Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3 Week Update

Tuesday I weighed in and I was down to 189-even!  Woot!  That’s a total of 13.2 lbs GONE in just over 2 weeks’ time!  How awesome is that?!?!?!  I’m still lazy and haven’t run or worked out in any way, shape, or form.  Ugh.  I just can’t motivate myself and I hate that!  I want to AT LEAST do the minimum of what the diet book recommends to do while on this diet and that is cardio (running, for me) during days 1 & 2, strength training during days 3 & 4, and something relaxing (yoga, stretching, massage) during days 5-7.  If I can do one day of each of those things, I’m sure that I’ll get even better results than I’ve already gotten.  My original “goal” for the first month of this diet was to lose 15 lbs.  I’m already less than 2 lbs away from that goal.  I’d honestly like to hit 17 lbs lost by the end of the first 28 days. 

Last Sunday and the Sunday before, when I went grocery shopping, I spent over $150 each week.  This week, I spent less than $100!  YAY!  Also, the last 2 weeks I had to cook/prep 5-6 different dishes each Sunday, this week, I only had to cook/prep 2.  There were a good deal of repeats from week 1 for this week’s meal map.  The new recipes this week were Italian Chicken w/Wild Rice and Sesame Chicken Stir-fry. 

Sunday night, I had that Coconut-Pecan Crusted Halibut.  I had been looking forward to eating it alllllll week.  And I was disappointed.  I’ve never eaten halibut before and I have to say, I didn’t really like it all that much.  I much prefer tilapia and think any recipe I do from this diet that calls for halibut from now on, I will use tilapia instead.  Tilapia is also a heck of a lot cheaper than halibut.  I did enjoy the coconut-pecan encrustment (probably not an actual word), but that was it.  Also, it was supposed to be eaten with an artichoke.  If I make something with artichoke again, I’m just going to get artichoke hearts in a jar.  Or, if I can find artichoke hearts frozen, which I think I’ve seen them, that would be even better.

Here’s a bit of TMI…so, I haven’t had an actual “that time of the month” for YEARS.  Well, Friday, I started having one.  It was VERY light.  The first couple days, my ovaries ached.  Then, on the 4th day, my uterus felt poofy.  I didn’t like it one bit.  So, I’m guessing on top of resetting my metabolism, this diet also reset my hormones?  I really don’t like this because it’s messing with my weight loss and making me hold onto water or something that translates into not dropping the pounds.

I attempted to score some more overtime at work for this week and the week after next, however they didn’t need any.  So, looks like I have a normal work schedule for the remainder of this week and for the entire week of August 10th thru the 16th.  (I have 2 days scheduled for next week…but that’s it.)  I need to stop making excuses and being lazy and use this opportunity to get back on the exercise wagon and, more importantly, start my marathon training!

I’ll be going to the big box store tomorrow to purchase 5 cubic ft chest freezer and set up the free delivery for it.  It’s been recommended to me to buy a vacuum sealer as well.  So, I’m going to see about maybe picking one of those up this weekend so I can seal my food all professional-like!


  1. I love artichokes, but it's not easy to cook and eat them. I'm allergic to fish but I think tilapia sounds pretty and I always tell my husband that if we had a daughter, we should name her tilapia. He's agreed, but thinks we should keep using birth control.


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