Monday, May 19, 2014

Friend Making Monday

I wrote about what I did for half of Saturday.  The rest of the day, I went to my friend Yvonne’s house out in the country and had an absolutely wonderful and relaxing evening.  She had made us dinner: homemade potato salad (the bomb!), deviled eggs and baked bbq chicken thighs.  Then, she drove us to the local Dairy Queen and we got ice cream.  YUM!  I left around 10pm and it was so nice out.  I drove with the a/c off and the sunroof wide open again!  I love that sunroof!  And to think, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it a week ago.  Haha.

Sunday, my friend Amanda came over and we headed over to a place called TC Noodle House and got some Asian cuisine.  I got the orange peel chicken and some crab puffs.  The orange peel chicken was good, but I probably won’t get it again.  The crab puffs…omg…so good!  Then we went to the mall.  She wanted to go to Bath & Body Works and I wanted to go to Spencer’s to get a new pair of gauged earrings.  We ended up in Hot Topic and they were having a massive sale on their jewelry: buy one, get one $5!!!  So, I bought 4 pairs.  Haha.  So, we skipped Spencer’s.  We got back to my place and she headed home. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up some stuff.  First, I glued the cardboard horns I made a few weeks ago to a headband, then I added the necessary photos to the letter I had otherwise ready that I had written to my grandma.  Then I printed that out and proceeded to go to the post office and use the self service station to print out the postage for it and mail it off.  My local post office could process the request, however it didn’t have the smaller postage stickers available, only the huge ones.  So I went to the next post office and that machine wasn’t working at all.  Then, to the next one after that, and finally, a working self service station!  Letter mailed.  Then I got home and threw together my grocery list and headed to the store.  I got to Target at about 8:55 and made a note of how empty and quiet it seemed, then I remembered it was Sunday and they close at 9 on Sundays.  D’oh!  Good thing I didn’t have a lot to get, so I zipped around real quick and grabbed what I needed.  I got home with my groceries and put them all away.  Then, I sat down and made a 10.25 mile route on MapMyRun for my long run.  I filled up my water bottle, put on my earphones and grabbed my pocket knife and headed out the door.  Yes, pocket knife.  I live in a relatively safe area, but I was heading out the door after 10pm.

I started to do the route I had mapped out, but then decided I didn’t want to do that route and changed to what I had originally thought of: a park loop (about 5.5 miles) with my parkway loop (about 4 miles) with a little side jaunt to make it come out to 10 miles.  Some of the park is lighted but some of it isn’t and, well, the moon wasn’t out last night.  Good thing I have my headlamp, even though it’s really not that bright.  It did let me look at my Garmin to make sure I was keeping on pace.  I set out on this run with a specific strategy in mind: 3 miles at slow run pace (approx. 11:30), 3 miles at half marathon pace (approx. 11:00), 3 miles at 10K pace (approx. 10:30 or faster) and then the final mile at slow run pace again.  Other than the first mile, I did a great job.  I ran too fast on the first mile…11:00.  Oops.  I really need to watch my pace on that first mile because when I got to mile 7 I felt the effects of running too fast out of the gate.  But, otherwise, I felt GREAT on this run and plan to do this every time I do a 10 mile run and I will adapt this strategy for shorter long runs because I really liked it.  That 3rd set of 3 miles was a little tough, but I just kept repeating the mantra: “comfortably hard, comfortably hard” and I made it through it just fine.

1. What is your favorite domestic animal?

cats, my second favorite would be fancy rats but they don’t live very long and I tend to get very attached to my pets, so I can’t have rats anymore because of that

2. What is your favorite farm animal?

hmmm…longhorn cattle…or, actually, the Scottish cattle!

3. What is your favorite wild animal?

all of the spotted cats, leopards, jaguars, ocelots, etc.

4. Which animal describes you the best?

cat, really.  I love to lay around and do nothing, but every now and then I love to run.

5. If you were able to come back as an animal which one would it be?

spoiled house cat

6. What do you think about zoos?

I enjoy them because you get to see all sorts of animals that you wouldn’t see otherwise and learn a lot about them, but like SarahLou said, it’s a little sad because they’re not in their natural environment.

7. What do you think about animals in circuses?

I enjoy the shows, but I also know it’s not really fair to the animals

8. Do you have a favorite animal charity you like to support?

I don’t monetarily support any charities…I know…bad me.  But, if I did, it would be Cat House on the Kings

9. Do you have a favorite 'animal' movie?
Homeward Bound, hands down

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