake until I had shut down the computer and walked out the front door.  I was going to head back in and redo it, but I didn’t want to waste the time it would take to do that, so I just added the part of the route that I forgot to include when I mapped it out.  My run went from 5.5 miles to 7.1 miles.  And it was a fabulous 7.1 miles too!  I felt super strong for about 85% of the run.  The other 15% was the 2 miles that were 11:00 minutes or more.  Other than those 2 miles, all my miles were between 10:22 and 10:46.  Awesome!

And now it's time for Friend Making Monday!

1. When you look out of your nearest window - what is the first color you see?
green…there’s a tree that just naturally draws my eyes to it when I look out the window.

2. How colorful was your last meal?
the last meal I ate was noodles, so not very colorful at all.

3. What color is your car/bike/main mode of transport?
Yellow…I drive a yellow VW new beetle and I love her.  My bicycle is black, grey and red…but it’s only occasionally my mode of transport.

4. What color clothes are you wearing?
Yellow and teal

5. If you have pets - what color are they?
I have 2 cats, 1 black, 1 orange

6. What color is your hair?
it’s a dark blonde with some red highlights
me on the right, my friend Amanda on the left

7. What color ink do you prefer to write in?

8. What color is your favorite sports team?
Green and yellow (Oregon Ducks, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Stars, Oakland A’s)

9. What color are your favorite pair of shoes?
Well, they used to be my pink Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s, but now I’m totally in love with my new Mizuno Wave Paradoxes…and they’re white, but they have a cool geometric design on them.

10. What is your favorite flower and if it comes in multiple colors what is your favorite color?
My favorite flower is tiger lilies.  My absolute favorite is the orange, but my second favorite is the pink and white.

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  1. So many cute photos - id love a VW Beetle - sounds like you had an awesome weekend


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