Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Resolve

Okay.  I’m going to do something again.  At the beginning of this year, for the entire month of January, I ate ONLY foods I had planned to eat.  And, actually, I ate ONLY what the Shred Diet told me to eat.  I didn’t eat out even once in January.  I will be eating out a few times this month, but other than that, I plan to eat only what the Shred Diet tells me to.  To start it off, I had to go to Walmart this morning and there’s a McDonald’s in the front of the store.  I started thinking I could grab a double quarter pounder meal, but then I remembered that I had come up with the idea of replicating January in May, just got an unsweet tea and went on my way.  So, with the exception of a few times where I have plans with friends (and I’m not going to go nuts with the food) to eat out, I will be sticking to the Shred Diet parameters.

Something else exciting…I got the word from my supervisor that my June vacation for my trip to Oregon is approved.  So, when I got home from work last night I went to the website for the half marathon I’m going to run while I’m in Oregon and REGISTERED!!!  Then, I went to the website for the hotel that has a deal with the half marathon and is offering discounted rates to participants and reserved my room for the night before the race.  I’m so excited!  I posted on my personal Facebook for my Oregon friends to message me so we can make our plans for while I’m there.  I can’t wait to see my friends and family!  My brother has expressed interest in taking me out for a trail run or “other coolness” while I’m there, so I’m looking forward to that.

A couple years ago, I bought a burned copy of the P90X videos and more or less completed the 90 day program and got kinda fit as a result.  While I don’t like all the workouts it come with (I absolutely HATE the yoga workout…not that I don’t like yoga, I just don’t like THEIR yoga workout), I do really like some of them.  I really like the strength training workouts.  Well, I have no idea what I did with the copy I bought off the guy from craigslist…so I was thinking that I was going to have to find another burned copy from someone else.  One of the guys off the day shift at my job said a friend had given him the actual discs from the program and he hadn’t used them and had no plans to use them and would I like them?  Um, yes, I would like them, thank you.  So the last 3 months I have spent hounding him to bring them to work to give them to me.  He kept forgetting.  He finally brought them in the other day.  I looked at the discs and they’re a little scratched, but hopefully they’ll play just fine.  I’d like to do one of the workouts once a week in addition to the “paige” workout.  I seriously need to come up with a different name for that.  Maybe, since the majority of it is done with the plyo jump box, I can just call it the jump box workout?  Yea, I kinda like that.

Oh, I realized I forgot to post a picture of the Garmin Edge 200 I bought for my bicycle

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